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  1. Love those pictures. He looks fantastic. Those pictures are better than chocolate ha! I love that red tie. He should wear red more often because he is truly gorgeous in anything red. Looking at those pictures reminds me of the first time I saw Gerry. I thought at that time he was the best looking man I had ever seen...well seven years later I still believe he is the best looking man I have even seen.
  2. I do respect Gerry's right not to have his picture taken. He has no privacy from the camera any more. However, this is the kind of event when you would actually think there would be pictures taken. When he is on his own riding his bike etc...to me if I were Gerry would be irritating. It is sad in many ways that an actor works hard, achieves success but no longer is able to walk down the street without be bothered by the cameras. I know it comes with the territory but still I can see what it must be tiring. Lately I worry about Gerry quite a bit. Hope that doesn't sound too crazy.
  3. Glad to see Gerry is back in Scotland. He needs to have a least a couple of days off. For me , I don't care if Gerry ever becomes an American citizen...not really necessary. I just don't want him to lose that beautiful Scottish accent. geara
  4. I may have to go alone to see this movie. LOL. Some scenes are too good to share. I do think I would like to see Gerry mostly covered...there is something wonderful about leaving some mystery. The scene in 300 was enough for me(and my heart)done in very good taste. Can't wait to see the movie! geara
  5. I can say one thing Gerry is never boring. It looks like Gerry is preparing himself for the Burns movie. I believe he was a somewhat naughty Scotsman. I don't know about you all but I have several things I would love to say to Gerry...but I never would have the nerve. One look in those green eyes and I would be speechless.
  6. I don't believe half of what I read in the tabloids or see on televison about celebrities. Most simply is not true. It is all about getting your name out there. In fact, right now it seems that Hollywood is all about "celebrities" and not actors. As for Gerry, I adore his acting talent and I have to admit that it concerns me that the "playboy" image projected in the press will hurt his acting reputation. He is not a female Paris Hilton but the tabloid sure make Gerry seem that way. To me, he is single and likes to be around town. Nothing really wrong with that...it is his choice and life. But the press he is getting makes him seem like a drunken playboy that runs with any skirt he can find. I just don't think he is quite that way. Hopefully some better publicity will start popping up. geara
  7. I have had a very wild year and will be relocating from Florida to Atlanta in a few weeks but I had to respond to this post. I am in total agreement with Swannie I do hate reading about everytime Gerry goes out on the town. Being a fan since Dracula 2000 I have wished for more Gerry news many times but now I feel I know too much about his daily routines. I am sure Gerry wanted success and he deserves it but he certainly has given up his privacy. I feel for him. I don't know who Gerry's "real" friends are and who he "really" dates but I certainly know that he can't even speak to another human being without it being a major gossip story. Sometimes poor Gerry looks very annoyed and not too happy. But I really don't know him so he may perfectly thrilled with all the gossip and attention. One thing I know for sure is that I really love watching Gerry's movies and he will always be number one with me...but it is very hard to deal with the negative publicity that Gerry gets on a constant basis.
  8. It was great to see Gerry on Leno. He looked great! Loved his stories especially the one about the filming of Mrs. Brown. His "demonstrations" of his dealing with the cold were hilarious. He never ceases to amaze me with his sense of humor. He is a hoot. I like many of you were amazed at his height. My word I couldn't believe how tall he looked compared to the comedian on the show. I always forget how tall he is. Boy, is he gorgeous. geara
  9. I watched the video several times and it looked like to me that they had probably met earlier. It seems illogical to me that Gerry would simply look across the way see someone looking his way and walk over to her. Hey, I could definitely be wrong I have been off the market for almost 30 years. Either way, he is just being a man. I believe that Gerry is a very mature person and is far from naive but he is a man and men never stop hunting or looking at the ladies. Men just can't help themselves! Gerry is like a magnetic to women. Handsome, successful, great accent and great car! If I were a single woman TMZ would be filming me tackling him before he gets in his car. LOL. My Mom says by the time a man truly settles down...they die. My Mom is of Irish ancestry so she gets right to the point. My Dad is of Scottish ancestry and he still hasn't completely grown up yet. I do hope that someday Gerry finds a great girl to settle down with and have lots of little Butlers. But until then I am sure he will have tons of ladies looking to catch him. If he hasn't been caught by now the man isn't going to be easy to catch. geara
  10. I am glad to see that the reporter found Gerry honest. Refined or not Gerry is always himself. Sometimes he is funny, sometimes serious, sometimes naughty in his interviews but always honest. He is refreshing, never boring totally reflecting his mood and feelings of the moment. With Gerry he is who he is...no pretense. I love that about him and always will. geara
  11. Great post! I would die a happy woman if Gerry sang Red Red Rose by Robert Burns. I just love the words. Thank you for giving me something to think about when I go to bed tonight. Sure is better than counting sheep. LOL. geara
  12. I loved 300 but I am really really happy that Gerry is going to say no to the prequel/sequel. I agree with Swannie and others that it would be very hard on Gerry's body to have to recreate King Leonidas once more. Gerry is at great point in his career he doesn't need to be tied down to one character. Although I would love to see him be the Phantom once more. Anyway, a great decision by Gerry. geara
  13. So glad to hear the Scottish accent is back in full force. He looks great but I sure miss his beautiful hair. I suppose it is the summer cut. LOL. He seems really relaxed and happy. Love to see him smiling and happy. Can't wait to see the movie. geara
  14. Wow! Why can't the joggers in my neighborhood look like that...but no one looks like Gerry!. I am glad Gerry set the record straight and his response was vintage Gerry. So glad his sense of humor is as perfect as his body in those blue jogging pants. geara
  15. No matter who Gerry dates I just hope he is happy. Unfortunately for Gerry it is going to be very difficult for him to have a private life now that he is well known. Every time he sees a woman the press is going to have him "in love". Who knows who Gerry is really dating. They are still connecting Gerry with Naomi Campbell, a relationship he denied I believe in GQ magazine. It must be aggravating for Gerry right now. As far as Cameron Diaz goes my daughter was upset about it because she felt Cameron Diaz was mean to Justin Timberlake. LOL. My daughter was cute she told me she hoped Gerry didn't get hurt. I told her I believed that he could handle himself. What is upsetting is the press calling him "carb face" what is up with that? Gerry is beautiful! All men should be carb faces. I suppose we all are going to have to get used to the press being insulting to Gerry sometimes. But it isn't easy I can't imagine how it feels to his family. It must be overwhelming. Before I get too long I just want to say that no matter who Gerry dates/marries...I wish him well. He could marry a Dalek from the Doctor Who Series and I would still love him and wish him all the best. No actor has entertained me more than Gerry. The man is a super talent and can do any role he sets his mind to. He is the best. geara
  16. I thought he looked adorable. What is wrong with going out a little casual once and awhile. geara
  17. These kind of articles (before the film even begins shooting) drives me crazy. I am not taking anything away from KHeigl but has she starred in any movies that have grossed over 450 million. Gerry can hold his own in any role or with any actor. When I first started following Gerry's career the one thing I remember thinking about him is that he virtually takes over the screen. He has total charisma. So I am sure that he will not be known only as the "300" guy. The article was insulting. Another thing, if Gerry can hold his own or better with Hillary Swank I certainly think that he can handle KH. One more thing Gerry is looking real fine! geara
  18. Bless Gerry's heart! I am so glad he has stopped smoking. I know it is very difficult. My Mom is trying to stop right now. Her doctor has warned her( because she has some health problems)that could be lessened if she just stops the smoking. She has cut down but far from being stopped. I am praying that she finally gives her "fags" up. It is great news about Gerry. I have worried about him too. He's not family but boy sometimes it feels like he is. I just adore him! He is definitely on top of his game right now. Cheers to all! Geara
  19. Oh my! I have no words for the poster. Gorgeous! I am so ready for this movie. This is one poster that I will be buying. I have to go and turn up my air conditioner. geara
  20. I have not received any of the emails. It is unfortunate that some people have nothing better to do than deceive other people and cause pain. I suppose the more popular Gerry gets the more crazy people will be out there causing havoc for his fans. geara
  21. Love the suit. He looks a bit tired but cute as usual. He needs to vacation in Florida for awhile. I have a place for him to stay. LOL. Geara
  22. Great article! I think the more successful Gerry gets the more grounded he seems. His warm personality shines through in the article. Geara
  23. I suppose I am slipping because when I saw the picture I didn't get what he was doing at all. I just thought he was holding the award low. LOL. I believe he was just having a good time. And the MTV crowd is perfect for such humor. However, if the time comes when he does win a Golden Globe or Oscar he had better be a bit more serious. The press will destroy him if he doesn't. I don't believe that Gerry will ever truly get the bad boy highlander out of his personality. And really I don't want him too. He is adorable. I am so happy that he won an award. He looked totally thrilled. geara
  24. when in the morning you tell your family to ready their breakfast and eat hearty...(then you yell) for today is going to be hell! LOL geara
  25. You can't lose no matter who you select. All of Gerry's characters are sexy and lovable in some fashion or another. But since this is a fantasy (drats!) I will have to have a one night stand with Dracula. I love a man who can sweep you off your feet. Although I have had a fantasy or two about King Leonidas. The King would have loads of stamina. But as long as Dracula stays free from Van Helsing I'll take him...I consider myself a night person. LOL. To marry I have to say the Phantom. I know he has his problems but in my fantasy world I would love him enough to accept him as he is and try my best to bring him some happiness and lots of affection. He so needs someone to love him. I would benefit from marrying a brilliant composer with great clothes and great bedroom furniture. He could carry me away to that swan bed anytime. geara
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