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  1. I already got a group of squeeing fan girls lined up to go with me. My husband will go with me, but he is not a squeeing fan girl lol.
  2. Just saw the trailer *spazzy dance* Can't wait for this movie to come out . And it sounds like he gets to speak with is own accent, even better . Plus he looks so good in this movie. My hubby watched the trailer with me and said he'd go see the movie.
  3. I second that . As unfortunate as it is that Gerry didn't get nominated, as he should have, it's nice to see at least MGP got one nod. There's still hope for the academy. Even though they say the GGs are a look into the nominees for the AWs. I really enjoyed the joking that Woody and Gerry had about names being off the list, or as Gerry said "Whited out." LOL!
  4. Can't go will be on my honeymoon. Wish I could go, maybe 2013 .
  5. Happy 40th birthday for the 2nd year around Gerry! To many happy returns of the day, Cheers!
  6. That was a very nice article . Thanks for sharing it. It's so refreshing when a grown man speaks so highly of his mum. I love his sense of humor. He always has something silly to say and that makes (most) people feel comfortable.
  7. Theresa I couldn't open the link you sent me is there another link somewhere?
  8. I think every 'famous' person has to have some sort of vigilance when the go out around a lot of people. Some people are just not in their right mind and can do anything. Like Delene said, people who want to kill you aren't gonna warn you about it first. Good to know he has more bodyguards with him though. It makes me sad that he even needs a bodyguard.
  9. I'm sure Gerry knew what he was getting into. Gerry doesn't seem like a shy guy, but he didn't really look very comfortable. Incidentally, Howard Stern has a movie called "Private Parts." That movie actually explains a lot about him. However, if you watch the movie, remember who its about. Very rated R. Is there a full version anywhere?
  10. Agreed! Plus Leonidas died, so it wouldn't be a sequel. That interviewer needs to get that straight. As to another '300' sometimes Hollywood is just beating a dead horse . They need to learn to leave well enough alone.
  11. Nice interview. I love how he cracks up and told the interviewer it was a crappy question, lol.
  12. He was on TMZ today. Again there might be another topic about this, but I just saw it so I thought I'd report it. I can't find a video on it right now, but they were talking about him being "overwhelmed with is female fans wanting pictures and autographs." He asked the women about the photos. "Can we get one with everyone though?" Some responded "We don't know each other." Not sure what he did after that, but then they showed a clip of him thanking them . Then the TMZ team made fun of his movies .
  13. They did it again! Come on you'd think they fix that from earlier!
  14. Found it . Looks like I posted about it 1 minuet before you, lol. I was happy I got to the info first, but then you told me there was another thread. Then I found out I posted 1 minuet before, lol. I agree though I thought that was very bad that they had that on there. How many times have they had him on?!
  15. Ok and I also saw in the upcoming calendar events it was there. Where is the thread?
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