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  1. ABCs of Things We COULD NOT Live Without A) Apples B) Bananas C) Cucumbers D) Deviled eggs E) Elegant Dining F) Frito pie G) Grapes (Big fat green ones) H) Hairspray I) Iridescent Stones J) Jewelry K) Kiwi fruit L) Lemons and limes M) Marshmallow Peeps O)
  2. ABCs of The Bounty Hunter A) Atlantic City B) Betting at the horse track C) Crooked Cops D) Death threats from bad guy E) Easy money in casino F) Fraudulent gambling proceeds G) Goofy secretary H) Horse tranquilizer in hypodermic needle I) Irene J) Jimmie K) Kenny L) Larcenous associates M) Milo Boyd N) Nicole Hurley O) Officer turned bounty hunter P) Police Station Q) Quick get-away R) Race Track S) Sid T) Teresa U) Underwater golf cart V) Violent associates W)
  3. Not a big fan of either Theater Movies VS DVDs
  4. W 1. Song.......Wayward Wind (The ) 2. Famous Person.......William, Prince of Wales 3. Household Item........Whisk 4. City........ 5. Movie....... 6. Plant or Flower....... 7. Food Item........ 8. Mood......... 9. Something Sweet........White Chocolate 10. Something you would like.......Win big lottery cash prize
  5. ABCs of things we COULD live without A) Arrogant people B) Brussels Sprouts C) Careless drivers D) Dates (Fruit) E) Earaches F) Fingernail fungus G) Gigolos H) Hiccups I) Itchy rashes J) Jumping Jacks K) Killer headaches L) Lizards M) Mice N) Narcissists O) Overcooked vegetables P) Parsnips Q)
  6. Oh Hell no. I don't like boats Do you like silk bed linens?
  7. ABCs of Television Shows or Characters A) Ancient Aliens B) Burke's Law C) Charlie's Angels D) Dr. Kildare E) Everybody Loves Raymond F) Friends G) Golden Girls (The) H) Hill Street Blues I) I Spy J) Jungle Jim K) Knight Rider L) Lone Ranger (The) M) Munsters (The) N) Nora Charles (The Thin Man) O) Opie Taylor (The Andy Griffith Show) P) Police Woman Q) Quantum Leap R) Room 222 S) Simpsons (The) T) Thomas Magnum (Magnum PI) U) Upstairs, Downstairs V) Valentine (Mortal Instruments, City of Bones) W) Wild, Wild West (The) X) Xavier Thorpe (Wednesday) Y)
  8. ABCs of Movie Characters (Does NOT have to be a Gerry Movie) Please name movie A) Abraham (Abe Lincoln) B) Bruce Wayne (Batman) C) Carol (Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice) D) Denise (PS I Love You) E) Ernest (Ernest Saves Christmas) F) Fanny Bryce (Funny Girl) G) Gigi (Gigi) H) Henry Higgins (My Fair Lady) I) Ichabod Crane (Sleepy Hollow) J) Jim Bowie (The Alamo) K) Katherine (Kiss Me Kate) L)
  9. ABCs of Science Fiction/Horror Movies A) Alien B) Barbarella C) Cat People D) Day The Earth Stood Still (The) E) Evil Dead (The) F) Forever Young G) Galaxy Quest H) Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy I) I, Robot J) Jumanji K) Kronos L) Logan's Run M) Moon N) Night of the Lepus O) Omega Man (The) P) Poltergeist Q)
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