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  1. If you missed the live streaming to the WHCD, below is a link to the different videos that C-Span has: the whole hour and 1/2 of the speeches at the White House Correspondents Dinner, 45 minutes of red carpet arrivals to the dinner, and 30 minutes of arrivals and speeches at the brunch.

    C-Span video

    If you just want to just see Gerry here are the approximate minute marks on the video that you can catch him. Gerry is wearing black like 95% of the room but he is sitting with Newt Grenwich who has white hair and Newt's wife who is blond and wearing a red dress. Instead of pushing the tab up to the time you want just scroll along the bar to the time you want and then tap your mouse.

    WHCD: 33 mins, 39mins, 44mins, 58 1/2 mins, 1hour 07 1/2 mins, 1 hour 8 mins, 1hour 23 1/2 mins

    Red carpets arrivals: 24 1/2 mins, 28mins

    Brunch: 4min

    I can't believe the massive amounts of pictures of him posing with other people that were then posted on-line in tweets, instagram, webgram, etc... I don't think I have ever seem so much of him at a weekend of events. It was tiring just seeing all the pictures so I can't imagine have to pose for all those pictures.


  2. I watched the Chasing Mavericks DVD with the commentary by two of the producers and one of the directors. They mentioned Gerry at least a dozen times and said some interesting things about him. They repeated something a couple of times that really surprised me since I had never heard anyone mention this. I won't spoil it and tell you want they said but I think it's worth watching.


  3. Here is the rest of the article from the above link:

    Psychologies: a name given in the Russian hire your new movie - "The man snapped," - seems to fit your image in the cinema and in the public consciousness. Underlined manhood, masculinity - how this "trademark" corresponds to the real you?

    Gerard Butler: Secrets Trademarks not disclosed! But if you ask serious ... That answer would still sound hollow. The fact is that we have in Scotland, I am quite an ordinary person is the average Scot. So that he was amazed that in America in this very masculine, I supposedly inherent, people see the feature and ... weird, but a special attraction. Well, its a movie of me and exploits. And the word "exploitation" I do not invest any negative sense. Not to be a cynic, but we go on living market with their goods. And this is the stark reality of life, that the goods, which at first I could offer - yes, the courage, italics in the general "cinematic." But it happened by itself, without my conscious participation. I'm used to a different sense of self. Houses in Glasgow for myself was simply "a male."

    But because of the concept of "masculinity" is worth something to you?

    JB: Well, no flimsy ambivalence, definitely. That is honesty with life, with others. Perhaps it is in me says my Scottish - we confidently stand with both feet on the ground. When we laugh - really laugh. Grief can and cry, because I really feel sorrow. Always look in the eye. The decision is made once. Back of the mind we do not. Stones in his bosom - too. It turns out that this is a masculinity that can be characterized and women. Even more particularly feminine masculinity. And in this sense I am a convinced feminist.

    In what sense?

    JB: I do not see any difference between people based on gender. For me there is no prescribed roles for women and men in society. Especially in the modern world, sex is increasingly becoming the subject of free choice. What I do not believe at all, so that's it: a man - a hunter and protector of the woman - is weak and certainly should have the maternal instinct.

    So you do not advocate?

    JB: I certainly advocate. But not because I'm a man. I advocate simply because many more.

    But you do not feel shy and their weaknesses - recently became the drug treatment clinic and then talk about it in detail.

    JB: I am sure that is not ashamed of their weakness, not to hide the problem - a sign of strength. It is what it is. And there is nothing to hide. I really was dependent on painkillers after two injuries: one old received another set of "300", the second - the new, hit the rocks during the filming of "conquerors waves," I was there surfer. Well, the old Scottish attachment to the old Scotch whiskey is also not a joke. But if you decide to deal with the painful addiction, then you are said to myself, that depends. And sometimes admit to something publicly - the only way to bring herself to admit.

    You said that you and cry. And I somehow poorly represent you in tears.

    JB: And for good reason. Sometimes I think that I am of the extremes: I have concrete frame and I show a unique tenacity or stubbornness lamb, then I melt like chocolate - especially for women look ...

    Your parents are divorced, you grew up in a so-called single-parent family, with the mother ...

    JB: Yeah, I was eighteen years old, when they separated. My father, as I learned later, was stunning, immensely charming, cheerful, generous and absolutely irresponsible people. Once again, I saw it when I was 16. Returned from school, and my mother says my father is waiting for you at a restaurant near our home. He came into the restaurant and identified him only by his sister near - she sat with him at the table. The only thing that could then say, "Why were not you with us all these years?" And then cried for about three hours ... Anyway, when I felt that we are ... how shall I say ... conserved pain. Unexpressed, unmanifested pain, resentment can sit in us over the years. And well, if they throw out once in tears. Bitterness worse. That's when I instinctively came to the conclusion that feelings should be given out. It is healthier and more honest. And my mom was. Real fighter. Sometimes, it happens, I say, come on, Mom, but to hell with it. And it is - no, no pulls and direct confrontation is not afraid. This, of course, the character, but also quite conscious position, too - honesty in a relationship with the world.

    Her opinion means a lot to you?

    JB: And always meant and will mean. Anyway, when I was kicked out in disgrace upscale law firm, she was the only person to whom I did not know how to say it. And not because he was afraid of her conviction. The fact that it was a positive program crashes, as they say in psychological brochures. I was an excellent student in school, got a scholarship at the Law Faculty of the University of Glasgow. And while our family is actually from the working class, and my admission to law school has become something like "Wow, in one of our university!". I mean, I always wanted to be an actor, even playing in the Scottish Youth Theatre teenager. But as a matter of life ... The Scottish actor was then the world-one - Sean Connery ... In short, I decided to reach real. The University almost shine, even became president of the faculty of the Law Society. After university I took an intern at a major Edinburgh law firm with an established reputation, centuries-old, I must say. I was supposed to pass a two-year probation, according to its results to get a license to work and I will be in the same company - the rails are attorneys. But something inside me clicked and cranked ... broke. I was 24, the success of turn my head, started partying before breakfast, was arrested a couple of times on "hooliganism" - I loved the fight ... So, a week before the lawyer's qualifications fired me to hell, and deservedly so. I, of course, survived the shock - I did before was a permanent winner. Besides walking the Edinburgh Festival, and I was on the play based on the novel Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh, who later became a film Danny Boyle's "Trainspotting." The guy who played the title role, was just a phenomenon. He moved so freely, so easily fell into hysterics, so brilliantly portrayed glitches ... and I keenly piercing, painful feeling that I could be there on the scene. But still lost, I'm 25, I'm not an actor, and I will not, and I was fired even from lawyers ... I know what it is to feel lost, to be unreasonably aggressive ... And while I have nothing so do not panic, as the need to say about the collapse of his mother! I was afraid to upset her and was afraid of her disappointment. And when he said, I realized that there will be no worse, and now I can. And then told my mom that finally decided to become an actor, and moved from Edinburgh to London. And the failure was actually a godsend. Although at first I worked in the kitchens of restaurants, the waiter pointed to the mall as elektroigrushki work. The then top of my classes - the telemarketer to "shop on the couch."

    But what was the reaction of your mother?

    JB: I am a long time thought that it condemned me, I'm really disappointed her. But two months later received a letter: "If you're happy, I'm proud of you."

    You 43rd, many are wondering why you are not married and did not even noticed in any serious way ...

    JB: I just talent - talent to keep their secrets. Was a relationship that lasted for 5 years, 2 years, and no one, not one tabloid of them did not recognize. But they excitedly wrote about Jennifer Aniston on the age they depend much less , Hilary Swank and more of the 50 actresses with whom I was doing, or just friends, interviewed at the official reception - what was then my passionate love affair ... But you know, three years ago, when a new acquaintance asked me a question, I married, and I answered that no, not married, people would say, well, you're still young. And now I've noticed that people react rather surprised, like - why is this? I myself now react to this with surprise.

    And yet - you feel happy?

    JB: In my opinion, happiness - is if we live now, here at the moment, knowing that only our present, and really ... I would so like to - to live in the flow of happiness. Happiness, a sense of reality of its existence. I think now I finally ceased to live only to work. Ran a "Harley" in the southern states. Learned to surf. Played football with his nephews ... But listen to yourself now ... God, what an idiot I am! Traveled, studied and played ... Where I'm running?

    Three strange places that he visited

    • County jail in Los Angeles, where he landed "was drunk" during the annual trip to the United States after graduation and where he was chained to the same eight hooligans.

    • Betty Ford Center for sufferers of alcohol and drug addiction, which is recognized Butler, "stimulate the desire to run out soon - everything is so well thought-out, so aesthetically, there are admirable interiors and landscapes - ecstasy ... And so you want to quickly recover and get back to this puppet in the real world. "

    • Impoverished suburbs of Johannesburg (South Africa), the so-called townships, where Butler starred in the film "Machine Gun Preacher," Marc Forster, where homes are sometimes built from cardboard boxes and where they live, according to the actor, "possibly the poorest, but undoubtedly the most open-minded people in the world. "

  4. Below is a link to the translated article. It's google's translation of the article so the wording is a little awkward but you can still understand what he said.

    I bustedout laughing when I read the caption under the picture of him from Playing theField that was in this article. In someforeign countries, for various reasons they have to change the name of the movie … well ….

    6 December romantic comedy "Men like hotcakes"

    Translation of interview <-right click link, "open link in new Tab"or "open link in new Window"

  5. Coriolanus finally came to Dallas Texas. I saw it today. It's ok, not great. Gerry speaking Shakesphere is so cute. There's also a short scene with Gerry shaving Ralph Fiennes head with electric shears. I giggled at that although it's not meant to be a funny scene.

    The biggest problem is the head held camera technique which can make some people, including me, nauseous. I thought I would never watch this movie again because of this, however, there are a lot of closeups of Gerry that are so tight you swear that you can feel his breath on you. He looks really good in every scene. That's saying a lot since the men are not wearing any kind of makeup or eye gel to smooth out their imperfections. But we already knew that Gerry is perfect.

    Gerry is in the first 15 minutes of the movie, then he's not in another scene until an hour and 10 minutes into the movie. I thought they might make his part bigger than what it is in the play but his part is really small. Many of the scenes he's just standing in the background but they show shots of his reaction to what is going on.

  6. If you would like to see how much money MGP is making at the box office and where it ranks against other current releases you can go to...

    Box Office totals

    I don't understand why movies that have the same or lower budget than MGP, i.e. "I don't know how she does it" and "What's your number," are advertised all over the place but I have yet to see any kind of advertisement for MGP.

    I'm afraid the movie theates will give up on it. I saw it again this past weekend on a Saturday night and there were only 15 people in the theatre.

  7. Hi Theresa,

    Most cable providers in the U.S. have "On Demand" which means you get to pick a movie or program from a list they have. Some of the shows are free and some, like HowardTV or new movies, are $2-$4 to watch one specific movie or program. Then you can usually get the option to watch the show as many times as you want in a 24 hour period. Gerry's interview was about an hour and 18 minutes but for some reason they cut it down to 44 minutes on HowardTV.


  8. Even though there are two cities in Texas on the list, they're so far away from where I live they might as well be in other states! Dallas is over 300 miles away and Houston is over 200 miles away. At least a 4 hour drive, ONE way to see a movie. I thought about flying to Houston, but then, I'd have to rent a car to get to the theater and back to the airport. Taxis would be out of the question....way too expensive. :(

    Lady Elissa,

    I live in Dallas. You can fly Southwest Airlines from San Antonio to Dallas Love Field Airport for $149 round trip. Love Field Airport is in the middle of town and is less than 5 miles (according to Mapquest) from the Angelika theatre that is showing MGP. You can also fly into the Dallas/Ft Worth International Airport but that airport is about 20 miles away from the theatre. I am going to see the movie after work on Sept 30th.

    If you decide you want to come to Dallas then e-mail me and I can help you decide where to go and stay in Dallas.


  9. I found one pic of him at the party at the Shreveport Times website. He is in pic # 53 in the "Queen, Prince, Princess Party" photo gallery. Here is the link to the pic. I tried to add the pic to the post but the system would not let me.


    While looking for a pic to the above party I found a pic of him from with some local soccer kids. I'm sorry if this was already posted:


    Posted Image

  10. Hi Sue, thanks for the ebay information. I will check it out. I can't wait to see some of his older stuff. The most expensive old movie I saw for Gerry was The Young Persons Guide to being a Rock Star for $424.00??!!

    Hi Delene and Angel of Music, I agree with you that I've heard that movies don't take 6 months to shoot anymore. They shoot them within 2 months. Playing the Field is shooting from March 28th to May 20th according to http://www.featurefilmauditions.com/2011/02/auditions-information-for-independent.html


  11. There was a casting call for extras in yesterday's Shreveport Times. Here is the link and the story:


    Casting call set Saturday for film

    Tara Duncil, of BAM Casting, will hold an open casting for background extras to appear in the feature film, "Playing the Field," starring Gerard Butler, Uma Thurman and Jessica Biel.

    Filming begins March 28 in Shreveport.

    The casting call will be held from noon to 6 p.m. Saturday at Millennium Studios, 300 Douglas St., in Shreveport. Those interested should bring a nonreturnable 4-by-6 photo of themselves and vehicles.

    The casting call is for people of all ages and ethnicities. Needed are stand-ins and photo doubles, upscale men and women of all ages, business types of all ages, TV personalities and sportscaster types, soccer mom, dad, family types, nanny types, children 9 to 11 years old (soccer players a plus), upscale vehicles, mini vans and SUVs.

    Those unable to attend the open casting call can register by visiting www.bamcastingla.com. All chosen to work will be paid.


    Anyone going? :wave:


  12. According to the New Orleans newspaper:

    Millennium Films feature film Playing the Field starring Gerard Butler will shoot March 28th to May 2011 in Shreveport.

    Here is the link for the above short mention of the film: http://www.nola.com/movies/index.ssf/2011/02/what_do_brad_pitt_bruce_willis.html

    http://www.louisianaentertainment.gov/film/projects.cfm?form=503 also mentions the movie will be filmed in Louisiana.

    Is this Gerry's first time in the south?


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