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  1. Good point frenchy. I am sure all of us do not want Gerry to be constantly harassed by the media. The way he conducts himself he probably (unlike some stars) won't have a problem. I would like the media to acknowledge him a little more if nothing but a blurp about his receiving the award at the Taurus awards. ET mentioned he was there but nothing about the award. Gerry probably does not lose sleep about these things but his fans want his name out there. I got all excited just seeing his name explode in lights during the Taurus Awards show. It was great! Sometimes you just get tired of the same actors and the same stories over and over again. A little Scottish thrown in now and then would do me a lot of good. LOL. geara
  2. Whoooa! I might be shocked for a second but after that....I would be heavily participating in that kiss. If my eyes opened for a second it would be to look around for something to tie us together so his lips would never get the opportunity to leave mine. I bet the lady would love to relive those moments again. The room is suddenly hot just thinking about it! geara
  3. I feel the same frustration that you all are posting about. The entertainment shows like ET focus on a few celebrities like Britney, Lindsay, Anna Nicole, Brad and Angelina. Oh and of course Paris. It seems that the only celebrities they will talk about are the more looney ones. Gerry receiving an award is not news unfortunately...but Britney trying to stand up straight while walking is big. Personally, I would like real entertainment news like castings etc. I could care less about the sensational stuff. By the way I don't have anything against Britney...just using her as an example. geara
  4. Thanks Swannie for your response to my post. Actually thank you for starting this thread. You always post such thought provoking threads. Keep them coming! As for this thread POTO is such a deep in my soul topic. My love for POTO is as strong today as it was when it was first hit the theaters. I am pretty sure that none of us here will ever get tired of discussing the beautiful performance of Gerard James Butler as the Phantom. Cheers! Geara
  5. What a great thread! I adored Gerry as Dracula but when I saw POTO old Dracula took second place. I was totally awestruck by Gerry's performance. Joel Schumacher said that Gerry made a stunning Phantom...that was an understatement. Gerry became the Phantom. I still watch POTO several times a week especially when I have had a bad day. Gerry's performance lifts my spirits and takes me away to the Paris Opera House. To this day, I shake myself to remember that Erik or the Phantom is not real. From the moment I saw the movie the Phantom became so real to me. I loved the beauty of the Phantom, the hurt, the hope that he had that Christine would love him, the loneliness he suffered, the genius of his music and the unselfishness of the Phantom when he gave Christine up to Raoul. Until Gerry's Phantom I always thought of the Phantom as a monster but Gerry made the character a flesh and blood person. A person that you could feel sorry for...a person that you could see true potential if not for societies prejudices against those who look different or act different. You want to forgive the Phantom for any acts of violence he committed. You want to rewrite the ending of the movie and allow the Phantom to win Christine and live with her happily ever after. You see true beauty in his face even without the mask. You see the tenderness, the hurt in his eyes. I love all of Gerry's movies but POTO will always have a place in my heart. There are some movies that you actually lose a part of yourself to and for me POTO is that movie. The room is getting warm...off to watch POTO. Geara
  6. I have been reading all of the wonderful posts and well I can't resist. First, I believe this is a exciting time for Gerry fans(especially those of us who have been fans for awhile). Before our very eyes he has gone from barely known to well known. Millions of people have seen King Leonidas and are now taking a close look at Gerry. He is no longer our secret. The press will be trying to find out things about his personal life. A lot of stories will be written about Gerry and they all won't be flattering. I suppose we all have to get used to the scrutiny. If it is painful for us you can just imagine how painful it is or will be for Gerry. I have followed Gerry's career since Dracula2000. After I bought the DVD and watched the behind the scenes portion I could tell that Gerry was what my Mom would call "a handful." He has that mischief making sparkle in his eyes. I believe that is one reason he is so fantastic at roles that are of the "badass" nature. Somewhere down deep in Gerry(or not so deep) is a well contained bad boy. He controls it but sometimes it is going to come out. He cannot help himself. He is Scottish. My Dad's family are of Scottish ancestry and all the men in the family are very much like Gerry. They would give you the shirt off their back but you had better not try and take the shirt yourself. Hearts of gold but won't take much gruff from anyone. I see Gerry that way. I find Gerry charming. Sure I do believe that he could use the "f" word a little less but I could use the work "s**t" a little less. We all have things about ourselves that we could change. But when all is said and done I do believe that Gerry is a good person. He loves his family(that is obvious), and he has been very sweet to his fans. For no other reason than that we all should adore him. My husband made the comment after seeing Gerry on Craig Ferguson that Gerry is a "real guy." He said that he was the kind of guy you hang out with. To me, that pretty much says it all. I really hope that Gerry does not allow the pressures of stardom to change him. He is a big boy but I sometimes worry about the stress he is under. I sincerely hope that he surrounds himself with positive people. And I hope that none of his fans are offended if sometimes Gerry does get a little stressed out by all the media attention and lets his temper show a bit. Gerry still needs his fans like King Leonidas needed his warriors. Gerry says we(his fans) are a team and that is true. I know I will always be his fan. Gerry is never boring and to me the total package. He is black and white, hot and cold but seldom gray or lukewarm. You know where you stand with him. But personality or looks aside the reason most of us are here is that he is a wonderful actor. Something about one or more of his roles sparked our interest. His performance touched us in some way. For me, anyone who can make me fall in love with a disfigured character who lives underneath an opera house or makes me love vampires, huns and spartans cannot be all bad. For me, I will never get over the Phantom. His performance touched my soul. I still cannot watch the last scenes of the movie without crying. To me, all that Gerry is makes him a wonderful actor and a person that I feel I would like as a friend (well more than a friend but I am a realist LOL). So whatever the media dishes out about Gerry I will simply watch one of his movies and ignore the negative stuff. I know for myself I just want to see Gerry successful and happy. geara
  7. He looks so good. Right now he has a special twinkle in his eyes. I am so happy for him. As for the lady with him I don't know who she is but I am sure that we are in for thousands of Gerry pictures with thousands of different ladies. For some reason Hollywood has to hook up everyone. Part of being a star I suppose. Just glad Gerry looks happy. geara
  8. Gerry is a true Spartan. Who else can be in a different city everyday of the week and manage to have two or more serious relationships going on? LOL. I think every hollywood type lady is going to be enamoured with Gerry now. When you are hot this type of story happens. With his schedule I doubt that he has thought of getting too involved with anyone. Just hope he is having a blast! geara
  9. I love the picture! Gerry looks so proud of his brother and Brian looks proud of Gerry. You can tell that Gerry comes from a loving family by that picture. The body language is awesome. geara
  10. I am just thrilled over 300's success. I am so happy for Gerry. He is so deserving of the attention he has received from this movie. I have seen the movie 3 times so far. And I hope to go back again. Everyone I know that has seen the movie loves it and plans to take someone else to see it with them. And best of all, people are telling me that I was right about Gerry he is awesome. It makes me feel great that people(especially my husband) are finally understanding the Gerry Juice. Cheers! geara
  11. I have made a big decision...I will see 300 alone. My breathing is going to be way too heavy to take my husband along. How are we ever going to wait until March! The sexiest King in history award goes to Cheers! Geara
  12. Gerry, Hope you have lots of fun on your very special day! May all your birthday wishes come true! Take care and give Lolita a hug! Love, Connie
  13. When Will Farrell first started singing Music of the Night I just laughed...when he mentioned his name was Gerry...I stopped laughing...I was in shock! I kept on saying "Gerry" a few times. I just know that it was a planned thing on Will's part to name his Phantom Gerry. Gerry is definitely going to turn out to be the most famous Phantom of all. When I became coherent I asked my husband why did he think Will Farrell named his Phantom Gerry (afterall we all know the Phantom's name is Erik). He said and I quote..."ah his wife has probably seen Gerry as the Phantom and has went crazy for the guy." My husband is a genius! Cheers! Geara
  14. Gerry is gorgeous! I LOVE THE PHANTOM! Connie
  15. I do hope it isn't too far into 2007. It would be too much to ask for 300 to be released in December. I would love for that to happen. But that would be too quick I think. I was thinking maybe they will push the movie back to the Summer of 2007. A lot of movies come out in the summer. The next months are going to be pure torture! I am so glad that Miracle Match comes out in a few weeks. I must keep busy so I won't be thinking about a certain Scottish actor wearing a leather codpiece and twirling a red cape. Connie
  16. I am so happy about this news! Gerry in a romantic comedy/drama movie is just too good to be true. He is full of surprises...I knew he was tossing the idea around but after Priest was announced I thought it was still just a thought. Great news! The only negative thing is that he will be a "ghost." Oh,well he was the Opera Ghost and we all know how magnificent he was in that role and how gorgeous! Can't wait! :yippee: Connie
  17. Well said Eva. No matter what others say there was no Phantom before Gerry. He gave the Phantom a soul. I believe that in time Gerry's performance will be the standard for all Phantoms. After seeing Gerry portray the Phantom I cannot bare to watch another actor try to perform the role. It just doesn't work for me. Gerry has a beautiful voice! Gerard Butler is the Phantom of the Opera. Connie
  18. Lisa, I can totally relate to your story. My family sometimes (my daughters and my Mom) tease me constantly about my internet fan group. My husband I know probably gets tired of my Gerry thing but he for the most part is supportive of any activity that makes me happy. I have been a Gerry fan for a long time (since Dracula2000) but after Phantom I'll admit I am have gone 110% Gerry. I love to go on Gerry sites like GALS and GB.net. It is wonderful to know there are people out there that are Gerry fans like I am. And I have to say that Gerry fans are very supportive and friendly to one another. I know fan groups of other actors that I cannot make that statement about. Gerry groups are class acts. I have not (yet) went to a Convention but someday I probably will. I hate to admit this but I don't fly. I have avoided flying for years. But because of my admiration for Gerry and the wonderful feeling I have about Gerry fans have really thought about conquering my fear of flying. That is really really a big thing for me. Although my family will definitely think I have totally lost my mind to go on an airplane for a Gerard Butler Convention. My Mom has accused me of acting like a teenager because I have POTO posters, Phantom related books, the Phantom music boxes, pictures of Gerry as Red Death, as Dracula etc... in my family room and of course my Phantom plushy. I love to collect! I have always collected movie posters for our entertainment room...so Gerry is not the only one on my wall...but I admit he has more posters than anyone else. My daughters tease me about Gerry constantly. They actually in secret like Gerry especially my oldest she thinks he is "hot" but when my Mom is visiting...then it is "what is your group doing Mom?" Then my Mom looks at me like...my daughter has gone crazy. What is wrong with her? The last time my Mom told me I was acting like a teenager I told her that I loved my Gerry groups...I was having fun...and I would continue to do so...and I might just fly to a Gerry convention someday. She told me ok if that's what you want to do. My daughters say to me that they don't think they'll be "star struck" when they are older. They think I am having a midlife crisis. I think that they should take down their pictures of Orlando Bloom and FallOutBoy. And the world completely stops for them when "Lost" is on television. It is funny how other people don't see themselves. No one ever questions my husbands obsession with football, baseball, basketball...you name the sport. He has his office done in his team colors etc. And spends hours and hours watching his sports. But me liking an actor...I must be a loon. But I am not a loon! I have my own Interior Design business, I have more activities in a day than I can do along with family activities etc. I love to do many things in my life. So what if one of them is following Gerry's career and belonging to his fan clubs. I am not a stalker...I can clearly think about other things besides Gerry in a day. I love my hubby and my kids. But there is a part of my life that adores Gerry. He has been very inspiring to me. Watching Gerry has helped me in my business by becoming more assertive, saying what I think. I have always admired Gerry for his quick wit and his ability to let you know how he feels. He might say some things that are outrageous sometimes but you know where he stands...and he always has maintained a natural sweetness about himself. But I don't think you would want to cross him. He really seems to do what he wants. He is very self assured. Even though I am an independent person sometimes I can hold back in saying what I really think. I am not sure my business partner thinks that change he me is such a great thing...but I feel great about just saying what I think (in a tactful way of course). Watching Gerry has really helped me with that part of my life. I definitely feel more effective. Sorry for being so long but this is a touchy subject for me. I will end by saying that all of us here are perfectly normal human beings. I feel great about being here. I know that we are not crazy stalkers. Most of us 99.9% would never infringe on Gerry's privacy. We all wish only the best for him. So if other family, friends etc don't understand our Gerry Juice thing it is their problem and their lost. Maybe they should worry about themselves more and forget about we happy people here at GALS. Geara (Connie)
  19. Poor Gerry! And it is only going to get worse. Out of curiosity I watched it but it was painful. I won't watch a second time. At first I think Gerry was fine with the picture taking then the photographer kept going on and on. And why did the photographer have to keep on yelling out his name??? I suppose to get a better picture but still very rude. I hope that Gerry does not permanently live in LA. Or at least goes somewhere else to get some down time. There is no doubt that it is going to get worse. Geara
  20. Bethy, Your message to Gerry brought tears to my eyes. I did not get to attend the convention but I was very touched by seeing you and Gerry together. You could tell that he was trying to comfort you. What a special man he is...and you are a special woman. Gerry fans are very special. We may not all know each other...but it as Gerry said at the convention we are all a TEAM! Love and Cheers! Geara(Connie)
  21. I am thrilled for everyone in Vegas! Can't believe I didn't go! Gerry looks.....there are no words! He is gorgeous! Love his longer hair. Gerry is so generous to have made an appearance at the convention. He didn't have to...but he did. My admiration grows for Gerard James Butler every minute. Again, I am so happy for my fellow GALS! Geara
  22. WHAT A CUTIE! THOSE EYES! HE IS GORGEOUS! :headspin: :headspin: :headspin: :headspin: :headspin: :headspin: :headspin: geara
  23. I am 5' 3" tall. I have never thought of myself as short. LOL. At least I didn't until I heard from someone that Gerry's Phantom cape was 63" long. Then I thought...WOW, his cape is the same length as me! Gerry is either really tall or I am SHORT. LOL. I believe maybe it is both. :Draculababy: :mopboyerik: geara
  24. I knew we all could do it! :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: Fondest Greetings To You All! :mopboyreddeath: geara
  25. Just sent in my donation! I have to have my GALS! It's better than chocolate but not quite good as :Draculababy: Geara
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