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    Gerry Butler and make a lot of friends[:)]

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  1. Angel, Did you ever check out my Phantom series? Just curious.

  2. There are six novels in the series, the first of which is The Phoenix of the Opera. The story starts when the Phantom disappears through the broken mirror. I've had great responses from many of the Gals here and at other sites. The list of the novels can be found at my website. http://sites.google.com/site/mssadiemontgomery/home I hope you might be interested. Sadie Montgomery

  3. He really is (or should be in my opinion) the sexiest man of 2010. I even have a Gerry Butler calender for 2011 already that my mom got me for my birthday

  4. go to my paige and replay me in my comments:)

  5. I don't know your Phantom series,what is it?

  6. hi,i'm great thanks,yes i'm new on the site.

  7. your welcome,nice to meet you too.

    It's so unfair,Gerry is the sexiest man of 2010.

  8. i'm great too,thanks:)

    so unfair,Gerry is the sexiest man of 2010.

  9. Hi Angel, thanks for dropping by, it's great to meet you!

  10. Hi Angel! Thanks for dropping by & it's great to meet you :)

  11. Hi! Nice to meet you! :-*

  12. Angel, Do you know my phantom series?

  13. Hi, I'm doing well. How are you? Are you new at the site?

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