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  1. I am voting off Gods of Egypt and Vaulting Dear Frankie
  2. I am voting off A Family Man and Vaulting Dear Frankie
  3. I am voting off A Family Man and Vaulting Dear Frankie.
  4. I am voting off A Family Man and Vaulting Rock'N'Rolla
  5. One More Kiss is to be eliminated and I am vaulting Dear Frankie ❤
  6. okay so this week I will eliminate Shattered and One More Kiss
  7. Let's see...something random...Oh while driving to work this morning I had to remind myself that I was actually driving. I feel like I am on auto pilot most days. Plus it's Monday, I really dislike Mondays. I would rather be at home watching Gerry movies all day. However I am here listening to a teller complain about why they can't accept a voided check and me trying to explain why we can't.
  8. I am voting off One More Kiss and Shooters
  9. I am voting off Tale of black Freighter and a Young Person's Guide
  10. I want to vote of Please! and Shooters
  11. I am voting off Tale of the Black Freighter and White little lies.
  12. The Cherry Orchard and Fast Food.
  13. Hello Gals! I am voting off Movie 43 and Fast Food.
  14. Well I am going to be a rebel and vote off Phantom... 😈
  15. I am voting off Olympus Has Fallen. I would have to say PS I Love You because it was my very first Gerry movie that I saw and made me fall for him.
  16. I am voting off Chasing Mavericks. Best Plot- Dear Frankie, because it shows that strangers can be compassionate to people that they don't know.
  17. I am voting off Machine Gun Preacher.
  18. I feel like a broken record player, but I am voting off Beowulf and keeping Dear Frankie.
  19. I am eliminating Beowulf and vaulting Dear Frankie.
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