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  1. Looking forward to GALS Penthouse and PJs gathering in Vegas in August! BE There!

  2. GAL proud and loving it!

  3. can't wait for Vegas and the GALS Charity Convention! Come join us!!!

  4. Thank you for the friendship, Jewels. GALS has your back!



  5. Hey, sweetness. That prayer you put on the Love bracelet thread was beautiful. You have a lovely heart! Suzie

  6. Hi sweet girl, so happy to welcome you into the FANmily!



  7. We have so much in common! We love Gerry, we love the Black Daggers, we love the beach we love Gerry, we love SciFi-fantasy, we love our furbabies and we love GERRY! Are we twins???

  8. I LOVE your siggy! Great stuff!!!

  9. Hi sweetie, and welcome to GALS. No one is too young to appreciate beauty, and we see beauty in our Gerry and most especially in Phantom of the Opera. Your friends will understand one day!


  10. Missy, I loved meeting you in Vegas and I'm sooo glad you came. You are truly a joy and a friend (OK, adopted granddaughter!)

    Mega hugs!


  11. Hi there!! Welcome on board!

  12. Just stopping by to deliver hugs. Take care!!


  13. It's so lovely having you here on GALS! I'm a bit late, but welcome on board! Have a great time with the rest of the FANmily!


  14. Hi Amanda! Welcome to GALS. There's always room for one more Gerry Addicted GAL!!

  15. We San Antonio GALS rock!

  16. Hi Gail! Congratulations on winning the raffle for Jack. Come play with us!!!

    Hugs, Suzie

  17. Hi Sweetie!

    I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday!

    Hope you day is full of fun, chocolate and Gerry dreams!!

    Hugs, Suzie

  18. Hi There, as one silver fan to another, WELCOME to GALS!!

    Drop in and say hi anytime!!



  19. Hi Kristie!

    Just dropping in to say "Cheers" to another Mandoll Personal Assistant! Hope to see you in Vegas again!


  20. Hi from another San Antonio GAL!! Glad to see you!

  21. I'm glad to welcome another Texas GAL!!! Drop in any time you are in San Antonio!

  22. You and your wee one are beautiful! So nice to see you!

  23. Hi Nancy!

    As another "Gerryactric" fan, I welcome you to GALS! You and I are nearly the same age, and I've never felt younger. Enjoy your new "Fanmily" and PM me any time!



  24. So great meeting you in Las Vegas!! See you around the site!


  25. Hey Eden! Welcome to the FANmily. It's so nice to have another Texan on the scene!!

    Hugs, Sue

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