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  1. Took the wordsd right outta my mouth!!
  2. Had to come out of hiding to comment on this one!! Damn!! I...I really have no words.
  3. I'm late to all of these important posts. Mine is pretty obvious though. LoriW- Lori or Ri Ri (sounds like ree ree...nickname i was given by coworkers 8 years ago that just stuck)
  4. As much as I'm loving these new pictures, I agree that the paps need to back off for at least a day or two! Sorry, I tend to get a little emoticon happy. Apologizing in advance for any future posts.
  5. Big THANK YOU for the virtual con! I watched last years videos and caught most of this years' live stream. I must say that I HAVE to be there next year! Y'all seem like such a close-knit community, like a family that I'd love to officially be a part of (once I get past my noob status ) Amazing job to everyone involved! ~Lori
  6. Thanks!! I'm only almost 3 months too late. :)

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