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  1. Whoo!! I just ordered my copy of B&G !!!! (i had to wait for payday ) OOOO I can't wait for it to get here!! The new pics and VIDS of ComiCon are gorgeous and Omg SOOOOOOO hilarious!!! (isn't Gerry always though? :pant2: ) OMG! I can't imagine going back to school in JULY!!! It's WAAAAY too HOT here in AZ for that!!! If we'd had to go back to school that early in the summer when I was kid, we'd have just melted -- they would have had to scrape us all off the bus seats with spatulas by the time we got there!!!! Star [ *edits post for the upteenth time* Geesh- Typo Queen here!! I swear sometimes it's like I'm typing with two left thumbs! ]
  2. Ok Gals, I did some research: [i had to watch the vid about 6 more times to hear it clearly ---such tedius work and torture heh *cough*] After David Wenham's jibe about the cloaks being a cinch , Gerry says "his 3 minutes training all happens in bed" ....joking reference to the erm...3 minute man --a total gutter dive there on Gerry's part LOL!! (hence both men red faced and laughing while audience hoots and howls).... :funnyabove: The man is just TFF!! Star
  3. I will definitely PM you! I have the prologue and first chapter posted now, btw, for anyone who needs a dracula fix....:mopboydracula: Star
  4. Thanks Bethy! I'm still in shock that I managed to finally get some writing done LOL! Abs: Glad you like the graphic, It was fun to make! Star
  5. Hi Gals! It's been awhile since I've managed to find time to post! I've missed you guys! I've been working my arse off lately but that's ok. I still love my job, which is an amazing thing! I FINALLY --chat girls pay attention--FINALLY managed to get some writing done on my new DRACULA :mopboydracula: fanfic! (the one i've been talking about forever) It's entitled Fallen and I've just submitted the prologue and first chapter to the mods for approval. Hopefully it will be posted soon if the mods give it the go-ahead! WHoo! This is a graphic I made to go with it: This is going to be a drive-by post to say hello to everyone (HI!!!) as I'm hard at work on chapter 2. I'd like to get it finished before my friend, Jen, gets here this afternoon. Luv you all and I'll pop in again as often as I can.. Star
  6. Wow what a pic! I loove this photoshoot but I nearly jumped out of my skin when it suddenly glanced over at me!!! Most unexpected...and delightful (or will be once i get my heart started again...pass the crash cart..) Star
  7. Wow I can't believe it's Vegas Weekend already! I hope everyone who is going has a fabulous time!!!!!!! I'll be able to go next year----this year, unfortunately, I am beating the financial wolves off with a stick that feels more like a twig! Happy anniversary to Anna and MacWilley! I'll be thinking of you all who are in Vegas this weekend and wishing you lots of fun in the sun (or casinos, rather heh)! Star
  8. Hi Everyone! Just popped in to wish all you wonderful, wonderful ladies a Happy Mother's Day! I'm off to spend the weekend with my own wonderful Mom, so this is a quick drive by.. I miss you all and I'll try to pop back in again as soon as possible... Star
  9. Hi everyone! Hope everyone's day has been wonderful. I spent mine in bed with a migraine :angry:. @#$@ allergies! I've also got a sugar craving that's making me want to run to the grocery for a cake mix and frosting. I don't want to go anywhere though LOL. I'd much rather stay at home and work on my Attila fanfic. Maybe I'll just fix a bowl of oatmeal w lots of brown sugar..heh. Love the pics--mmmm. And yes...I'd ride on ..er with...Attila anytime. Star
  10. Good Morning! Hope everyone's day is starting wonderfully! Mine is good so far. The only mini hiccup was getting woken up by the phone --my tax man called to say E*Trade didn't send me the right paperwork to report the check I recieved for closing out an old IRA rollover acct I've had for 8 yrs. It's only about $1100 but since it still has to be reported (stupid gov taxes) I now have to go in to the tax office at 9 a.m. tomorrow (my day off) so we can call E*Trade and get what we need. :angry: I was gonna sleep in..oh well. Otherwise I'm doing great! I finished my first gals-made video last night--finally figured out how to do it!-- and it's in the Gal's Video's drawer. I'm ecstatic! I'm starting my second one now and it will be even better (you might need tissues )! i'm killing time before i have to go to work (11 a.m. to 7pm today) so I thought i'd say hi! I've missed you guys! And last night's chat was a blast. Luv y'all... Star
  11. Hi ladies! Sorry I've been awol lately. Been working a lot..schedules have been screwy at work cuz they are understaffed until myself and the other girl they hired at the same time are ready to be on the phones by ourselves. My first day on the phones all by my lonesome is next sunday. Fun. (I work as an answering service operator for dr's offices & other businesses in town, and we also take care of a home/business alarm system, contacting premises when one goes off or dispatching police when necessary etc.) I've also had a bit of a tummy bug so I've been mostly sleeping this week when I'm not at work. Unfortunately that means I have a lot of cleaning to do on my next days off --piles of laundry and the kitchen looks like a hurricane hit! Maybe I'll slap an apron on a mopboy ... :mopboymarek: To the evening chat gals: I sure miss you and I'll pop in when I can. To everyone else, I adore you gals and I'm so glad i have this site to run to when I get off work (no matter what time that is ). Star
  12. OMG it's snowing outside!!! In SE Arizona!! And it's snowing HARD too...wow. It's even starting to stick to the ground!! I loooove snow!! (I know I'm crazy ) Oooh I need to find me a mopboy :mopboyreddeath: :mopboyattila: :Draculababy: and go curl up somewhere nice and warm.... Star
  13. OmG I am sooooo glad the board is back up!!! Good work Ladies! I didn't realize how much I loved this community until it wasn't there!!! :laugh4: I went through some baad withdrawals!! Love you all sooo much and Happy St. Pat's!! Star
  14. Thank goodness it's saturday and i don't have to do anything today ! I cleaned house like a mad woman yesterday and I am so paying for it--my hamstrings(?) feel like i spent yesterday doing nothing but squats. However, I have a sparkling house so it was worth it. I still have a crap load of dishes in the kitchen (the room I didn't get to before i was too pooped to pop) but they can wait LOL. Swan, your song is so hauntingly beautiful! I amazed by both yours and nathan's talent. And I agree that it sounds fitting for the end of some beautiful, epic movie! Kimbo- *big boob squishing hug* Sure miss you sweetie! Can't wait til we can chat again. Suz- another *big boob squishing hug* for you. We're all here for you, always. Everyone else, I hope you are having a wonderful weekend! I know I am with those yummy new Gerry pics and clip. Star
  15. Hi everyone! I just got back from brunch with my mom. We went to our fave little restaurant just up the road and my favorite waiter, David, was back today ! (he was gone for like 3 mos for some reason) He is just a hoot --entertaining to the point of rediculous. He's cute too -verra tall, blonde, big blue eyes, though on the skinny side. He's also got a razor sharp, wacky sense of humor like our fave Scot. I actually got tongue-tied like a teenager when i was trying to tell him my order (french toast). It took me THREE tries! :doof: I haven't done that problem since high school LOL! While we were sitting there, every time David would pass by our booth he'd lean behind mom and give her "bunny ears" with his fingers --and one time he ran into the kitchen and grabbed a pair of straws and held them behind her head while she was trying to tell me something, so it looked like she had antennas!!! I almost spit out my french toast that time. Mom thought it was hilarious too--especially when he served our food, she was saying something about how she can't see anything w/o her glasses anymore, so he stuck the plate --literally-- right under her nose! Mom just cracked up. Oh and everytime he'd go in the kitchen, he'd be singing some rediculous song or melody and doing a "gerry-dance" (like on Ellen) all the way there. Ok yes I like him -who wouldn't? If he's girlfriend-less (is that a word?) I might have to remedy that --he's far too entertaining to be left single. Tonight, Melissa (my friend from my new job) is coming over bearing wine and we're gonna have a Gerry Movie Fest. I can't wait--gonna be sooo fun! I just have to get off my butt-that-could-be-smaller and straighten up my house... Suz---omg how awful! I can't believe he's being such a (censored). *Big boob squishing hug to you* Let us know how things work out, sweetie! Swan--sorry about the migraine, hope you and nathan are feeling better. Kimbo and all the chat gals --I miss you guys!! I've been working evenings so I keep having to miss chats. I'll try and pop in tomorrow nite though --i'm off and then on sunday I work the morning shift so I should be in chat then too --unless i pass out from having to get up at the arse-crack of dawn... Hugs to everyone else I missed. Ladies, and you make this place so completely wonderful, it's not funny. Or maybe it is funny...or ...something. (i think you know what i mean ) Star
  16. Lol I know how you feel Chris..omg. I sooo do not miss being in the salon. Melissa was just fine with me not wanting to do the cut though. I shouldn't have been worried LOL. She said she's just gonna shave Joe's head bald in his sleep since he's being a stubborn butt about going to the salon :laugh4: ! I almost feel sorry for him... Star
  17. Evening all... just wanted to say Melissa was just fine with me not wanting to do Joe's cut. I shouldn't have been worried LOL. She just said she'll shave Joe's head bald in his sleep cuz he's being so stubborn about going to a salon :laugh4:. I almost feel sorry for him. Hope everyone elses day went just fine... Star
  18. Hi ladies...thank goodness we have this place to vent!! This vent is part pet peeve, and partly because of my own stupidity. As some of you may know, I used to be a hairstylist but I had to leave the industry and go on to something else because of a car accident that messed up my right shoulder. I also discovered very quickly once I got in the salons, that I really HATE cutting hair. I much prefer office-clerical type work, which is what I'm doing now. Why is it the second someone finds out you do hair, or in my case, USED to do hair, they immediately start asking you to look at their hair and if they can come over to your house/you go to their house and cut either their hair or someone else's for them?????? That's what the salon is for!! We didn't go to cosmetology school so we could give everyone a free or seriously discounted haircut. And like I said, in my case, I USED to do hair. This means I don't do hair anymore. There is one exception: family --I'll trim my mom's bangs for her occasionally or style her hair if we're going out to dinner. I also do Sirena's (whom y'all know is my bf) hair when she comes to visit cuz she just hates to have anyone else touch it. But she's like family too -the sister i never had. Now that brings us to the second half of my venting. Last night at work, I was logging a message for one of our clients and Melissa mentioned she told her boyfriend, Joe, that I did hair and now he wants me to go over to their place and give him a clipper cut. Stupid me wasn't listening fully and said YES before i realized exactly what she'd asked. Next thing I know, she's on the phone w Joe telling him I'll come over on friday to do the cut -ARGH! I havent even met him yet! Once I realized what I just got myself in to, I was like FTB! I was a damn good haircutter, and I could do a perfect military fade (hardest thing to do) but I haven't done a clipper cut in over a year! It's not that I don't think I can do it, I'm just not comfortable doing it anymore. I mean, I quit doing hair for a reason. Two reasons. Good ones. Then there's the fact that I'd have to drag over all my equipment -clippers, blades, guards, lube, disinfectant, shears, combs, capes... gawd. And even if he came to my house, i'd still have to drag out all my equipment and clean up after. He's willing to pay me and cook dinner for us, but that's not the point. I've made a point in not getting into the "home haircut" thing. It's not something I want to get started. if I go do this haircut, you know he'll expect me to come do it everytime he needs a trim. then if they tell more of their friends about it, how do i get out of that since I agreed to do his "on the side" ? It's just not a can of worms I'm wanting to open. So now I have to go in to work tonight and tell Melissa I really am not comfortable doing the haircut. I'm gonna fully explain why and I hope she doesn't get mad. She's my trainer at work and we hit it off right away. We're quickly becoming really good friends and she's coming over to my place friday night a for a couple beers and some Gerry movie watching (yes she's a Butler fan woo!). I feel bad for backing out, but it was on my mind ALL DAMN NIGHT to the point where I kept tossing and turning and waking up. I'm THAT uncomfortable with the idea. I just hope she'll be understanding. My good friend, Fina, works in a local salon that doesn't charge an arm and a leg for haircuts, and she's DAMN good. She does clipper cuts all the time so I'm going to recommend that Joe go to her. Hopefully that will be an acceptible alternative. *sigh* the stupid stuff we get ourselves into. Star
  19. Hi all! Looks like i'm not the only one having an FTB day. *boob squishing hugs* to all who need them! I've got a crick in my neck (the side where my bad shoulder is -car accident 3yrs ago) that just won't go away so i'm sitting trying to type and balance a heating pad on my neck/shoulder . My FTB, which i posted a long rant in the FTB forum, is mainly due to my own stupidity. Some of you know I used to do hair but had to give up due in part to the aforementioned shoulder injury. I also learned I hated doing other people's hair LOL. Good reason to move on. Anyway, my new friend from work, Melissa, mentioned she told her boyfriend, Joe, that I used to do hair and now he wants me to give him a clipper cut at their place on friday. I was logging a message at the time and only half listening so said YES before the question fully registered. She called Joe right away and told him I'd be there friday. At that point, it really hit me what I'd just gotten myself in to, i was totally kicking myself. But, we were having such a good time at Denny's last night after our shift, I couldn't think at the time how to get out of it. I haven't done a clipper cut in over a year (see rant in ftb forum) and I'm just really uncomfortable with the whole idea. I've made a point in not getting into the whole "home haircut for friends" thing ever since beauty school - NOT a can of worms I want to open. So now, I've got to go in to work tonight and tell Melissa I'm not comfortable doing the cut. I'm going to recommend my friend Fina who works in a reasonable priced salon and is DAMN good, as an alternative. *sigh* I just hope Mel is understanding. The stupid things we get ourselves into... Star
  20. Hi Ladies! Just got home from work. My new friend Melissa and I went to Denny's after our shift and had dinner and just chatted for 2hrs. It was sooo great! I haven't been able to just go out/hang out like that in long time! Dawn ~ sooo sorry to hear about your friend *hugs* Larke~ the dancing kitties are adorable- i got such a giggle! :laugh4: Jenn~ New siggy Rocks! Way to go Bethy! Kimbo~ oooh big *boob squishing hugs* to you sweetie!! Sure miss you and the bitch boss will get her karma, trust me. I can't stand people like that! Talk to you soon! *Another boob squishing hug* Loving those new Gerry pics..he looks sooo good (though i do prefer his natural hair and brow color heh). *right click save* I'm off to bed so I'll check in with y'all in the morning. Definitely gonna dream of Gerry tonight . Star
  21. Hi Gals I'm out the door on my way to work, so this is a Quick Drive-by SQUEEEEEE over new pics!!! Whoo he looks good! So glad we get to see him!! I don't have any time to drool right now so I'll pop on when I get home and take a better look.... Cheers! Star
  22. I heard it too Suz...definitely POTO music and they played it more than once ! edit: ok after watching the awards, i definitely have to see Brokeback Mountain now :laugh4: amazing..the awards ended a half hour EARLY ! That's like a first isn't it?
  23. LOL Suz that clip was sooo cute! Your son is adorable! And I love the pic of Catherine watching. Pretty quiet for a friday nite, eh ladies? I think the board had a hiccup for awhile though. I just got home from work and I'm sooo glad i have the next couple days off. Have a great evening, Gals... Star
  24. Oooh this sounds fun!!! I'm gonna have to give mine some thought though..... Can't wait to see what y'all come up with! Star
  25. Good Afternoon everyone! Susan I can't wait to see what you have in mind! I have this weekend off so i can watch the oscars whoo! I just have set up the vcr now... Ugh why do women have to get cramps?????? *gropes for pain killers* I need a back massage from :Draculababy: or :mopboyattila: or :mopboymarek: or :mopboyerik: or :mopboyterry:. Heck..I'll take all of them. Group massage boys? At least I only have to work 4 hrs tonight and it's a sit down job. They also keep a heating pad and blanket at work since we're all women LOL. I love this new job! For now, i'm gonna kick back and hope the pain meds kick in soon.*groan* I'll hop in chat when I get home from work if any of you are still in there... Star
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