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  1. Lady Macbeth, Waiting by the gorilla with my friends and family at Starbucks I met your family. I don't expect you to remember me amongst all the other fans. It was actually your husband that approached me and ask if we were in the right place, (at the right gate.) Give your daughter a big hug for me catching the Hard Rock Cafe moment on video. The waiting is so worth it when we are all in it together. I hope I run into you again at another event. It really is fun putting faces on the GAL's names. I think we were very lucky to have that time with Gerry knowing the chaos and changes that took place. Gerry is amazingly generous to his fans. The whole experience was grand! Our group had a couple of 12 year olds on this trip for their first time. It worked out for them as well. It was all good. I have never met Gerry, myself. I like to stay back and watch him work through the crowds. He is like poetry in motion...one day... Sally
  2. http://www.youtube.c...player_embedded Check out this video found on You tube of Gerry singing some of his songs. What do you think? *Warning* be prepared. It's on the warm side.
  3. Thanks for sharing your story with us Steph. Sometimes the unplanned events turn into the best memories. I'm so glad you were able to stay the extra days and enjoy the shows with Gerry and the GALS. I'm glad I got to put a face to the name even though we were with different parties at the premiere. Congratulations on a trip gone wild! Hugs, Sally
  4. I'm with you Hol. The director can make or break it. This story has all kinds of potential if done right. I hadn't heard if a director is picked out yet. Marc Forester? If not, F. Gary Gray would be a good choice. Gerry can really climb into this part and show some of his other layers. It could be Ger-normous! sally
  5. Wow! My list would be too long. I'll have to get back on that after I cut it down to a few simple ones. This thread could get quite interesting.
  6. That 1st one...he drives them nuts. LOL I bet.
  7. I wonder if his lips swell up with all that kissing after each premiere's fan gathering ? I'll be last thank you. Sally
  8. As close as I'll get to the feel of Paris is at Vegas... I vicariously live through Gerry's travels. I like the real deal. You go Gerry! Look at that beard! Sally
  9. I can't wait to see the magazine along with the rest of you. I hope they have photo of the imposing ceiling in the entryway? Is it the entryway? Anyway, the picture on the ceiling. I love everything I've seen so far. I think Gerry has a flair for creating an old soul masterpiece. He and Elvis R. should work together more. And, yes, I definitely see the "Lair" in there. Sally
  10. Lucky Ellen got to wrap her arms around him to place the kilt.
  11. I agree, not using a name in the musical gave him the mystery of the opera ghost. Books and plays are a little different. In the book, it makes sense to give him a name. the author has to describe him, say what he is doing, describe his character and such. You have to imagine him and the name doesn't hurt the mystery. In the play and film, you actually see him. He doesn't need to be described. If you put a name on him, the ghost part disappears. He is a man, not as mysterious. Mr. Y? Where did that come from? I don't know. These are my thoughts. Sally
  12. I'm with you Moira! I'm loving the hair and the beard. In one of the interviews, he said he wasn't getting as many looks with the beard. I don't know why. He looks great, manly. When I saw him at the premiere, all I wanted to do was play with his bearded chin. Good thing I stayed away, huh? Sally
  13. Hey Gerry, I wanted to take a minute and thank you for making that extra effort to visit with your fans at the 'How To Train Your dragon' Premiere in The Hard Rock Cafe. I know plans were changed and the fans were left out of the equation. Kids didn't understand the problem with the razzes. I was thrilled to see you go the extra mile and meet with us anyway. I so wanted to meet Craig...but, you Gerry, you didn't let us down. Some of the things you did and said to your loyal fans was incredible! Your thoughtfulness did not go unnoticed. I know two little 12 year old girls had "magic moments" and you made that possible. Thank you. Sally
  14. Deb, you saw what he said on the video. This article is from the video. He didn't say "no". He said, probably not, because he didn't think people would want him to do it. He didn't sound closed to it, just unsure. Let us hope anyway, he would give it some thought if and when a film might happen.
  15. Perfectionism can drive a person nuts. It's never going to be good enough which carries you right to the minutiae. A person can care and fine tune, but still know when enough is enough. Magic moments are just that "Magic moments." You can't make them happen. They just do...You just have to show up and do your best. I appreciate that Gerry cares about his work and about his co-workers. Deb, you may reallllly love him best, but I like him best. I like the way he thinks...unpredictable and all. Sally
  16. Gerry- [To me, the movie is an analogy for any artsy kid in high school any kid whose not playing football or hockey. The point of the movie is that all the things you're taught are your failings or inadequacies are ultimately what sets you apart and makes you kind of special. ] Cool!
  17. Welcome to the site, Joy! You will find it cozy around here too. Sally
  18. I must say, Letterman is not my cup of tea in the evening, but I am looking forward to Gerry being on the program. Gerry tries to get along with everyone, so if they don't hit it off, I would have to think some jealousy would be showing on Letterman's part. Where there is smoke... It should be very interesting, indeed. Horses couldn't drag me away... I read the show will appear on the 17th. that's tomorrow night Deb. Sally
  19. I don't consider him broken at all. He is open and real. Let's face it, we all have issues, every single one of us. No one gets out of it. To me, that is human and he is letting us peek in and see a little of his issues. That is what I love about Gerry. I don't feel sad for him, I embrace who he is. Most people try to hide from the world, wear masks, but Gerry doesn't wear a mask, go figure... He faces his demons and isn't afraid to share it. Wow! I find that strong not weak. I am so inspired by this man to try to be a better person. Sally
  20. OMG! Gerry is such a...a, GUY! LOL I don't know what it is about guys and the humor about their bathroom habits. LOL Believe me, I'm use to it in my family...the guys are that way including my three sons who took after their dad. It cracks me up. I get surprises left and everyone wants to see my reaction of disgust. I actually think they would be disappointed if I didn't react. LOL It is all a game. I've heard the stories Gerry mentioned about wrapping something around his waist or roll it up and put it in his pocket...very similar stories indeed... like it being down the pant leg but one would have to be careful not to step on it... My husband always said when God made him, God broke the mold. I think not! Jr out there sounds just like him. I am speechless...well, I guess I wasn't lol I enjoyed the interview a lot. It captured Gerry, if you know what I mean. It reiterates all the things we thought about Gerry...he has multiple personalities (kidding), his complexities, humor, his ability to feel everything around him, and his ability to open up and just be Gerry. Of course, I can't leave out the vulnerable and affectionate side. You gotta love him... Sally
  21. I agree with May. I do not think ALW will let us down. I do think there are a lot out there close-minded to LND before they have the pleasure of seeing it. Like one of the articles on the other thread, people have so much emotion with POTO, they think they own it. No, ALW gets the phantom's story and... he will finish it. I believe in him. Like Swannie, I don't want LND to be criticized either. I think those of us who love the story want to protect it, but it isn't ours, it is ALW's musical and always has been. I absolutely love "Til I hear you sing" and if that is a sample of LND then ALW is still doing what he does best. That song is very beautiful and fits well. It isn't some two- bit, fly-by night song. It works in my opinion. I also love the Coney Island theme music. It feels right to me. I hope people will give it a chance. Time will tell and show the completion and beauty of a love story ALW shares from the heart. I don't think I will be disappointed at all. Let them criticize if they must, not everybody gets it. But I'll decide for myself thank you very much. Sally
  22. OMG! He was there!!! I knew it, I knew it! Gerry...
  23. Here are two of several of the Walker clan- The basic Walker and this one is Walker hunter These are more than enough options for me at the moment. Thanks Landa for the encouragement for us to check our own out. Sally
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