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  1. Geez now it is getting hard, but lets go with Neil and Jackie Jr.
  2. I am going with Gus and Sam (one more kiss) this week.
  3. I think this week Marty and Yasha.
  4. I am going to follow my GAL pal SUZIE and going to vote off both Peters as well.
  5. Ok...I am going to vote Peter-Please! and Jacko again..
  6. my votes for this week are Peter-Please! and Jacko.
  7. I am going to say Jacko and the Sea Captain.
  8. Hello Ladies, I vote for Chaun and Lead Seaman.
  9. Thank you so much for thinking of me and making my day special! MWWAAHHH! Love you all!
  10. Yipee! I am so going to be there! I have even requested the time off at work!!! Now to find great deals onlike for a room and a plane ticket! So excited to see everyone in 5 Months!
  11. Please keep me informed of when this weekend is going to be! I am sure going to need to get away from work since it will be very stressful starting in March! I will need my GALS help to keep me sane!
  12. OOHHHH! Now to sweet talk my boss into giving me a raise!!! !
  13. Okay Ladies, I made a reservation at Rainforest Cafe located at the MGM, for Thursday at 8:00pm. Since there will be a large group they will be charging us a 17% gratuity and they can only do one check so please bring cash with you! I will be down at the restaurant around 7:30. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me or Veronica and we can give you further details! I am so much looking forward to seeing everyone!!!
  14. Oh yea I totally forgot all about the Rainforest Cafe! They are most likely to seat us easier than any other restaurant. Just like Suzie, I do not want to spend a lot.
  15. I just mailed in my check today! VEGAS HERE I COME!!!!! WOOOHOO!!!!
  16. We wont have a group code until apprx. Jan. 20th. We'll make the rounds w the info as soon as we have it. Sounds great! Thanks Holly!
  17. Okay question..if we make arrangements for hotel rooms what is the code for the convention? It is blank where the code is supposed to be.
  18. I am planning on going too! I have already put my request in at work..haha
  19. Happy Birthday Gerry! I am wishing you all the joy and love this year! May you have a wonderful Birthday! Love, Missy
  20. I gave Mel and Marcie my basket that I made so they can take it down to Vegas! I did a "PSILY" Scentsy themed basket! I wish I could be there to see who gets it!
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