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  1. GERRY!!!! :party: Have a Wonderful Day God Bless michelle
  2. Thanks. Always nice to see new photos of Gerry. But, Oh, those blue shoes are killing me! He is such a typical guy who gets new shoes, but they have no clue they don't go well with green cargo pants. Can't help but wonder what that meeting was about. Those gentlemen looked "all" business to me.
  3. Exciting news and this sounds like it could turn into a possible franchise. I guess now we wait for a co-star and a filming start date. Here is the link to the video game site for Kane & Lynch and Kane's profile. Interesting news the character of Kane is British. Maybe he can be Scottish LOL http://www.kane-lynch.com/Kane%27sProfile.html
  4. I was thinking maybe Gerry is doing some prep work for a film he was attached to in 2012 - Manhunt. This article on Oct 8th reports that the movie has a new director but they were not sure if Gerry was still involved. http://www.tracking-board.com/tb-exclusive-nick-cassavetes-is-leading-a-manhunt/ There was also a facebook post from the owner of the hotel Gerry was staying at this park noting he was sorry Gerry didn't get to see a black bear and he said he could send him a photo. Maybe it is just wishful thinking on my part that he could be doing some prep work to play the bear hunter for this movie. It would be great if this would film before Gods of Egypt which is slated for early 2014.
  5. Thanks for posting the photos. I have to say Gerry needs to get a little California sun because he is looking so pale in all of these recent photos where he is walking. Or the photographers need to adjust their camera speed LOL I wonder what the guy is up to???
  6. Good to see some movement on this movie and I hope Gerry is still attached. Gods of Egypt is scheduled to shoot early next year so I hope he won't have to exit due to conflict. I also hope he won't play the bad guy in this film because I hate to see him be the villain in two movies in a row.
  7. photos! Can you imagine walking past Gerry in NYC yesterday, that would be so fab.
  8. :claphands: Congratulations to the Jamaica Tallawahs! And how cool was that for Gerry! Thanks to all for posting the photos and videos. I never saw cricket played,Gerry has contributed to my sports knowledge LOL
  9. I think Gerry has found his second calling as a sports team owner. He enjoys everything he does I really admire that.
  10. Looks like Gerry is causing a lot of excitement with his appearance. I hope his team does well.
  11. This is really cool that it topped that list for 2 months! Next week the DVD is released I hope the sales are high!
  12. Any news if this happened or not? Today is August 4th so the shoot should be finishing up if they are on schedule. Wish we knew were he would be heading next.
  13. Thanks becozy for the heads-up to this forum. Can't wait to hear what this comedy short is going to be about. Hope when it is released we get to see it in the U.S.
  14. Gerry is looking a little tired or maybe it was that pesky flash in his face Perez Hilton had an article about those photos today and had some fun with Gerry's outfit - I wouldn't mind cleaning Ger-Bear's apparel either!
  15. This is exciting news, I wonder what Gerry wrote about the Phantom. The Amazon listing is for a hardcover book, I wonder if there will be a news stand edition also. michele
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