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  1. this movie should've really been nominated for a golden globe...it was so AWESOME!!! oh well...maybe the oscars! :dance: ::Jess::
  2. it was Justin Timberlake... Then Hugh Jackman... THEN,Christian Bale Now-Gerry but i must confess,i have a new love...and his name is *drumroll* Criss Angel from Criss Angel Mindfreak on A&E.I love him ALMOST as much as Gerry... If any of you haven't seen him yet,here is a lovely picture of him...its an older pic,he now has his hair shorter...which i LOVE!!!!!! http://i10.tinypic.com/4umazvq.jpg enjoy! Just a little fyi - remember our picture guidelines for the members who use dial up. TY. zany
  3. Ok... When i first heard of this movie,i didn't think it would be that great... But,i saw the trailor...and it looks PHENOMENAL!!! so,on that note... I SIGNED THE PETITION!!! Love, Jess
  4. Aislinn, your a genuis!! this ending is purely genius!!! :goodjob2: Love, Jessica
  5. yes i agree with gerrynutsnap! your new avi rox!!! that desperate to have 'em, aye??? lol. i dont blame you!! Love, Jessica p.s: and Donna Lee, your avi is TOO funny!!!
  6. okay...those are just AMAZING!!!!!!!!! i feel like ive fallin in love all over again!!! :inlove: I love them all, but my favorite is the last one!! that is just pairfect!! and of course...the one where he spreads his legs!!!! :wideeyes: Love, Jessica
  7. :Draculababy: <<<<<<always and forever!!!!!!! then Gerik is a VERY close second! lol Love, Jessica
  8. more!!! more!!!! MORE!!!!!!! im lovin it already! keep it up gurlie!! Love, Jessica
  9. just a question...did anyone SEE him at the awards?? cuz i taped it and i went back to look for him and i didnt see him... Love, Jessica
  10. wen i get frustrated,cuz i dont get stressed,i write in my diary about why im so frustrated.that, and i listen to Pachelbel *composer*.the music sooths me while i write.and then i take a shower and sleep it off... :cool: Love, Jessica
  11. I like the song "Beautiful Disaster" from Kelly Clarkson.it reminds me of POTO (as u can tell from the title). :: it also reminds me of my love for a special person that's close to my heart...*sigh* Love, Jessica
  12. n.a.w. i love your avi and siggy!! especially the siggy :inlove: lol. Love, Jessica
  13. *gets unused tape and sets up VCR and gets popcorn and soda* I'M READY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, Jessica
  14. how bout some Bon Jovi?? how bout "Have a Nice Day" "It's My Life" and "Livin' on a Prayer"?? i love dancing to those songs!! :cool: Love, Jessica
  15. OMG A THREAD FOR TERRY!!! *faints* :yippee: :headspin: :dance3: Mucho Love, Jessica :tasty: :inlove: :terrymuscles:
  16. u girls are too funny!! my turn!! Gerry: "was et yew that sed 'lets go fer e latte at Starbucks?' cuz I could really goo fer one right now!" or Gerry: "Did yew just pinch me arse,sweetheart??" Me: "...Maybe" With Love, Jessica
  17. my first answer would be Marek. Marek is just so sweet and romantic. Then i feel a pull towards Dracula. I dunno the whole thing with being a night walker and being so seductive all the time and having sex on the ceiling really draws me in...But i feel that Erik is more my speed. yea i kno, he murders people, but i love the way he loves and the way he wants to be loved. I just want to hold him and be there for him till the very end. i love how he takes pride in his music and his art.I also love the fact that he is so passionate and loving and caring. Yup, i think im going with Erik on this one
  18. i remember my first time.it was at my eighth grade trip to see it. the whole eighth grade went,and i was soooooooooooooooooooooooo excited!!! i couldnt wait to see it!! during the whole show i did not blink once,except for parts where i cried.it was my first broadway show,but i know no other show will beat this one! after that day i couldnt stop thinking about it. all of us talked about it the next day in skool.we were so pshyced!!(or however u spell it). that week i got the cd and looked it up on the computer everyday. then christmas rolled around and i got a singing ornament of phantom. then
  19. Merry Christmas GALS!!! Hope you have a very nice holiday and a happy New Year!! Love you all!! and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too,Gerry!! love ya!! :xmas2: :stocking: :snowman2: :lights: :carolers: :merryxmas: :santaclaus: Jessica
  20. on the 7th day of christmas my gerry gave to me... 7 sexy looks! :mopboyattila: :mopboycreedy: :mopboydracula: :mopboyerik: :mopboyethan: :mopboyreddeath: :mopboystranger: on the 8th day of christams my gerry gave to me... 8 showings of his BIG sword! Happy Holidays!! :santaclaus: Jessica
  21. on the sixth day of Christmas my Gerry gave to me... 6 nights of "fun" *steamy*x6 Happy Holidays!! :santaclaus: Jessica
  22. On the fifth day of Christmas my Gerry gave to me... 5 PAIRS OF VICTORIAS SECRET LINGERIE!!!!!!!! Happy Holidays!! :santaclaus: Jessica
  23. WHOA I NEED TO CATCH UP ON MY DAYS!! On the second day of Christmas my Gerry gave to me... a box of chocolate strawberries :strawberry: On the third day of Christmas my Gerry gave to me... a big yellow towel :mopboyjackie: On the fourth day of Christmas my Gerry gave to me... a warm,loving hug and kiss Happy Holidays!! :santaclaus: Jessica
  24. On the first night of Christmas my Gerry gave to me... A song... :mopboyerik: *squee* :inlove: Happy Holidays!! :santaclaus: Jessica
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