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  1. I am not judging but I was sad to see the cigarette. I want him to live a long life and not get those early wrinkles that smokers tend to get. My Mother smoked when I was a kid and never could stop. She is still smoking. I know how difficult it is to stop,but he had been without the cigarettes for so long that I really thought he had kicked the habit. Maybe he will stop again. I rather see him a little bigger than have the cigarettes. Either way love Gerry, can't wait to see the new movies. geara
  2. So fantastic to see Gerry's stone at Culloden. I have been doing a lot of reading on Culloden as I have ancestors that fought in the war. It is a very sad tale. Thanks for posting the picture.
  3. I really dislike articles that write about an achievement then add it won't last. Gerry is doing great and will continue to do so because the critics don't buy the movie tickets. Not all of Gerry's movies are masterpieces but his movies are always entertaining. Critics should remember that most movies are only as good as the writing and direction. Gerry's performances are memorable and he usually steals the scenes. His romantic comedies are always being criticized and I am not sure why. They are romantic comedies not movies that we are to learn the meaning of life. They are just fun. So congratulations to Gerry on being a billion dollar man! geara
  4. I would love to see Scotland with the hottest Scot on the planet. But any of those options would do. My thoughts are soaring. Geara
  5. I always put my dog on a leash. I have a Westie and they love to chase squirrels and any other small creature they encounter. Can't trust him off a leash. I have heard that Pugs are not high strung. Lolita looks well trained and she has King Leonidas to protect her so things should be ok. It seems Lolita loves to be free just like her Daddy. Connie
  6. Melodie, I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I have heard people say that God doesn't give you more than you can handle. That may be true but sometimes in your life you have to wonder just how much more you can take. When will life become a little more calm. I know you are having a whirlwind of feelings right now. But you will get through this. You really will. Take small steps. Give yourself time to deal with your grief. Don't feel bad when you feel like ranting, being moody or cryiing. And please come here and post whenever you need to. Sometimes being with our Gals family is great therapy. Take care my thoughts and prayers are with you. Connie
  7. Love the bathing trunks! He truly has a sense of humor. Only Gerry could wear those trunks and still be sexy. I know he is having a great time in the sun. It is 20 degrees where I am. Cheers to Gerry for finding a warm location. Connie
  8. Oh my...when you look at the pictures you see perfection. There is no man as attractive as Gerry. Is it my imagine that he l has lost tons of weight? Looks really slim. I may have to start drinking lemon water. Right now I just need some chocolate. Whoa Gerry! Connie
  9. I was disappointed with People Magazine. Not only did they pick the wrong man this year but they used us all to get attention. They were very misleading with their hints (Johnny Depp isn't tall). I will not vote on their website again for sure. I do like Johnny Depp and they could have selected far worse but he can't compare with Gerry. Gerry is the sexiest man alive. There is something about him that makes women swoon. Johnny D. is popular and attractive but I would not define him as sexy. I thought Robert Downey Jr. would have been a better choice(for that age group) than Johnny he at least hasn't won before ( I think). Let's face it if you were stranded on an island who would you pick to be there with you Captain Jack or King Leonidas. The answer is obvious. One more thing People Magazine selects the worse pictures for everyone. Their pictures do no one justice. Connie
  10. Lady Scot I totally agree with you! I suppose everyone is too sensitive nowadays. And Gerry isn't going to change and shouldn't. Unless his Mum says so. LOL. Connie
  11. I really wish Gerry had not done the MJ thing. I am pretty sure he wasn't thinking about the impact by looking at the smile on his face. I do not think this will mean anything hurtful to MJ's family. They have been in media too long to really care what other people especially other entertainers think. They have went on with their lives. I wish MJ had had a better life. I wish his family would have been more aware of his problems with drugs. I know sometimes that is impossible to know everything about family members but I do think he needed some true friends. He took care of everyone at least financially. He was on another level as a entertainer. That being said I believe that MJ fans should forgive and forget about Gerry's MJ blunder. As I am sure that many of GB's fans choose to remember the good things about MJ's life not the tabloid stuff. Unfortunately, I hear others in the media on the news shows etc about MJ all the time. And some of the news people report things for the "gossip" I really don't think that Gerry had any intentions of reminding others of that point in MJ's life I think he was trying to be funny. I wish Gerry would comment why he did the balcony scene. I will never believe he did so with malice...it doesn't seem to be his style. I have never heard of him ever saying a negative thing about anyone...maybe a joke but not in malice. And remember there would have been no scene if MJ himself had not actually created the scene with his child. If MJ can be forgiven for the balcony scene because he was on drugs then Gerry should be forgiven because he was obviously too tired to think. Again, I did not post to hurt anyone's feelings. Hope we can go on and forget this topic . Connie
  12. I agree this thread should be closed. I am sure Gerry never meant to hurt anyone's feelings. He is just himself. I have been a member of other actors fansites before and believe me no actor cares about what their fans do or think as much as Gerry. Most actors don't sign items for their fans or go extra steps to see their fans. Gerry is doing the best he can do. He truly doesn't owe his time to his fans. But he does give a lot of time to all of us. Maybe he does say or do the wrong thing sometimes but he does have a good heart even though sometimes he acts like everyone's baby brother. Gerry constantly amazes me, shocks me, he is never boring. There is no one quite like him. If your thing is a Mr. Darcy type he is not the one for you. He is much more like the Phantom sometimes a gentleman sometimes a bit crazy. He is a highlander for sure. I do respect all of your opinions and hope that my comments do not hurt any feelings. Cheers to you all! Connie
  13. He looks tired...but man is he a sexy beast! He needs rest I would gladly offer my house...he could sleep and I could just look...he is so beautiful. Ok...got to get back to reality. Connie
  14. I see all the pictures from all the events that Gerry attends and I can't imagine having so much energy. How does he do it? I don't know. In some pictures he looks a little tired but still manages to be the most handsome of men. He astonishes me constantly at his ability to be all over the US or the globe within the course of a few days. The week of SNL he did all those interviews for LAC. I wondered all week how he was going to accomplish his busy schedule. But he put on the most amazing show. It was fantastic, kept me laughing all night. As is my tradition on Halloween I watched Dracula 2000. Wow...he was absolutely gorgeous in that movie. The long curly hair still drives me to the point of no return. Dracula 2000 made me a Gerry fan and I will always be a Gerry fan no matter what kind of movies he does in the future. Or who shows up on his arm at events. Really who can concentrate on who Gerry is with when you can't take your eyes off of him. Connie
  15. I can't believe that Gerry would let the Burns project go on without him. In fact, before I read about him leaving the project I was thinking it was brilliant to have the opening of LAC in Glasgow. What a way to get the Scottish people ready to receive him as Burns. It is such a gracious thing for him to do for his country (his family has to be so so proud) that I can't believe the Burns story. I support Gerry's decisions 100% because he certainly knows what he is doing or he would not be so successful, but I do hope he does Burns. I love period pieces and Gerry would be fantastic as Burns. Connie
  16. I have to admit I went numb a bit when he answered " the butler did it" to the threesome. Don't care except that kind of thing gets so much press. Watched it later and I believe she was so unprepared to interview him that he was not taking it very serious. I believe he was playing to the MTV crowd. Gerry tried to interview in a serious manner but she wouldn't let him...so he went with it. He didn't have time to answer any real questions. She wanted the tabloid stuff and that is what he gave her. I don't know what Gerry does with his personal life and it is none of my business but i will say if he has time for a threesome he is beyond being superman with his schedule. He rarely has had time to sleep. LOL. Connie
  17. Dracula is always good! Vampires are great that can elevate you and the sheets off the bed. Connie
  18. I haven't laughed at SNL so much in years. Gerry is a natural on stage. Loved it! My daughter and I were discussing the skits and decided they all were hilarious. Gerry was brilliant. A true professional. I have seen many hosts do skits on SNL but Gerry was one of the best hosts I have seen. SNL had some great skits this week. But I suppose you have great skits when you have a great host. Gerry didn't miss a beat. Looked like he was a regular cast member. Bravo to Gerry! Connie
  19. Word of mouth is going to be great. I saw it and was hyped. My daughter saw it and was hyped. We both are telling everyone they must go see it. So far I know another 6 people will be going this weekend. I know final box office will be great. Gosh Gerry so deserves for this movie to be a hit. He was sensational as Clyde. Connie
  20. Maybe we should starting scoring Reed's journalist talents which would be what? -0000. He wants to make a name for himself by attacking a most loved actor. Watch out we will all go "Sparta" on him. Connie
  21. When I read articles like this I know Gerry has made it. It is always the press who build someone up then when they become popular try to drag them down. The NY Post from what I know about it is no more than a sleezy tabloid disguising themselves as legitimate news. Connie
  22. This is great news! I loved the movie. I love romantic comedies but don't watch them all. TUT was very entertaining, and while I knew what the ending was going to be I felt the acting and chemistry between Gerry and Katherine was terrific. I really got into the movie. Not just a biased opinion. Everyone I have spoke to about the movie thought it was fantastic. Even my husband. Connie
  23. Haha, great resume of crazy Gerry stunts! I just watched Wrath of Gods yesterday and had a nice laugh about the sinking boat and chain mail. (Off topic, but I couldn't stop laughing during his interview when the lights went out... all you could see was the lighted tip of his cigarette and he just kept cracking jokes. Priceless.) Stephanie I do pray for him daily for his safety just like he is my family. He is a precious man.. My heart has been broken watching the paps following him with flash bulbs flashing in his eyes where he can't even see to walk. Love him -- Linda Like Linda I pray for him as well. While all this attention goes with the territory it can't be easy to live with. And there are always gossip and rumors. The poor guy has lived in the US for sometime now but now that he is an "A" lister everyone wants a photo or a story. Perhaps when he goes home to film Burns he will get a break.-Connie
  24. Gerry is a man after my own heart. I love Coke! It is my biggest vice. Well, that along with coffee. So I can understand how easy it is to grab a Coke instead of something healthier. I try to drink no more than a couple a day...so 8-10 a day is really a lot. But it is hard not to drink the stuff. I live in Atlanta so Coke is the drink. I am expecting it to come out of the faucets anytime now. Just kidding. But we do love the stuff.
  25. geara

    Truth or lie?

    I watched the interview and almost fell off my sofa laughing. Sometimes what comes out of his mouth is unbelievable. I don't know if this is a true story or just another "gerryism" but somehow I don't believe he has forgotten his first experiences name. I know his reputation with the ladies but sometimes I believe it is more hype than truth. Who knows...but being one of his fans is never dull. I believe he is intentionally being Mike Chadway in his interviews. connie
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