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  1. so i'm new here, obviously. but was interested in what goes on at these conventions? i won 2 round trip tickets w/ hotel accomedations to the hotel of my choice to vegas, so i was wanting to use them for the 2011 convention - but i would love to know more about what to bring, what to look forward, about how much money should ideally be set aside. lol. all the good stuff. oh, and does he ever make appearances at the GALS convention? even if he doesn't, i love the idea of meetin up with other fans for some good times.
  2. thank you for ok'ing me and welcomin me. :)

  3. may i request my GALS trading card? My celebrity choice look alike is Renee Olstead. here's a pic of her that i think is a pretty one: Reason for edit: Picture size exceeded the pixels requirements
  4. Welcome to GALS Alix :)

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