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  1. I was very surprised in a couple of the reviews, that GB was not mentioned! That is not what I would expect, since he is not exactly the kind of man who goes unoticed! I feel bad about that and sure hope the reviews although wonderful, do not continue to ignore him!
  2. I realize that you all are way ahead of me on GB news, so you probably have read on the GB.net website the positive news about MGP?
  3. p.s. since MGP is a work in progress, there will be more screenings I think, they will be in other areas, like Orange County. A lot of it depends on what the audience says and their reaction. I went to screening of IT'S COMPLICATED, Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin - well I read they only had one screening and the film was ready to roll. The audience loved it and did not want any changes. Personally, I do not think this will be the case with MGP............................* As I said, the lady who was in the focus group can tell you more, she must have heard a lot of valuable information and I also would like to hear more from her. Also, AIN'T IT COOL website - "Harry" goes to a lot of screenings, he could have been there and he always comments about the film. I meant to check but forgot. Maybe, it is not too late.
  4. finally found my way back here, I seem to loose the thread each time when I return - it seems to be in another place. Not sure that makes sense? Also, I have not been able to use the spell check so I hope I am not making any awful errors. Not sure exactly why I have those problems. First thanks for all of your welcomes, I appreciate it. Let me explain what I meant about the screening process. The lady I signed up with just gets me tickets. She gets me tickets for other stars I like also, but my emphasis is on GB and she knows that. There are other screening companies in the L.A. area, she works for just this one. There is no problem that she knows I am a big fan of GB, the only think she does not want me to do is to print her email on the fansite. I think that is logical - if I did that and there are let's say over a hundred fans who live here and they all come to the screenings, that could be unfair, - unfair to the studios who want honest appraisals of their films. Can you blame them? What they don't realize is that his fans WILL BE HONEST. because they want the best for GB and they want his films to be successful! If I were in the focus group for instance I would be totally honest and that is how I was on my question card because I want to studio to know what the people think of the film, because I know it helps them decide how to cut and edit the film. Sometimes they add scenes to a film before it is completed and the actors are called back to do that. If you live in L.A. where a lot of screenings take place it is very easy to get tickets. They screen in various areas, L.A., Orange County, the suburbs, etc. The ticket people are all over distributing tickets, at malls, in frong of theaters. I have always approached them and checked out what films they are screening and that is how I got to meet my ticket lady who emails me with various films. It is no trick, but they do look for certain age groups for certain films. We are very important to them, they want honesty and I know GB's fans would be honest but, they don't know that! To the lady who's house was used - yes, I do remember the house well. I do not want to give too much away so, if anybody is sensitive, this is a spoiler but I do not think it will ruin anything for you. In the beginning of the film Sam C. gets out of jail and goes home to a miserable, messy and downright dirty trailer. He is dirt poor. spoiler - then he makes this marvelous turnaround, goes into business, makes money and buys this very nice house!! Wow it sure is a major improvement. The house is very nice, very modern looking and they show a full shot of the outside of it when they move in. I do remember the scenes you describe well of the inside of the house. It looks comfortable and cozy and you can't help being happy for Sam and family. If I remember, the kitchen was not that big, right? I have to think hard because around this time I was just looking at GB and those arms! I am sure he put on weight for the part, but he looked very sexy especially with the long hair! As I said, in the beginning I was very uneasy because of how sloppy he looked, but do not worry, you will know when he starts to change and look like we like him to look!
  5. Just found these replies, to be honest I am having a little bit of trouble navigating around this site, which obviously is because I am a computer illerate just incase any of you are laughing at this point! I went down the list of replies and will make some comments, but since one of the posters went to the focus group afterwards, she would be your best source. One of the questions (for anyone not ever attending screenings, everyone fills out a questionaire afterwards) they asked "did this film remind you of any other film?" and I could not think of the one that it did remind me of and the answer was "Hotel Rowanda" and to be sure, I suffered in that one also. The studios do not like those comparisons, they want their film to be fresh andnew and unique!! The 4 ladies I went with, 3 loved it, one did not. The clapping after the film (audiences always clap at screenings out of respect) was not extremly loud, it was good, not wild as some screenings I have been to. Again, the lady who went to the focus group is a better indication than I. She can tell you, if anyone is interested, what exactly people said about the film, for instance, did anyone rate GB's performance as Oscar worthy? I thought he was fabulous but I always do! Screenings are always a work in progress, they will cut, shorten and change a lot before the film is released. The screenings are very important to them in that respect and what the focus groups say I am sure is discussed - they take that very seriously. I did say on my card the film was too long and they realize that already and will change that. It was Gerry's film completely, the man who played his friend (name?) was very good also as was his daughter and wife, it the film belonged to GB! I was thinking looking back at GB's involvement in Hati, this must have really hit him hard. This would be the kind of role that he would want to do - not that the situations were similar but just that I believe in his heart and soul he cares deeply about helping those who are helpless! I could have gotten as many tickets as I wanted but was told not to print the screening company website on a GB fan site. I have a lady from the screening company who emails me with screenings and she knows I WANT ANY SCREENINGS WITH FILMS OF GERARD BUTLER!! So, next time anyone here in the L.A. area gets's approached by someone in the mall in front of a theater, etc. that is handing out tickets, give them your name and email for future screenings as I did. p.s. to the nice lady here who suggested I might want a ticket to PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, that made me smile!! That was my first film with GB, I saw it on the screen at leas 10 times, watched it over and over on HBO and of course, now own the film. I have been a fan since 2004 but, just joined here!
  6. Welcome to GALS! Thanks for the post on your thoughts about MGP movie.

  7. I am a brand new member of GALS. I want to tell you a little about the film MGP that I saw at a screening last night in Woodland Hills, CA at the AMC Promenade. I could not help wondering if anyone else from this website was there - I had no way of knowing. Saw the film with quite a large audience in one of the largest theaters in the multiplex. It was filled. The film for me got off to a very difficult start and I was not sure I was going to like it - it was tough. GB's (I call him GB rather than Gerry, not sure why) character was not a likeable man. I was uncomfortable seeing GB play such a unappealing man. He was rough, touch, nasty, sloppy and very mean. As the film went on, everything changed, the story unfolded and GB got a very gorgeous again! To be honest, I was not sure I would like the movie but I did and so did two other ladies I was with, one did not. It was a very difficult film to watch and my head was down many times, I just could not look at what was happening to the children of the Sudan. It was horrific! GB, of course was great, what a good actor he is, he did a wonderful job in this film and I sure hope it is appreciated. I am happy to answer any questions. I c I \UI I
  8. Welcome to GALS joycee :)

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