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  1. LittleBlueSky = Skye ................................. Maybe not such an original handle. LOL.
  2. Gerry, I really have to say, I'm impressed with how you inspire your fans to do good work, and how you support them in it. It speaks volumes for you, that people would rally to do these things for the benefit of others, and have come together in part, because of your positive influence. Kudos to you. I wish for you small kindnesses, and that you have peace in your heart knowing that you have helped influence some change in this world. Not many can say when the end of their days draw near, that their journey was a good one. I hope you live a long and fulfilling life, rich with good
  3. Hello all, I just won't have time to continue this. Sorry.
  4. Enjoying the First Stir of Autumn

  5. I actually LOL'd. Very cute. Look forward to more. =)
  6. Thanx. =) I was just thinking that not everyone would get the ballad reference. Anyone who doesn't know the Gaelic verse referred to in the story, here's a beautiful rendition.
  7. It wasn't just one, but a series of small events which shaped his life up to that point. That moment at the seaside, with the crisp autumn wind off the ocean speaking to him, whispering promises of other places and experiences older then he and sometimes hints of what was to come. He had always witnessed the world as such, at the cusp of reality, where the day to day struggle of other people was as unbearable to him as the life of privilege in which he now found himself accustomed. He often kicked himself for his new sense of complacency, in which he had dedicated himself to a gilded cag
  8. Welcome to GALS LittleBlueSkye :)

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