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  1. Hoping he recharges his batteries while eating his mum's food. Probably about time he had some time off.
  2. No argument from me... I can't believe that such predatory behaviour is part of being a celebrity these days... I am very sorry I even looked... Gerry..
  3. I too had a look at the video... I feel very sorry for any celebrity who has to deal with that Gobshite.. (I better explain the word it's Irish for Bulls'''t) I think Gerry handled it very well - I am not sure I could be that nice or patient trying get someone to come and pick me up. I'd probably be yelling for HELP! Maybe a bit of as a distraction technique... lah, lah, LAH!
  4. Lovin' the return of the white tennis shoes... He looks delicious..
  5. Wow, there is actually a journalist attached to this item of CRAP!! I certainly wouldn't be too worried about his 'scruffy' presentation as Gerry has said this is his natural state. Who wants some slick and greasy man trying to chat you up. Maybe it was all a joke just to see how far they could go. I don't think Gerry has much to worry about when it comes to 'picking up chicks'. Look at US...
  6. Hi there Sorry I made this so public but I really need to have Phantom's Muse send me her email address ASAP. Aussierose xx
  7. Love seeing Gerry with the nieces.. he looks gorgeous as usual I must add. A little slice of heaven - on my opening the computer this morning. PS.. Phantom's Muse I don't have your email address could send me another message with it.
  8. It's ok Ebony I was just saying that Gerry is in the company of alot of women I was not making any judgements. As I said I hope he is having the "time of his life" as he deserves too! Rumours are just part of the game I guess. I had no idea just how strongly people don't like Naomi that's all. I did see her on Parkinson(UK show) and I thought she seemed nice. I will not speculate on her personality as she has certainly copped some bad publicity in recent years. One thing is for sure she is certainly one very beautiful lady. xxAussierose
  9. Wow, I am in shock over the content of that perez site...I had no idea and am obviously very naive.. Rumours .... are just that!! Have you seen that photo over at the Spanish site - some very tall attractive blonde woman at the Victoria Secret after party.. So there is another lady in his company. LOL Who knows what Gerry is up too but all I can say is I hope he is having fun and looking after himself..
  10. Hiya Songbird

    Thanks for the message as I was really worried I had done something wrong. LOL

    Have just checked out yours - lovely photo of you.

    Fiona xx

  11. Go for it - Swansong! "They can conquer who believe they can." Aussierosexx
  12. We have very strict laws about animals so unless he sent her here 3 months ahead I doubt they would have let her come. Last time I heard it takes about 3 months to get any clearance to bring animals/pets into Australia. Maybe he was prepared to do that or maybe she stayed behind in the US? I dont work for quarantine services so am not sure. So I hope someone lovely is looking after her if Gerry can't. He must really miss her.
  13. I am essentially celtic blood so Irish and Scottish passion runs throughout my veins. I believe I am related to the Queen Mother's family who were Kinghorns. I think it's a fair way back but at least there is some royal stuff even if it's by marriage. As for the rest of my Scottish heritage - Murrays of Athol, Youngs of Muirkirk and Kerrys but unsure where they lived. I believe we are related to the Murray who fought along side Rob 'Roy' MacGregor. Those feisty Highlanders who defended themselves against the invading English. Sounds familar! Interesting topic, ladies.
  14. HIYA ALL!! We have finally caught up with the rest of the world... us Aussies. LOVED 300 it was bloody huge!!!
  15. Yeah don't you just love his looks at her rather large assets... Lucky girl! Rumours.... yep I think you are all right - this is not going to stop now he's a BIG STAR ON THE RISE! I must say he has taste. Estella is certainly gorgeous.
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