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  1. is hopeful. Had a heart-to-heart with myself and realized what i really want in life. taking that leap of faith now--wish me luck!

  2. LOL that's so funny...Gerry had the same thing for dinner last night that I had for lunch yesterday....mmm mcdonalds . Sybil~*~
  3. Woot! Grats Stuart!!! I think it's a wonderful idea to have a Scotsman as one of our beloved Mods!! Star
  4. Omfb, I can't believe it--- FINALLY there's A GAG REEL on one of GERRY'S MOVIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely HILARIOUS!! **spazzy dance** I think I need to go watch that about a hundred more times.... Star
  5. D! I love hiking too, specially in the forest. I spent a few months up in washington state hiking thru the woods near Mt St Helens and exploring some of the waterfalls on the oregon side of the Columbia River Gorge...omg soooo beautiful. I'd go hiking with him thru the highlands of Scotland any day. I just have my reservations about the JUNGLE.... Oh don't get me wrong, I'd go with him anywhere --even the jungle--but not before insisting he remain armed with the worlds largest fly swatter... Star
  6. I hear ya LOL. It's not that I'm unadventurous--I actualy am. I love trying new things, traveling, seeing new places. However, whilst seeing the jungles etc would be fascinating, meeting the creepy-crawlies living therein would *NOT*. I don't do bugs... I can't get the images from Temple of Doom out of my head (or the Indiana Jones theme song Da da dada...da da da...)
  7. I see the words "backpacking around India" and all I can think of is a GIANT, industrial-size can of bug spray---how bad is that???
  8. Oh my!! I so cannot wait for this film! I'm not the biggest fan of KH but Gerry is already stealing the show just in the previews. This one is gonna be near the top of my gerry faves, i can already tell. Star
  9. hi Diane, nice to meet ya! I'm one of the "lurker" gals--but i do post from time to time. Glad you've joined us--these ladies are woderful! The more the merrier Star
  10. Haha I guess I'm second! (and speaking of furbabies from the last floor, I'm trying to type around one right now ha!! ) Have a great trip, Sue! Those pics are just Mmm . Sure wish I was lounging on that beach with him *sigh*. I'm off to my friend's house to play World of Warcraft. Since we're both still unemployed, we're working on leveling her hubby's character up to 80 (max level til the next expansion pack) so he can go on the raids our player guild is starting to do every weekend. It's something of an addiction, let me tell you! I've made loads of friends playing the game, and I love having friends who live in the same town as I do that also play. In fact, my friend Vickie is the one who got me hooked on WoW in the first place! When I'm not drooling over GB, I'm playing my level 80 elf mage (who kicks some butt woot!). Anyways, hope you all have a great rest of the day! Star ps haven't tried the flash drive yet but hopefully I'll get around to it tonight.
  11. Ok I went to walmart and bought a usb drive (flash drive). Hopefully that should solve the problem of getting the files off the old comp, stored in a safe place permanently, and placed on the new comp for my enjoyment. Wish me luck Star P.S. A big hi and to everyone! I know I don't post often, but I lurk everyday and I love knowing you angels are here. You guys make the day even brighter than it already is.
  12. Sapphyre- I use NTI cd & dvd maker on both computers, and sometimes the built in windows cd-burning program since NTI decided to download the lastest update on my old comp in JAPANESE. Irish- thanks honey, i'm sure I'll figure something out. I'll figure out a way to rescue them off the old comp somehow... Sybil
  13. Omfg..... I just popped onto youtube to look for something in my list of faves on my channel, and all 3 of my fanvids have been disabled by them for "a possible copyright infringement" because I used 2 Josh Groban songs and 1 Jewel song in my vids. Apparently WMG has a problem with this even though it's a compliment from the fan to have spent so many hours meticulously editing clips and placing them just so to the song which inspired the artwork. There's no way for anyone to save the content or sell it or use it in any other than manner than to simply view it. I can't even resave my own damn videos back to my computer. They've been on my youtube account for 8 months and just now they get flagged???? If I had any clue i was doing something wrong I'd never have put them up. People put these kinds of home-edited creations up all the damn time. I mean wtf??? GAH!!! I'm sooooo ticked off LOL. The only reason I even made the youtube channel was because I am having difficulty burning the vids onto a cd to transfer them to my new comp. I burn them, and my new comp still thinks the disk is blank. I was thinking I could just upload em then save em on the new comp from the net but it won't even let you save your OWN work. Grrrr. Now I'm gonna have to figure something else out cuz I spent too much time and love working on those. Talk about insulting... My day was great til I saw that *sigh*
  14. Only one night? Hmm.. that would never do. My problem is, I would want to keep him..... Star
  15. Merry Christmas Everyone! Hope you all have a wonderful and blessed holiday. Star
  16. Wow!! my two favorite actors on the same page...and in the correct order too!!! Star
  17. what a visual..... *worries if she falls on the floor laughing she'll drown in her own drool puddle...* Star
  18. Thanks for sharing, Nancy, and I will be safe. I'm keeping an eye on my foot, and on mama cat. I'm going to get them all vaccinated again as soon as I'm able. I don't make a lot of money, so it's going to take time. I'm sure everything is going to be just fine. Thanks for the hugs..it's been a loooong day . Star
  19. Oooo Moira congratulations!! I bet you're going to have an amazing time! You must tell us how it went when you get a chance! Sure wish I were going with you... Star
  20. Ok that was just too cute. I wouldn't need a drink to grab Gerry's arse either, just the opportunity.... Star
  21. Thank you for sharing your story, Paige. I really appreciate it. I felt silly making those calls this morning, but I could just hear my Mom's voice in my head telling me to get as much info as I could to be on the safe side. My mom was very big on not taking risks with one's health and had more common sense than anyone I know. I think calling around was probably the right thing, even though my friend thinks I was overthinking the situation, as we human beings tend to do . All day I kept wondering 'am I overreacting? concerned when I shouldn't be?' and I'm still not too sure. The lady from animal control was wonderful, and I am able to keep Shadow quarantined in my spare room for the next 10 days. I'm not supposed to go in and "love on her" during this time --man is that gonna be hard!! She's a very affectionate cat and in the six weeks I've been blessed with her presence, has never been aggressive toward me in the slightest except last night's bite. Again, my other cat was on the opposite side of the door, which Shadow didn't like one bit. She's shown aggression only where my other cats are concerned, and only since she gave birth. Before that, she was actually quite shy and skittish towards them. The animal control lady, Laurie, said they usually wait the 10 days and then she'll personally come out and look at her. As long as she shows no symptoms, I shouldn't have to worry about getting a rabies shot for myself. I'll have to get her vaccinated as soon as she's able to be, which will be awhile since she's nursing. I need to take my other cats in too..they're long overdue for theirs as well. Money which I really don't have...Oh well. They're worth it. Star
  22. OMG..i just got off the phone with a vet and then the local Sherriff because they are in charge of animal control. They said if I report that the cat bit me, since I don't have rabies history, they'd have to destroy the animal in order to test her. So far only the ER has a rabies shot for humans, and my insurance charges like $300 copay for the frigging ER. I don't want anything to happen to Shadow and her babies. Omg this is just so rediculous. I just don't know what to do. Edit to add: ok I talked to county animal control, and they said they actually do a 10 day quarantine to see if there are any symptoms before they'd actually destroy the animal. That's good news. The lady I talked to said she would ask a supervisor if I can just do the "quarantine" here at home since she has kittens and I've had for actually 6 weeks as of today (had to look at a calendar). Unfortunately, they made an unofficial report simply because I called to ask questions *grr* so I'm stuck waiting for them to call me back. I've already let them know I don't want anything to happen to them unless unavoidable. I talked with a friend last night who said she didn't think I should worry at all, but since she's not trained in veterinary meds in any way, common sense told me to make the calls I did today. I just hope I'm not over-reacting and that I've gotten myself into something I'll regret. Star
  23. Ok I'm jumping on the stress parade. I got bit by mama cat last night while I was leaving the room after checking on them and playing with the babies. One of my other cats was on the other side of the door which had Mama all upset and acting protective. I made the mistake of trying to move her back from the door with my foot and she turned and bit me. Unfortunately it broke the skin enough to raise a couple drops of blood. The stress part? I've only had her 4 weeks, not enough time to verify she's free and clear of rabies, and I certainly have no means of knowing if she's ever been vaccinated even though it's obvious she's not a feral or "wild" kitty. She was raised with people in a house and must've either gotten lost when she went in heat or got tossed out when they noticed she was preggers. But, because I found her living under my house.... Crapbeans. I called my vet, who freaked out and told me to call my doctor. I feel totally stupid calling about this as it is since Mama has seemed 100% healthy so far, but I called my doctor anyway and am now waiting for someone to call me back. I really don't need this on top of everything else.... Star
  24. One of the things left to me was my mother's hope chest. In it, she has a box filled with every single letter my dad ever wrote to her, dating back to when they were just 15 years old, loving wrapped in lilac ribbon and carefully preserved. They loved each other very much, but then my dad went off to Vietnam right after high school and my mom crashed head-first into Rose-colored-glasses-ville with a local guy and actually married him. My dad continued to write her all the while from the various places he was stationed. One letter even says "I wish it was me that was marrying you instead, but if it can't be me, then I wish only for you to be happy..." The marriage didn't work (the other guy was er... a roving romeo, sadly) and a few years after my dad returned from the war, they reconnected and fell in love all over again. They would've been married 41 years this September. I'll treasure those letters forever. Amen to that, sista!! Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday. I did graveyard again, so I'm gonna take my sleep-deprived butt to bed . Star
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