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  1. Yes, but only when my mother made it Do you like Goulash?
  2. ABCs of Television Shows or Characters A) Archie Bunker (All in the Family) B) Barney Miller C) Chrissy Snow (Three's Company) D) Daniel Jackson (Stargate SG1) E) Eddie Haskell (Leave it to Beaver) F) Frank Furillo (Hill Street Blues) G)
  3. ABCs of Movie Characters (Does NOT have to be a Gerry Movie) Please name movie A) Alexander The Great (Alexander) B) Bernard (The Santa Clause) C) Charlie (The Santa Clause) D) Don Lockwood (Singin' in the Rain) E) Eban (Portrait of Jenny) F) Faye Marvin (What About Bob) G) Gerry Kennedy (PS: I Love You) H) Henry Higgins (My Fair Lady) I) Illya Kuryakin (The Man From UNCLE) J) Johnny Castle (Dirty Dancing) K) King Kong (King Kong) L) Lena Lamont (Singin' in the Rain) M) Marty McFly (Back to the Future) N) Nancy (Oliver!) O) Old Fred (Tremors) P) Phantom (The) (The Phantom of the Opera) Q) Queen Victoria (Mrs. Brown) R) Ruby Sue (Christmas Vacation) S) Sam Spade (Maltese Falcon) T)
  4. ABCs of things we COULD live without A) Allergic reactions B) Bug bites C) Closed lanes on road during rush hour D) Dirty shower stalls E) Early morning appointments F) Fruit flies G) Gouged prices H) High gas prices I) Illness J) Jello Shots K) Killer bees L) Liver and Onions M) Mice in my house N) Noisy kids in a restaurant O) Offensive odors P) Potholes Q) Quicksand R) Road Rage S) Sinus infections T) Toe Nail Fungus U) Ugly shoes V) Vagrants W) Worries X) Xylophones Y)
  5. M 1. Song......My Prayer 2. Famous Person.......Michael Caine 3. Household Item........Microwave Oven 4. City........Mobile, Alabama 5. Movie.......Madame X 6. Plant or Flower.......Marigold 7. Food Item........Mashed potatoes 8. Mood.........Mad 9. Something Sweet........Mangos 10. Something You Would Like........
  6. Spiderman Plaids VS Stripes
  7. 20 Song Titles Starting with G Name artist, please 1) Good Vibrations (The Beach Boys) 2) Good Day Sunshine (The Beatles) 3) Good Golly, Miss Molly (Little Richard) 4)
  8. ABCs of Action/Adventure or Disaster Movies A) Armageddon B) Blue Thunder C) Congo D) Deep Impact E) Escape From New York F) Flight of the Phoenix G) Greenland H) Hatari! I) Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom J) Jurassic Park K) Kill Bill L) Logan's Run M) Mummy (The) N) National Treasure O) Omega Man (The) P) Poseidon Adventure (The ) Q) Quantum of Solace R) Reign of Fire S) Sum of All Fears (The) T) Timeline U) Under Siege V) Valerian, City of A Thousand Planets W) Wonder Woman X) X-Men Y) Year of the Dragon Z) Zero Dark Thirty ABC's of Holiday movies or Musicals A)
  9. ABCs of Books You've Read or Would Like to Read - Please include author A) All The Pretty Horses (Cormac McCarthy) B) Brooklyn (Colm Toibin) C) Come Back, Little Sheba (William Inge) D) Dance With the Devil (Sherrilyn Kenyon) E) Ender's Game (Orson Scott Card) F) Feast of All Saints (The) (Anne Rice) G) Guardian (The) (Sherrilyn Kenyon) H) Handmaid's Tale (The) (Margaret Atwood) I) Ipcress File (The) (Len Deighton) J) James and the Giant Peach (Roald Dahl) K) King Solomon's Mines (H. Roger Haggard) L) Little Women (Louisa May Alcott) M) Matilda (Roald Dahl) N) Nineteen Eighty Four (George Orwell) O) Of Mice and Men (John Steinbeck) P) Phantom of the Opera (The) (Gaston Leroux) Q) Queen of the Damned (Anne Rice) R) Rebecca (Daphne Du Maurier) S) Scarlet Letter (The) (Nathaniel Hawthorne) T)
  10. 13 Favorite Halloween Costumes 1) Vampire 2) Phantom of the Opera 3) Witch 4) 50's Rock and Roller 5)
  11. Going to my 60th HighSchool Reunion this weekend
  12. Peck on the cheek Handsome Bob
  13. It's a Living A) Apple polisher for King Leonidas B) Bike mechanic for Sam Childers C) Chain cleaner for Big Nick D) Delivery person for Clyde Shelton E) Environmental Air Quality Inspector for the Lair F) Feather Boa maker for Carlotta G) George Dryer's vacuum cleaner repairman. H) Holly Kennedy's cleaning lady I) Irish whiskey provider for Holly Kennedy J) Johnnie Donne's AA Coach K) Killer Wardrobe Designer for the Opera Populaire L) Lady Claire's Bodyguard M) Meg Giry's ballet costume designer N) Neil Randall's secretary O) Orthodontist for Dracula P) Phantom's Mask-fitter Q) Queen Victoria's Crown polisher R) Road Manager for Marty Claymore S) Sail repairer for Jack Rusoe T) Trombone player at the Opera Populaire U) Underground Lair in Opera Populaire cleaning lady W) Wig maker for the Opera Populaire X) X-ray operator at Clyde's courthouse Y) Youth combat instructor in Sparta Z) Zipper Polisher for Jack Rusoe's wetsuit It's A Living A)
  14. I have but it's candy I don't like (HAHA) TGBM went Christmas shopping today
  16. ABCs of P.S. I Love You A) Adjusting to new life situation B) Ball park kiss C) Ciara D) Daniel E) Elaborate plan F) Funeral G)
  17. Sheena Easton (Scottish Singer) N
  18. ankle (Body Part) le
  19. Only tried one dish but I loved it. Do you like Crawfish?
  20. ABCs of Things We COULD NOT Live Without A) Aerosol Bathroom deodorizer B) Bug spray C) Cake D) Deodorant E) Elastic waist pants F) Family and friends G) GALS H) Hairspray I) Ibuprofen J) Jeans that fit K) Kilts on sexy Scotsmen L) Limes M) Money N) Nice neighbors O) Orange Juice P) Popcorn Q) Quality TV Programing! R) Red Velvet Cake S) Stretchy waistbands T)
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