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  1. Morning everyone! I'm trying to get a couple loads of laundry done so I have something to wear to work this afternoon. I'd have done it yesterday (my day off after graveyard shift) but I conked out almost right after I walked in the door. Slept straight through til 2 a.m.!!!! Guess I was tired . I'm meeting Mom for lunch later on, then heading in to work for a short 4hr shift while she goes for the MRI of her shoulder. After that she's headed home and I'm headed to my friend Melisa's house for rented movies, girl talk, and dinner. I'm looking forward to it. As for Gerry + awards, I have to agree that he'll actually take home the oscar statue for a role we've yet to see. I think his performance as Leonidas will get a nod, but probably not the win at the academy awards. I personally think it deserves to win, but unfortunately the Academy ....is well...the Academy. That's about all that can be said about them. :boink: I definitely think he'll take home a statue, and the movie itself several of them, for the other award shows yet to come. I just got an email from Jon re: the Wrath of Gods dvd. It's got a whole 1hr interview with GERRY !! besides the 72 minute documentary and other things. I absolutely cannot wait for that lovely bit filmage to arrive in my mailbox!!!!!!! :yippee: :Yee-Haw: :bouncydrool3: Hope everyone is having a lovely day. I'm off to finish folding towels --and wouldn't you know, my kitty just decided to take a nap on the ones I've already folded! Star Btw, Linda: I just love your siggy! Everytime I see it, I'm just .
  2. I knew what it was too...though I think the first time I ever heard the term was on an episode of Nip/Tuck. Extension? Who's he kidding? If those wet swim trunks/white cord pics are anything to go by, he doesn't need any er....enhancements. And those were taken after a dip in semi-cool waters.... Hmm..I may wind up a gutter gal yet... Star
  3. I'd love to go hat shopping with him ! I bet he's just goofy and hilarious trying all different ones. He looks cute there. I don't know that I've actually seen him with any kind of hat on before... But I like it . Hmm...one of these days I'm gonna have to go check into the gutter hotel.... Star
  4. I love these pics. I wish I could've seen the video but it was yanked right about the time I popped into the topic about it. I think I missed by mere minutes . I bet it was adorable though, and those pics are just too sweet! :inlove: Star
  5. Thanks Irish . I just copy/pasted this in the prayers forum too, on your advice. I'm trying not to completely lose it just yet, since we aren't 100% certain. But it's my Mom, so I have to allow myself a moment to scream, cry, kick something, and throw things in the privacy of my own home. (figuratively of course re: kicking & throwing...no need to add cleaning up a mess on top of everything, right? ) Then I can focus on the most important thing: helping Her get through this. As for me, I'm kind of numb at the moment--the post-shock-pinching-yourself-to-make-sure-it's-not-just-some-bad-dream stage. I suppose this would be a good time to catch a 3 hr nap before I have to work graveyard at 11pm. I'm gonna be surviving on coffee tonight..*oy*. I'm not sure how long it will take for the MRI results to come in once it's done on Friday, but as quick as they are rushing her to take it, I'm sure they'll have the results back as soon as humanly possible. I'm crossing all my fingers and toes for good news , or at least not-so-bad news. It helps bundles knowing I have you all with me. Star
  6. Hi everyone. Man do :boobsquishhug: . My mom has been in remission from breast cancer for 2 years and I just found out this afternoon that her last blood work came back abnormal. This time they think it's in her shoulder. She had some sort of MRI already of the arteries with this radioactive dye, which turned up AOK --that's good. It means it's not in any major organs or the blood. However she's been having a lot of pain in her left shoulder/upper arm the last 2 months so they are making her get an MRI of that area PRONTO...which is friday afternoon. We won't know anything for sure til we get the results from that. Please keep your fingers crossed for us, say a prayer that it's nothing serious, and is something they can take care of easily, like the breast cancer. My mom means the world to me and we've been through *so* much in the last 10 years--gall bladder surgery, grand mal seizures, high blood pressure, 2 strokes, and breast cancer, just to name a few. (I'm only 30 and she's only 64). I just can't believe we have to go through this again. I know we'll get through it just like we did everything else, regardless of the outcome. I'm keeping my hopes up as high as they can possibly go, and I waited til after we had an early supper together and my mom left, to have my meltdown. She's already strong as a rock, emotionally, and I know my being so too will help her get through this. If I am half the woman she is, then I am very blessed, indeed. I'll keep everyone posted as I find out more news. I'm so glad I have all of you here. A big welcome to you, Karen Elizabeth !!! This is the most wonderful bunch of gals on the planet and we're so glad to have you join us! to everyone Luv Star
  7. This is the picture: http://i49.photobucket.com/albums/f295/hghere/Feckmeeyes.gif Star Mod Edit: Had to turn the pic into a link. A bit large for our photo guidelines.
  8. Whoobah!!! I just pre-ordered my copy of Wrath of Gods!! I can't wait to get it! I finally got a night off from work--we're shorthanded severely right now so I've been working my tush off- and thought I'd breeze in and say hello. I worked graveyard last night and I'm half asleep here ,but trying to find the motivation to go to the grocery. I really just want to go to bed but I'm out of food, and I have to work again tomorrow followed by going to a BBQ at my friend's house when I get off at 7pm which will last til who knows when . Sadly, the grocery stores aren't 24 hrs here (small town). I'll figure it out. I don't think me driving right now is a good idea . Hope you all are having a great evening. to everyone! Star
  9. Wowsa! :spontaneous: Verra nice....oh does that inspire one heck of a gutter dive.. Star
  10. I'm lovin all these good reviews . I, too, find the narration a bit distracting--but only in the very beginning during the brief life-story-of-leonidas-in-a-nutshell sequence. After that, it seems to blend in just fine, and by the time Delios makes his final speech at the end, I'm ready to hop out of my seat and join the fight: "RAWRRRR LEt's KICK some Invading Gluteus Maximus!!!" Star
  11. How cool is this? The first (?) of many awards to come for *300*. (crossing my fingers anyhow LOL) So humble and such graciousness & integrity...that's our Gerry. :inlove: *Le Sigh* :baby:
  12. :funnyabove: :yippee: Whoo yeah!! My sentiments exactly. . . . Oh man where's that gutter......better yet, where's the theater? I need another dose of this... Star
  13. Morning Ladies! Just got off graveyard shift and am about to head to bed. I finally got to rent The Miracle Match last night...it was fantastic! I caught the brogue trying to pop out a couple times but Gerry was amazing as always. Loved the wet shorts and the game in the rain. :tasty: Fellow GAL Sirena is moving down here to AZ, and is driving all the way from Puyallup, WA as we speak. She left at midnight on Saturday and I still haven't heard from her yet. I hope her drive is going smoothly and her new car isn't giving her any er...attitude. I, too, am thrilled that Gerry's star is shining brighter than ever. As new ones step into its glorious light, the rest of us who are already here will pass around the margaritas and welcomes. I'm glad the world is finally starting learn what we've already known for years: the man is incredible; he's unbelievably talented, caring and sweet, and a true gift to every person whose life he has touched, no matter in how small a way. How lucky we all are to have him, and through our love for him, to have found each other. Thank you Gerry for everything you've given us, and everything that is yet to come. I, for one, am breathless with anticipation. Star
  14. Happy St. Pat's Everyone! I'm doing a drive-by here while I get ready for work. I wish I could've joined y'all for the movie chat last night. I *so* would rather have been in chat than work 3-11pm & dealing with *swears under her breath* people. Bleh. I work for a dr's answering service and Friday nites are the WORST. We get all the doofs in town calling at all hours wanting prescriptions which they had all week to request. And they get soooo MAD at you, too, when you can't do anything and/or simply because the office isn't open at the time they finally called in!! It's crazy. I kept a smile on my face by picturing a bare-bum Leonidas in my head all night. "Hmm you want a prescription...*thinks of Leonidas' bare buns bathed in the soft moonlight* . Nope sorry can't do that..." *thinks of tight abs and powerful arms as caller screams through phone* "Sorry, dr's policy is none after hours or weekends." *throaty, purring scottish voice. beautiful green eyes. powerful stance. riviting gaze as he slowly moves towards the bed like a panther stalking his prey...* :tasty: Now I'm off to do it all over again, if i can drag myself back out of the gutter I just jumped into. Fortunately Saturdays are much slower. I love graveyard shift, which i have to do tomorrow nite and monday nite. It's mostly end-of-the-day paperwork and very few calls. I can take my dvd player and listen to Marek, Terry, Erik, The Stranger, Attila....anyone I choose while I count messages taken throughout the day and record it. Last week Beowulf and Creedy kept me company through the wee hours. Hey it's not a bad job (I just really hate friday nites cuz everyone is so darn crabby)! Alice--sorry to hear about your dad. Hope all is going to be ok. Everyone else--have a great St Pat's !! Star
  15. Gerarad Butler....hooboy. That's too funny!
  16. That's too funny!! I just got back from seeing 300 for the second time *sighhhhh*. It was even better the second time because I didn't have to focus most of my attention on the story. Instead, I spent two lovely hours concentrating on every finger, ab, toe, ripple, thrust, sigh, eyelash, tonsil, filling, kiss, caress, and emotion-filled gaze... :spontaneous: Oh I am gonna have such wonderful dreams tonight.... :inlove: Star
  17. Hi all! I, too, sat in the theater going "I know that guy was Orestes....I just know it" . Not sure if anyone else recognized him, but Vincent Regan, who plays Captain in 300, was also Eudorus, captain of Achilles' mermadon (?) soldiers in TROY. It was his aqua eyes, of all things, that made me make the connection. No idea why those would be the feature that rang a bell . No comparison to Gerry's gorgeous greens, of course :inlove: . It's hot here today, specially for mid march . I'm sitting here sweating as I type. I think it was close to 90 degrees for the high--or at least it feels that way. Bleh. Despite the heat--or because of it--I'm up to my usual brilliant antics. I couldn't figure out why my # of posts suddenly reset to 1 like I was a newb the last couple days, until just a bit ago when I realized I'd somehow signed in as Stardust7677 instead of Stardust767. Naturally this was discovered AFTER posting in the questions/probs forum. What a dork am I! Sue--your stained glass is simply Gorgeous! Swan--I agree with you about those :swear: reviews! Some of things they say seriously make me wonder if they were watching the same movie as the rest of us. I mean, really! Star
  18. Nevermind Somehow I wound up signed in as Stardust 7677 instead of Stardust767. I have no idea how that happened....guess I was having one heck of a blonde moment! (And I'm supposed to be computer genius in my family *snort*) I'm back as normal me now.... Star
  19. Morning everyone! Just dropped in to say Hi! I totally forgot to watch CF! ARGH!! My work schedule got changed and I have to work graveyard 2 nights a week now. Even though I have a tv at work, I completely spaced watching it. Ditto for putting a tape in the vcr GRR! I hope one of you other gals had a few more brain cells working than i did and managed to tape it . Maybe we'll find it in the multimedia section eventually? *i hope* I'm definitely gonna see 300 in the theater this weekend. It'll have to wait til Sunday afternoon since I work all afternoon/evening on both Fri and Sat. I can't wait! The tv spots are absolutely KILLING me!! :tasty: Hope y'all have a great day! Star
  20. I saw this too and was just like omfb....... Edit to Add: deleted the rest....was being snarky...could be viewed as political and I don't want to break a rule. Sorry Star
  21. Morning everyone! Remember me? I'm up bright and *Yawn* EARLY to take my smallest kitty to the vet. She is getting a dental cleaning today and they're sure to pull a tooth or three. Her breath is :thudstars: . Poor thing. The other two kitties have been doing their best to drive me crackers all night --aka no sleep. I had to pick up their food around midnight and they're letting me know they're not too happy about it. Lol. I've got some time to kill before i have to run around after my cat and try to cram her into her carrier, so I thought I'd pop in and say Hi!!! I've missed you guys *HUGS*. I'm sorry I've been MIA for the last..er...well... Let's just say for a long time . I've been sick for a couple months with one thing or another --the plus side of this was it did help me stop smoking. Two months going strong WOO!-- and I worked my patootie off during the holidays. All of a sudden, here we are in a new year AND 300 is just around the corner !!! I hope everyone had spectacular holidays, and a wonderful Valentines day. I'll try and get my bum in here more often and post. Star
  22. Thanks for sharing--that was good piece on him! Can never get enough Gerry.... Star
  23. OMFB...when i first clicked on the links to play the clips, for some reason, they sounded like chipmunks to me too!!!! Gerry sounded like a Scottish Squirrel!!!! (and Let me just say, MOTN in chipmunk voice totally loses it's effect !!). What's worse, is the first time, i had my creative recorder set on "Concert Hall" which makes all the sound on my computer have a massive echo...so it was chipmunks times 200!!! I about fell out of my chair laughing... I had to download the clips for them to play normally...omg that was funny though! [ETA: just noticed this happened to other people too LOL...didn't read the whole thread before i posted heh] Star
  24. Oooooh that warrior yell/growl/pep talk at the end....I think my ovaries just did cartwheels!!! Rawrr! :spontaneous: I can't wait to see this film! Star
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