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  1. Of course I agree with everything that's been said but most of all I really do think this was one of his best interviews ever. And all these new Gerry-isms to play with on the boards. Its funny, as a kid I'd watch the 'Wonderful World of Disney' every Sunday evening (long before Cable). Little did I know as an adult I'd be so wrapped up in the 'Wonderful World of Gerry-Land'. I'll bet Prince Charming can't crack a walnut with his arse!
  2. Susan, You Are AMAZING! Thank you for your hard work! Major Hugs, Nina
  3. This is so awesome ladies! Okay, so as we wait for approval those that want to help start putting your thoughts together as to which movie you'd like to be the Professor of and if we have more than one person who wants to do the same movie then it can be a co-professorship. LOL And if this gets approval and we are encouraged to expand on it like has been suggested in regards to what various things mean like: the ring, the 3:00 a.m. comment (which we could also link to the orginal thread here), and all the other Gerry-isms, well we could put that together too. We could also link the various movie threads here to are little Gerry classes too. I know its taking on a life of its own here and we should probably wait for approval before going much farther. But I sincerely Thank everyone for their ideas, encouragement and responses. I think I'll go watch Shooters again now! LOL Hugs, Nina
  4. Thank you all for your support and ideas. I was feeling sorry for all the Newbies and just wanted to help them. I don't want to critique Gerry's movies either (hell, that's sacreligious in my book). My thought was something like this.... Example: "Shooters" (From Amazon.com) Movie Synopsis: Gilly, fresh out of prison, and J (Andrew Howard, Band of Brothers), a two bit hustler with a major drug problem, just can't shake their criminal ways. Gilly intended to start fresh, but J invested Gilly's money in a drugs-for-guns deal. Scheming other ways to make money, the two become entwined with all sorts of seedy types - from an Irish kingpin (Adrian Dunbar, The Crying Game) to a psychotic supplier (Gerard Butler, Reign of Fire) - all the while doing their lowly best to avoid the Law. My thoughts: Why a GB Fan wants to see this movie? While Gerry is only in a couple of scenes, they do impact the show overall. I admit the first time I watched, I Fast Forwarded to all of Gerry' scenes and then actually watched the movie the second time through. It is a "dark" movie in regards to topic matter and even though Gerry plays a criminal (Jackie Jr.) you can't help but be facinated by his scenes. This is a movie that you can watch with your significant other or friends but it isn't child friendly. In connecting this movie to what you may see mention on message boards you will finally understand the facination with "The Yellow Towel". The Yellow Towel scenes have been disected, discussed, worshiped & sighed over. Personal Signatures, Avatars & Board Icons have made this particual scene a legend on the Internet. For me personally, it was worth the money to purchase the DVD for my Gerry Library. Not just because its a decent movie but because I finally was able to connect all the messages about Jackie Jr. & the infamous "Yellow Towel". If you purchase "Shooters" online at Amazon.com, many times they offer special savings when you purchase one of Gerry's other movies too, so be sure to scroll down to check for any other Gerry movie offers. At GALS you can access Shooter Screen Captures here ~*~ So that was my thought. I just kind of threw this together real fast to give you an idea of what I was intending. I also wanted to check (sorry have done that yet) to see if we route them through the GALS Site to Amazon.com, if GALS would get credit for that too. And if we have here or know an acceptable link to any of the scenes from Shooters that Gerry is in. Thoughts? Right Track or Wrong Track?
  5. Thank you ladies! I wasn't sure if I was over thinking, again. LOL Hugs, Nina
  6. First and foremost, Thank You Alice for all the wonderful translations. It has been so thoughtful of you to do this for all of us. Second, Its such a wonderful thing for women around the world to come together over such an incredible Cause. We all melt over Gerry.
  7. I was thinking the other day when I took my search for Gerry Fandom online and discovered a world I had no idea that existed. At that time, I had only seen Dracula, Attila, Reign of Fire & Timeline. It wasn’t until Reign of Fire that I realized that the gorgeous Dracula dude was also Attila and now he was in Reign of Fire (boy was I p.o.’d when he didn’t last the whole movie)! So as I searched out my new interest I had a lot of hit & misses as to what to watch next, where I could lay my hands on his older stuff like ‘The Jury’, ‘Young Person’s Guide’ & ‘Shooters’. Only to find out he had been in Mrs. Brown & Harrison’s Flowers too! And I wanted pictures. Only I didn’t realize the CD I bought on Ebay that promised 100’s of pictures of Gerry was a complete scam. I could have simply accessed the same pictures at the Gerry Sites and I could do a zoom in picture too with my software. I didn’t know that the autographed pics for sale on Ebay were sold my hounds that Gerry isn’t too fond of. I waded through article after article to find out his bio. Was shocked to find out his family sometimes reads the message boards and even Gerry too on occasion. And once in a while had even posted. I had no clue who Tonya was for the longest time. And well, ferreting the truth from rumors was/is a work in progress and that many times rumors are started by trolls anyway and therefore I shouldn’t get bent out of shape. And sometimes, not often (and never, ever here) some of the fans that had been hooked earlier than I, had a tendency to make one feel like a dunce when you asked a question about a movie or an article or whatever. Which tends to make some feel like they should have just stayed in lurk-mode. Did any of you ever feel like you were constantly playing catch up? I know all the boards/fan sites have all this information but wouldn’t it have been nice to have something like a Gerry-Primer in one spot to reference? Its one thing to see the list of Gerry’s movies on the Sites or IMDB but as Fans of Gerry’s work and some of us having our favorites, wouldn’t we be better at directing new fans to which movies to start with? The true depth of the movie? Where to find/buy/rent the movies? I mean I had to buy Young Person’s Guide from Ebay only to find out it was a UK Region VHS and then I had to find a dude in my area to copy it for me so I could watch it. Geez! But in the end it was worth it. But not everyone may want to go to those lengths. Or maybe we can just direct them to the available clips of that movie instead of going to greater lengths. So I guess what I’m say is this… with all the new Fans in residence, should we start a Gerry-Primer Thread for them and as we are able to, give them some direction. Tell them about the movies, where to buy them, let them know its okay to ask questions, warn them about some of the not so great buys on Ebay, etc… And soon PSILY & BOAW will out (I won’t tell you how many days it took me to figure out what the hell BOAW stood for) so even more fans will be coming. So are any of you interested in contributing or am I just being anal in my fandom? LOL Sorry for being long-winded and I congratulate anyone who made it this far. For you effort, here’s a lovely picture of …. Hugs, Nina P.S. If this is a stupid idea, someone p.m. and tell me to knock it off and quit being anal!
  8. I chose Merek because, I was born in the wrong era. I should have been born in medieval times and Merek would be my knight so if he needed any help with ANYTHING I would certainly be happy to step back in time and help him. I know, its self-serving but I just love Merek. If anything, he'd be helping me. Sweet thought that is in Meecie World. LOL
  9. Ohhh, Thanks for all the extra pictures. Everyone looks so casual. And I love that shirt of Gerry's. So form fitting. To me, that would have been the Premier to go to. Kind of a relaxed and casual affair.
  10. OMGosh! Thank You for the translation! We would have missed so much of this Interview without you translating for all of us. Loved the story about finding out he was cast in 300 and his reaction "call my mom". What a guy! Hugs, Nina
  11. You know while I certainly enjoyed Gerry and his 300 muscle groups I loved him the best body-wise in Timeline. No make that The Jury. No I've changed my mind, TR2. Oh hell, it doesn't matter. Its not just the body for me. The hair, the facial expressions, the accent (when he gets to use it), how he carries himself, how he protrays himself (on screen and off). Its the whole pacakage. Its funny that this came up. Yesterday I watched 'Red October' for the umpteenth time and when Sean Connery came on the screen I thought, "Wow, he's still hot!" And you know, Gerry will be that way too years from now.
  12. Here's the lovely Michael Fassbender... only known him from Hex on UK TV, but you know what he was such a sweetie, and he had THE biggest smile on his face the whole nite. After the premier he came out afterwards and had photos taken with pratically everyone, hugging and chatting etc... the lovliest person ever... move over Gerry, you got some prime competition...lol! Hmmmmmm :inlove: He IS Hot and its nice to know how nice he was to the Fans. I didn't realize he was the guy from Hex until last week. Gives me a whole new reason to start watching again. Thanks for sharing!
  13. So how soon do you think it will be before we start seeing Siggy's & GALS Names with the reference of... "Gerry's Fluffer". LMAO! We may have to actually assign numbers. LOL
  14. I subscribe to EW but I'll probably have to go and buy an "unblemished" copy. I just know EW will stick my address lable over Gerry's er, umm, sword or commit a sacrelige (sp) by marring the abdomen area.
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