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  1. The "shirts" will soon realize that when Gerry is part of a production, there is a fan army right there behind him! HooRa! Sue
  2. Susan, your perve factor just went up MANY points with me!!! I did the same thing!!! I LOVE the shadow and have spent many lovely minutes studying it!! Yep, I'm gonna have to join the Gutter GALS!
  3. Well, ladies, I must say that as job descriptions go, this one has been the most "uplifting". Where do I sign up? Sue
  4. I think the love scene was perfect, except I'd have liked to see Gerry's face more too. I know, that's the only way most of us will ever get to see that face that way! ....on a side note: You know the first thing we are going to do when the bedroom scene is available for screen caps is to adjust the contrast and brightness to see what we can see - c'mon fess up! Who among us is going to take the high road???? What do you want to bet Zack thought of that, and covered stuff so we couldn't do it? (Think I should join the Gutter Gals???) Sue
  5. I live in Texas. Texas women are privy to the finest buns on the planet, and Mr. Butler has NEVER been lacking in that department - or any department as far as I or the women I know are concerned. He don't need no squats! :barebum: Sue
  6. Great interview! Thanks so much for the link! Sue
  7. Thanks Susan, and all. I feel better now. **Sue goes away still grumbling** Sue
  8. Ohhh, I third the motion for the t-shirts!! The world is finding out about his women, though! My favorite line from the movie was "My Queen....MyWife.....My Love". It wipes me out every time I think of it! Sue
  9. I don't know how to respond to that. My first thought was "awwwww, he dotes on his doggy". My second thought was "FEMININE SIDE - WTF???????" We all know Gerry is a big marshmallow when it comes to Lolita and that he does have a cuddly, sensitive side when appropriate. But FIMININE???? I DON'T THINK SO! Someone tell me I'm overreacting! Sue
  10. Yo Xan, SDS is closely related to another problem undoubtedly also afflicting these same critics. It's called N.B.S. (No B**ls Syndrome). The primary symptom is demonstrated when people form opinions about Gerry movies without ever having seen the film or blindly jumping to idiotic conclusions about an actor's physical conditioning or talent without knowing the facts. These people should be subjected to 48 straight hours of Popeye cartoons as befits their IQs! Sue **Whew! Felt good to get that off my chest!**
  11. These critics sound like a bunch of out of shape clowns suffering from advanced S.D.S. (Small D**k Syndrome)! Why don't they try working out 6 hrs a day for seven months and see what happens! Might even improve their "shortcomings". Sue
  12. I agree. It pains me, but Attila must go! Sue
  13. Yep, I noticed the missing necklace too - wonder what happened to it! Sue
  14. "I'll bet Prince Charming can't crack a walnut with his arse!" Wow, Meecie, you've just added a whole new dimension to Disney heros!! Sue
  15. That was one of the cutest interviews I've seen ANYONE do. I was on the floor! Gerry looked like he had too much fun! Wish he'd left his shirt alone, though. Sue
  16. Gotta be Marek, he would charm the socks off the folks....and anything he wanted off of me! ('cuse me, did I day that out loud??) Sue
  17. I agree with Alice, it's nice to know Gerry is finally being recognized in Scotland! Great interview! Sue
  18. I say dump the Stranger....but don't touch my Marek yet!!! Sue
  19. Swannie, if this keeps up, you and I are going to have to invest in Kleenex stock! **snif some more** Sue
  20. Meredith, Tonya was the lovely blonde, dimpled girl waving. I am so happy she was there. Was the lady in the red jacket Gerry's Aunt Kathleen? Sue
  21. Great interview! Gerry was brilliant as usual. And I too, can't wait for PSILY. But BOY, Gerry never mentions BOAW does he? I wonder what the story is there. Sue
  22. **snif** What a sweet story! I wish Nathan and Di all the very best - might know he'd fall for a Texas GAL! Once again, our lovely Gerry has touched lives. Is there no end to the man's magic??? Sue
  23. GAL power - Gerry is way out front now! Sue
  24. Stef, don't you dare blame yourself when things like this go wrong - it's just gonna happen sometimes, and usually with the worst possible timing! At least now we know what happened and we can stop beating on our monitors! You are a treasure and we are so blessed to have you! Just go have a tall frosty glass of Gerry Juice - with a shot of something in it - and relax! Sue
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