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  1. Hey misty. Was that scene you were in by chance at my house on ridge road? The house in the woods? Lol.
  2. Thanks gals. Btw..I'm a guy. Lol. That's me and Gerry in my avitar. I know this movie is supposed to be emotional, but it sounds like I might be tearing up when I go see it. Haha. It's probably good that this movie is so deep and sad. First and foremost, I hope it brings light on the situation in Sudan and helps Sam Childers cause. Second, I hope Gerry and the mgp crew win an award for this movie. As we all know, the Oscar winners are the movies that move people. And finally, for my own selfish and petty reasons, I'm proud to have my house in this movie and I want this movie to be one of those that people remember after it's come and gone from the theatre.
  3. I have a question for you joycee, but first...thanks for answering them and signing up on this forum. My question is a bit selfish, but I'm dying to know. In the movie, how much of Sam Childers house is used and seen in the movie? The house I'm referring to is the one in the woods that has the wrap around deck on the second story. Tan with the brown front door. The reason I'm wondering is because that's my house. I was told it would be in about thirty minutes of the movie, but you know how editing goes. Lol. Some of the scenes in my house include the Bon fire scene, the gun safe scene where GB is putting firearms into his duffel bag, and pretty much any scene with that horrid green carpet and goofy 70s style wallpaper that I've grown to love. Hahahahaha! Thanks joycee.
  4. Gerry took a hard tail chopper from the set when they were filming here and tore down the road. He wasnt supposed to do that, but I guess he wanted to get a feel for the bike. I live on a dirt road on top of it. I didnt see it, but when I got to the set, the guys were telling me about it. One of the guys said everyone was nervous because that was too much bike for him. However, Gerry got on the darned thing, ripped it down a dirt road, turned around and flew back without a hitch. So, apparently, he's pretty comfortable on a bike. Someone who is paid lots of money to look good dosent do stuff like that, unless they know what they are doing. As far as what Sam said...he is a HARDCORE bike guy. No joke. I bet that guy rides in the snow. So just about anyone is way less experienced then him. Hahaha!
  5. Christy loved the whole experience. She of course is a huge gerard fan, so that helped a lot in bearing with moving out and all...well...the paycheck from the movie company was nice too. LOL. Our 13 year old son was getting a kick out of this whole experience too. On the fridge in the kitchen, they put his artwork from when he was younger on it. He can't wait to see that in the movie. I'm waiting for the first day of school when the teacher asks the kids what they did over the summer. I have a feeling that jake is gonna be a mini celebrity in his school. I can't wait to see what they used of mine in the movie. The prop guys went through our stuff and used a bunch of random things. So it should be fun to pick out our things on the big screen. Both christy and I would do this again in a second if another movie was presented to us. Hopefully it will happen again. What a blast this summer has been. One of the production produces told me that getting your house in a movie is really hard, but once you do, it'll most likely be in more. From what I've been told is that my house is now in a database for production companies to look at. I guess also, when the movie comes out and everyone sees it, producers will be gunning for it, if it fits their bill. The producer told me that my property and house are so unique, that I'll for sure get more movies filmed there if I want. So, that makes me happy. As for christy and I getting married...it'll happen some day! We're not in a huge rush to do it. We've been together for a really long time and are gonna do it when we feel like it I guess. no big deal. We'll get there someday! Anyhow...pawnstars on the history channel just started, so I gotta go!!!
  6. Hey gals. I figure since I'm part of the family I can tell you my name. My name is kyle and my fiancé's name is christy. I have a ton more stuff to tell everyone, but not until the movie comes out. There are scenes that I technically am a part of, even though I'm not in the movie. Can't give any spoilers away, but there is a bunch of stuff I'm going to post up after everybody has a chance to see the movie in a year or so when it comes out. Behind the scenes stuff that happened with me during certain parts of the movie kind of thing. Also, I'll put some more pics up of the set and such after the movie is out. Before and after kind of thing. I do plan on sticking around here just so everyone knows.
  7. Thanks for telling us your story. It was wonderful of you to share it with us. Hope you come back and join in the fun.

  8. Those pics were from the trailer park scenes. I'm not sure if that is where sam/gerry lives for part of the movie, but I can tell you that's not my house. The set designers used a lot nicer stuff in my house. Some of it was ugly, but the living room couch is awesome. I'm just glad I get to keep it. And its not a big deal to me, but you gals will get a kick out of this one...there is a beedroom scene, and they used my king sized bed for it. Its not a sex scene or anything, but I do believe gerry and Michelle are in my bed at one point. Lol. I'm waiting for pics of my house to surface on the internet.
  9. Hey Gals. Well, the movie has moved on and left me behind! LOL. I guess they didnt think I was Hollywood material, so they didnt take me with them. After they shot the last scene, the Director and actors came out of my house. My fiancé and I were waiting there for them so we could say goodbye. Gerry came up to us and shot the breeze for a sec, then said, "See ya guys tomorrow." I replied, "you guys are going to be shooting somewhere else tomorrow." Gerry looked at me and said "Wait...what? This is the last day I'm here?? (Then yelled out to the crew) HEY GUYS!!! NO ONE TOLD ME THIS WAS WRAP DAY HERE!" He then turned back to us with kind of a sad look on his face. The three of us were just kind of standing there silent looking at each other. It was kind of funny. Gerard then gave my fiancé a huge hug and shook my hand. He then took a step back and just stood there again. It was like he didnt want to leave. He chatted for a sec more about how much he liked our house and then I told him if he ever wanted to come over for a home cooked dinner when he was in town, then look me up. He said "And yes, I will do that. Definitely." (I have my fingers crossed) And with that, he got in the back of his SUV, rolled the window down and waved goodbye to us as he left my driveway. All of a sudden, the crew packed up all their gear and got out of dodge. They did it fast too. It took about an hour to get everything packed and loaded on the trucks. Those guys dont mess around. Now I'm just making sure they fix my house up right, clean it good and get everything back to normal. Kind of a weird state I'm in now. It was all over so fast and I'm kind of sad, but at the same time, I'm excited to get back into my house. I guess it'll be cool to have a brand new couch in my living room that the only person that's sat on it before is Gerard Butler. Haha! Thats neat. And when the movie comes out, I'll be really excited. As for you gals wanting to know what Gerard movies I've seen...well...I bought 300 on bluray right when it came out because that movie is so bad arse. One movie that gets me going every time I see it is Reign of Fire. Love that flick. Also, I didnt know Gerry was in Timeline!!! I've seen that movie a few times a while ago and really liked it. I'll have to watch it again. I really didnt know who Gerard Butler was until 300 came out. So anything pre-300 that I saw, I wouldnt have known he was in it. Funny, huh? I did see Law Abiding Citizen recently. That movie had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. I personally loved when Gerry went off on the Judge in the courtroom in that movie. Great acting right there. Here's a funny little thing....In the movie they just filmed at my house, they took a huge stack of my DVD's out of my closet and put them on a shelf for props in the movie. Well...they took my 300 BluRay and put that right in front. I'm pretty sure they did that as kind of a "easter egg" for the movie. Like..."hey!!! There's 300!! How funny!" I knew they did that, so right when I was able to go back in my house, I ran up to the movie and checked it to see if Gerry autographed it. Nope. Dawgone it! Hahahahaa! But maybe he will come back over for dinner some day and I'll get him to do it then. My sister made some cookies and chocolate covered strawberry's for him. She wasnt able to come over the final day, so I gave him the sweets and told him they were from my sister. He was so grateful and thankful for them, he got my sisters phone number and called her just to thank her since she couldnt be there. He did tell her that I invited him over for dinner and he was going to come back and visit us. So that makes me think he will. I sure hope so. It would be so cool. Anyhow...my little 4 month old boy just woke from his nap. Gotta go! Talk to ya'll later!!!
  10. Welcome to GB Gals. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I can only imagine how cool it would be to see your house in a movie.

  11. Welcome to Gals mate. Im one of the few Pals on site and a mod also :) Im a Scotsman who now lives in ON Canada. Thanks for posting your experience on the forum.


  12. Here is the pic of Gerry and I: http://i841.photobucket.com/albums/zz332/thelastpolarbear/gerryandme.jpg I'm constantly impressed with the way Gerry is. Tonight we went to a private party with the cast and crew. Gerry walked in and saw me and my fiancé standing by the bar and came up to us. He then started telling people about the little window breaking joke he did the other day. Gave me a handshake (and he remembered my name right when he saw me...incredible for someone who meets a gazillion people every day.) and gave my fiancé a kiss on the cheek and a hug. The night went on just like a private VIP party should. Drinks, food and a live DJ all paid for by the production company. I'll tell you what...those movie people know how to party!! Of course Gerry didn't drink any alcohol, but he sure did have a great time. Its amazing to me how everyone gravitates towards him and he never looses his cool. Always smiling, hugging everyone, laughing and allowing everyone to take pictures of him. What a guy. I had a bunch of opportunities to approach him throughout the night, but I didn't. I saw a bunch of other people doing that to him and I figured I'd just give him his space. Mark Forster (director) saw me when he came in and shook my hand. He commented on how he liked my hair style. (fo-hawk) He said "I really like the way you did your hair tonight" and I replied back...."I also like what you did with your hair tonight".....for all those who don't know what he looks like...he has a shaved head. He got a laugh out of that. I spent a good amount of time talking to Sam Childers who was also there. He's a really nice guy too. You can see that he's all business, but he'll talk to anyone and carry out a good conversation. I met Sam on set (HA! my house is a set) a few days ago and him and I were chatting about this and that, so when I went to the party tonight, he saw me and was very warming and wanted to talk to me. Great guy. As for my house, in the contract, it states that the house and property have to be returned to original state or better before they wrap up. I've been assured by many people that it'll be cleaned, fixed if anything is broken and in better state than before. Not to mention that they painted my whole house, are giving me a lot of the furniture for free and many other perks. So I'm not worried about that. I do have some more pictures I will post up later, but I have to go through them and kind of be picky. I don't want to put anything up that will offend Gerry or anyone else who might see them on here. Also, I cant post pics of my house or anything inside. I could get sued for that. Any pictures of the set is technically property of the production company. I watched Gerry do some Keriokie tonight. He's a pretty good singer. And he knows how to get the crowd going. No stage fright from him. It was great. These memories will last a lifetime. I feel like I'm right in the mix with "A list" actors and almost feel like a star myself. It's gonna be hard when they all leave next week and I'm back to normal. It's been one big party so far. One more thing. I'm seriously impressed with you gals. Everyone here seem to have the uppermost respect for Gerry. I guess after I met him and see how other people just follow him around drooling and clicking cameras right in his face, I feel kinda bad for him. I know he's a celeb and that's what their life is like, but after hanging with these people...I realized, thats what they are...people. Just normal guys and gals in a extraordinary situation. Anyways.....I'll keep you all posted here and there on whats going on. (well...to an extent. I have to keep it cool with the production company and actors) I'm off to bed now. Too many Vodka and Red Bulls with the crew at the party tonight! Hahahaha! Talk to ya gals later! P.S. for whoever asked if I was on twitter, not me. I dont even know what that is really. haha!
  13. Welcome luv,

    Fellow Scotswoman, Amanda

  14. Hello, ladies! I've been watching this site for a while now seeing that you all are really big fans of Gerard. I'm a guy (even though this is a site for gals, hence the name!), but I have some news for you all that you might be interested in. I have to be careful of what I say, because I was told not to say too much. But...... Machine Gun Preacher is being filmed at my house here in Michigan. It's pretty insane. I'm going to just tell my story of what I've been though in these past few months. It all started with a location scout slowly driving up my driveway at about 10AM one morning about two months ago. I went out to see who it was and he told me about the movie and that they were looking for locations that would be suitable to film at. So I take his card, show him around the property and he shakes my hand and says he might be in contact with me. OK. Whatever. No way cool stuff like that happens to me, right? The very next day, he calls and says he wants to take some photos of the place. So he comes back out with a photographer and they click off about a million pictures. All of a sudden, every week more and more people are coming over. Set designers, carpenters, producers, even the director, Marc Forster. (he's really really cool by the way. Super nice guy.) So it came down to my house and another house about an hour from me. As you all can imagine, I'm really wanting this gig and am nervous as hell. I get a phone call one day and they say they want to shoot it at my house. Awesome. So now I just have to wait for them to come and do their thing. They spent two weeks fixing up my house to their likings and cleaning, putting their furniture in etc.... That was all exciting, but what happens next is the totally awesome part. They start shooting. There are trucks, trailers, cars and a whole barrage of people working at my house. Lights, cameras, monitors, the whole nine yards. As a matter of fact, they are there right now doing a late shoot. My fiancé just texted me saying that there were about 100 people in the street trying to get a glimpse of Gerry. The cops had to tell everyone to leave. Just crazy. All the movie people are really nice to us and let us come and go as we please. I feel like a V.I.P going to the club. Haha! So here's the part you all are waiting for. I met Gerry (and thats what I call him..."Hey Gerry! Whats up man?!?" LOL) and he's soooooo cool. Just totally down to earth and very nice guy. I've been talking to him for the past two days and he's just pleasant to be around. Its like there is no awkward moments, because he's extremely good at keeping a conversation going. He's also a big jokester. The first day I met him I was standing a little aways from my house and he was by my front door. He started to yell out to the crew (knowing I was listening) "HEY GUYS!! SOMEONE NEEDS TO FIX THESE WINDOWS IN THE BACK THAT WE BUSTED OUT!!" Then looked at me and started laughing. What was really neat about him, is that he asked what I did for a living, how I liked living in Michigan, and all that boring stuff no one really cares about...except he seemed really interested in it. All I have to say is that he's a class act and does not act like a stuck up celebrity at all. My fiancé and sister asked if they could take a picture with him and he was totally cool. When he asked me if I wanted a pic with him, I said "Thats OK. You get enough people asking for pics and autographs." He looked at me and said "No way...get over here!" So I did. Its a crazy awesome time and I'm really excited about all this. I know you all are die hard fans, so I thought I'd share my story with you gals, because you'd appreciate it more than other people. The only thing is, I cant give out the location of where they are filming, where Gerry is staying or anything like that. And I cant get anyone on set that is outside of my immediate family. Sorry. If I could figure out how to insert a Jpeg image on here, I'd show you a pic of him and I. I must be computer dumb or something.
  15. Welcome to GALS polar bear :)

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