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  1. Okay, you gals will probably love this. I took the Phantom over to my lady's house that I take care of. When she was sleeping, I was daydreaming of the yummy Phantom, watching it and drooling. I couldn't help but sing along as well. It just brought out my voice when I heard him belt the notes out. It's funny because she has a clock that plays a different show tune each hour and guess what one of them was? The Phantom! That's what put me in the mood to watch it again. Needless to say, it made for a great night. The cats were probably getting more sleepy with the music, because most of them were
  2. Okay, I love the idea of Gerry and Hugh in a flick together too. Another vampire film with both, ohohoh, even better ideas. You gals are awesome!
  3. I can't believe they put Gerry so low on the list! I especially can't understand how Johnny Depp could be above him. Yes a lot of those guys are hot, but honestly, if you had these guys lined up in front of you, can you make the same choices? From what I saw of that list, I could see 2 of those besides Gerry in the line-up that I would choose. Rob is cute, but not hot. Taylor is yummy, but no. 1 is a stretch. I would say Gerry is no.1 on my list.
  4. I was just having a little thought. I could see a great comedy between Gerry and Will Ferrell. I think it would be a great match-up! Those two are both naturally goofy, so I could see that definitely working out well. I could use some ideas about what type of story to make out of such a duo. Any ideas from the GALS?
  5. CrystalS

    Gamer DVD

    I was fascinated with the concept behind this film, although it reminds me of Deathrace as well. It's the same idea. A person in prison is competing for their freedom and no one is really suppose to win. I wouldn't be surprised if they considered the idea one of these days. It would really put the determination of the individual on the line, push them to the breaking point and it could rehabilitate a lot of severe behavior. Gerry made a fantastic action hero in this one. When he got drunk, I had to laugh, but I know he was also taking a risk by losing his usual coordination. He could have gott
  6. http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b90/CrystalMS1979/Partnersincrime.jpg This is me and my BFF Rachael. http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b90/CrystalMS1979/graduation1.jpg West High Graduation Gown This is the front steps of a building by Beyond Baroque out in California. This is my last day of school in my white dress.
  7. CrystalS

    Pet Photos

    your dog is adorable and I love your cat's fur color. I doubt I could get Smokey to hold still long enough to put a hat on him.
  8. I must have watched 300 at least a dozen times, partly because my fiance loves that movie too. You should have seen him the first time my friend Rachael and I watched it in theatres with him in tow. He was our DVD commentary! I am not kidding he was remarking on every spear stab, sword slice and all the blood. Rache and I decided to wait until DVD to watch it again, since we had a feeling my finace would do it again. It had been just Rachael and I the first time, he joined us the second time. Needless to say there was plenty of flesh to feast our eyes on! I enjoyed the history of the film a
  9. These are just a few of my poems I have written over the years. Oh how the full moon makes my energy rise It's pale shade of light beautiful to my eyes The clouds are covering all the skies I feel free and as light as a bird For this sight, I can find no word Nothing I can recall I ever heard I look up and wonder if you see it too. So far away over the ocean blue I am constantly thinking of you So alone in this beautiful night How I long to walk in your light Your eyes so expressive and bright Your smile would awaken the day For I love you in each and e
  10. This movie is hilarious!! I LMAO everytime I watch this. I love the vibrating underwear scene, I laugh to tears everytime I see it. I also love the part where Kathryn Heigl is hanging from the tree upside down and removes her neighbors towel on accident! Leaves very little to the imagination, if you catch my drift. I remember that guy from Days of Our Lives too. He was a better looking Rex DeMeira than the new one. Gerry was a blast in this film! Wouldn't mind licking Jello off anything on him! Pudding would be more fun. choco pudding on Gerry, I know I'm horrible,LOL!
  11. CrystalS

    Pet Photos

    This is my cat Kittygirl. She's silver tipped Birman, who we have had for 16 out of 17 years of her life. She is a good old girl. The only thing about her is she has never been a mouser. one time we had some mice behind our stove. We set out some traps around it. One of them had snapped on a mouse overnight. The cat dragged it in her mouth up to Mom in the morning, like she did it. She's getting weaker each year. A couple years ago, she got into a fight with a larger dog and it punctured a good hole in her back leg. Ever since then, she limps on it when it gets cold. that poor girl. She is als
  12. CrystalS

    Pet Photos

    These are pics of my baby boy, Smokey. He is a one year old Siberian Husky(full blooded). His hobbies include catching his red ball, arguing with everyone, and being spoiled! He is my pride and joy though. You can't ask for a more perfectly ornery dog. he is too smart for his own good too. He can open a screen door, unlock his kennel, and digs his ball out from under all the coffee tables. We bought him from a gal who breeds several kinds of dogs all the way in Chanute, KS. That's a long ways from Wichita, but he was so worth it. I had always wanted a husky, and when I saw the pics of this lit
  13. I think he's an adorable man. He comes off as fun and care free. He enjoys making others happy and laugh. I love that about a man. The story about the couple is a wonderful example of how wonderful he is. He doesn't just think of himself, he tries to help others as well. That makes him very down to Earth and approachable to any fan. He loves his fans from all that I have seen. I wish I could meet him one of these days. I love hearing him sing. That was the one thing that I don't see too many other actors capable of doing with such passion( or in tune for others). It says a lot about him that h
  14. OMG!! LMAO!! That was one movie my brother and Dad watched a lot! Dad was only 53, he would have been 54 in May. Kelsey and hin would quote that movie a lot! It was also Spaceballs.
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