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  1. Let me start out by saying that I would love for Gerry to find the love of his life. Someone that could share his interests, be a real companion. Gerry should have lots of kids. I am convinced he would be a fantastic father. And...no matter who he finds settles down with I will adore him and wish him the best. However, I don't think that the lady is Mayte and I hope that she isn't. Maybe I am in fantasy land but I don't think that a lady that has been connected to Prince and Tommy Lee would lead to a very good relationship for Gerry. He deserves an uncomplicated/low baggage relationship...if there is such a thing. Perhaps I am thinking like a Mom. LOL. I do agree with everyone here that it is none of our business and I do wish Gerry to have a normal life for sure. I truly look forward to many more pictures of him out and about having fun. I don't like it when he looks lonely in pictures and sometimes he does. But I have to say there is something about this lady that bothers me (and not just because she is with Gerry) I know it may sound irrational but there is something... I know I only see the picture but that is how I feel. But as long as she doesn't annoy Gerry I don't care if she is a short term relationship or a forever relationship or just a friend. I will always be a Gerry fan no matter what. He deserves love and happiness. He deserves everything that is good in life. It is funny how you can worry about the happiness of someone you don't know. But Gerry is the kind of guy you just feel connected to. It is like his heart reaches out to you from the movie screen. He is just incredible. My comments are just my opinion. Not meant to offend anyone. ::
  2. Oh my I can't help myself from posting on this topic. First of all, it is not unusual for Gerry to be seen with a woman. We all have seen vacation pictures with women,(has he ever vacationed alone?) party pictures with women...he is a very much liked by women. This could be just another short-termed relationship or maybe it is not even a relationship. They don't look that romantic to me. In the picture that I saw he has his hand around her waist and is turned into her but she is looking straight ahead. I don't want to sound awful but she looks like she is posing for the camera and all but ignoring Gerry. Maybe I am wrong. And the fact that he has his hand around his waist doesn't mean anything he is a very touchy type guy I have seen him hug fans much closer. I just hope that he is happy. We all know he can have anyone he wants. I don't think he is lonely for long periods of time. Look at the guy! When he walks into the room it is like a scene from Dracula when he walks into the Virgin Megastore. Girls are gonna look at him. He has a natural sexiness. I wish him the best of everything. And we all know that one day Gerry will settle down. Somehow I don't think this is going to be the lady but what do I know. :erikrose: I feel exactly like Erik tonight! Just kidding!
  3. My body wants :Draculababy: but my heart and my soul will have to go to :mopboyerik:. A think if someone gave Erik love unconditionally he would become an exception human being. Underneath his hurt is a heart of gold and a willingness to do anything for the one he loves. Erik would fill your soul with music and I imagine a good time in the old swan bed. :tasty:
  4. I am crazy to think that after Christine kissed the Phantom she actually wanted to stay with him. The way she looked at him it was almost a look of surprise. Then he turned her away. When she and Raoul were going away in the boat she looked back at the Phantom like she wasn't sure she should leave him. I am sure I would be confused! No actually I would be diving out of the boat screaming "Erik come and get me and take me to your Swan bed." :tasty:
  5. I would choose the Phantom. He is just too sexy to resist. I find him very masculine. I know he needs some emotional work but I truly believe he could be helped if someone took the chance. He showed true compassion and love when he let Christine go. After their kiss he did the unselfish act of allowing Christine to leave. I truly believe that the Phantom really loved Christine. He would do anything for her. I never thought he felt that she was a possession to be won but someone that he truly loved. I believe they were soul mates. Raoul was likeable enough but he was very possessive. Also, I hated the way he used Christine as bait to catch the Phantom. If he truly loved her he would not have done so. I would not want the man I loved to put me in danger...Raoul did. He became obsessed with the Phantom. It was almost as if he was saying "I am a viscount and no one will take what I want." But in Raoul's heart he knew that Christine did not love him not the way she loved the Phantom. I believe he realized that when she was having a good old time with the Phantom on stage. The Phantom at no time forced himself upon Christine. She never attempted to get away from him no matter where they were together. Also, he didn't visit Christine's grave empty handed...he presented the monkey music box to her. It was pretty obvious to me that the Phantom haunted their marriage. I am sure they had a very cozy life together but I can't imagine Christine feeling the sensual pleasure that she did with the Phantom. I wonder how many times she thought of the Phantom when she should have been thinking about Raoul. LOL. All in all, I just have to endorse the Phantom especially in a fantasy way. I think the Phantom or Erik is so sweet and just needed a lot of love. He could really have been a wonderful person. Raoul I really never felt I knew him because he was just a rich, stuck up person. And one more thought he reality the Phantom would have kicked Raouls *** in the sword fight. Give me :mopboyerik: :mopboyerik: :mopboyerik: :mopboyerik: :mopboyerik: :mopboyerik: :mopboyerik: All the trouble Erik might cause would clearly be forgotten after a night or two in his swan bed. Remember ladies he has had no love. He would definitely want to make up for lost time. :tasty:
  6. The Phantom being Meg's father??? I don't know...Meg seems to have a fascination with the Phantom but I am not sure if he is her father. I always felt that if the Phantom had had a relationship with Giry that he would not have been so obsessed with Christine. And if Meg were his daughter he probably would have spend time with Meg teaching her "his music." And last but not least...I don't think he would have been so overwhelmed by Christines kisses. After Christine kissed him he had the look of a innocent school boy. :mopboyreddeath:
  7. I thought GALS was founded because this group of Gerry fans were just too Butlerized to contain themselves. LOL. :: :: :: We needed to be able to be our lusty selves. Who can be expected to remain calm and tame when discussing Gerry! I am glad GALS was founded. This is a fun place where you can totally be NAUGHTY and NICE at the same time. :mopboyjackie: :reindeer: :reindeer: :reindeer: :reindeer: :reindeer: :reindeer: :reindeer: :reindeer: eindeer: :reindeer: :reindeer:
  8. I would be thrilled if Gerry would wear a longer length of hair. Don't get me wrong he is perfect with short hair but he is so sexy with those long dark curls. I just adore him with the Dracula hair. When I watch Dracula2000 I can stop looking at his hair. LOL. :mopboymarek: :mopboydracula: :mopboybeowulf: :mopboycreedy:
  9. I just donated too! What a wonderful charity. It is amazing how giving Gerry's fans are to worthy causes. A reflection of Gerry I think. Thank you to the admins for coming up with this amazing Holiday Charity. :mopboyreddeath:
  10. Gerry have a wonderful birthday! Much love and happiness on this day and forever! :hugsandsnogs: Geara
  11. I would like to think about a battle between ERIK and DRACULA! Both have their share of emotional problems and are afraid of mirrors but who would beat who? I think that Erik could beat Dracula because no one does a lasso better than Erik. Poor Dracula may have met his match in Erik.
  12. Love it! I will get down on my knees and recite it faithfully each night! Very funny! :gg2:
  13. geara

    Gerry moving.

    He will probably be spending a lot of time in NY while filming 300. But if Burns ever begins filming he will be back in Scotland. He probably won't be settling in anywhere in the near future. When he does "settle down I am hoping it will be in the state of Florida. I would gladly give him a room. LOL.
  14. geara

    Burn's shelved.

    NO! :o I am so waiting for this movie. It just has to happen and Gerry was so positive about it a few days ago. Keep crossing my fingers.
  15. When Gerry spoke of his father during an interview with Jay Leno I believe it revealed a lot about himself and his personality. I believe that Gerry gets his funny and lively storytelling from his Dad. Even his risktaking. It was a life changing risk taking thing to quite a promising law career (with his looks and intelligence he would have never lost a case) to follow his heart and try an acting career. His Mother's side I believe gives Gerry his compassion and sensitivity. He is a man that is not afraid to shed a tear. And his Mom gave him the ability and inner strength to conquer any demons he might have. For all his fun I believe that Gerry is a down to earth person who needs stability. He definitely gets that from his proud Mom. I bet he was an adorable little boy. He is like most kids a real combination of two people. And he definitely got the best of both.
  16. I wonder if Gerry ever has a minute in a day that some girl doesn't try to have her way with him. This girl definitely looks like she is after him. I wonder if he will be "givin it" or maybe he is too tired. I say leave him for us Tarts. :gg2:
  17. I love GB.Net and I am love this group too. I always thought they were connected. I think as the sites grow there are going to be people who are rude with their posts. I do not like to read negative posts about Gerry and honestly I don't know why people feel the need to criticize someone they really don't know. When I post I always try to think about the feelings of others including Gerry and his family. I wish everyone else would think how they would feel if they read negative things about themselves especially from people they have never seen before in their lives. I am sure Gerry has developed a thick skin because in his business you almost have to but I really hope that people will start being more sensitive to the fact that they are posting about another human being...a remarkable human being. Who cares if you don't like his suit in a photo...I mean he is still Gerry a really beautiful man that is never rude to his fans. He just doesn't deserve a bashing.
  18. Music of the Night...I could watch Gerry's performance all day long. His body language and voice is just mesmerizing. The moment I saw that scene I thought it was the most overpowering, sexy and perfect scene ever. He was truly wonderful. The Phantom was pleading and telling Christine that this could be your life and you would love being with me. It was his plea for love from Christine. He was totally exposing himself to her. Wow! I cannot take my eyes off of Gerry when he is singing Music of the Night. And that voice did I say that already? I am getting giddy just thinking about it. :gg2:
  19. I have had a few stressful years with my business(I own an interior design firm), an ill parent and kids. Luckily I have a great husband. However, I was in a rut of sorts. I needed a diversion. I don't know what exactly happened but the moment I saw Gerry as the Phantom singing "Music of the Night" something in my life changed. I could not keep his beautiful singing voice out of my mind nor the scene. Joel S. was right when he said the Gerry made a stunning Phantom. All of a sudden I had a goal to find out all I could about Gerry(knew him from Dracula) but needed more info. Of course I browsed the internet and found GB.net. I looked up all his movies etc. Anything Gerry. I also became interested in my Scottish roots again. So Gerry has given me a hobby I suppose. I collect all things Gerry and all things Scottish. I am having a blast with GB.net, being a Tart is so much fun and Gerry is just...well too cute for words. Watching his interviews etc...is so uplifting. I mean how can you possibly be stressed out when all you have to do is watch some of his movies or come here and see what is going on in Gerry world. :gerryholic:
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