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  1. I just watched this movie again today. I think I like it quite a lot, although there wasn't quite enough Gerry to keep me focused throughout the film. However, I'm quite interested in the history of British royal family and I enjoy seeing movies about them. I also enjoyed hearing the Scottish accent. I had to watch each Gerry scene twice – the first time I focused on staring at Gerry and the second time I read the subtitles. I usually don't have to pay much attention to the subtitles, but this thick Scottish accent was just too much for my brain (and Gerry's pretty face was distracting me ).
  2. I've seen this a few times. Not really my favorite, but it was fun to see Gerry in uniform. I also have to say that I was really surprised to see Peter Franzén in this, playing the commander of the camp. He's one of the most famous Finnish actors (in Finland, Finnish actors are not known internationally). I wonder how he ended up in this film. I know he's been living in LA for about ten years, but he hasn't really got any significant roles in American movies or TV shows. He still appears in Finnish movies and has published a novel as well. I just think it's really cool he got a chance to work
  3. Welcome to GALS tintaglia :)

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