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  1. I can't remember her name but the one who won a lot of the POTO costumes on ebay has put them on display in her home I believe and I have heard it is like $5 to be able to go in a look at them. She bought them so that nothing would happen to them and they would be taken care of. She had the right intentions in my opinion when she bought all those costumes. I dont' have that kind of money. I tried contacting the seller about the codpiece about letting a group of us go in on buying it but she never returned my email. I just hope a true Gerry fan gets the codpiece and saves it from some vulture. I have to agree with an earlier statment. I don't know that it is as much about the codpiece as it is about the fact that he gave this up for charity and for one of his fans to have something from him and she tarnished what he had done. You know what just caught my attention also is the bidders are hiding themselves also. Whenever I have bid on things I have seen the peoples names. It is amazing how much this is being kept so secret on ebay
  2. Believe it or not today was the first time I got on the computer. We went to the Irish dinner last night and then I went to mass this morning then headed over the party. I"m just bummed I didn't even get the $1000 because there were 500 people that won that.
  3. Good night and sweet Gerry dreams. I hope you have a good day at work
  4. Hi ladies I just got home a little bit ago from the birthday party. The twins are sooo cute. We had their first birthday party today. Bumming news I did not win the St. Patrick's Day Raffle. I had to get my front breaks done yesterday and in the next couple of weeks I need to get my back ones done. I have to call the dealership tomorrow about getting in to get my left control arm replaced. Let's see if I can think of anything else. LOL I feel like screaming when do I get a break. It's been a year already. A swear a person can only take so much. Sorry if it seems crabby I thinkg something else is coming today and the first day is not pretty attitude wise. I can't wait until Friday. It is soooo needed. I can't wait to hit that hot tub on Friday and Butler university on Saturday. I'll be lurking while I do laundry for tomorrow.
  5. My understanding is it is supposed to released over the summer, I believe August the last I heard
  6. That's fine. So we will need to be up early on Sunday does that mean Starbucks for the ride home. LOL
  7. Stacie I got it. The only other thing I need is what airline Once we get closer to the day we can let you know the best place to meet at the airport. It will probably be outside baggage. Really bummed Men in trees was not on tonight.
  8. I am telling ya'll if you want to make sure a package arrives quickly put a confirmation sticker on it. I just mailed samples down to Jen to put in the goodie bags for Indy yesterday. It arrived today in Indiana. It amazes me how things arrive the next day when I do that. Just a little FYI for those that did not know that
  9. that is probably the one non necessity item I would like to get is a laptop. There are so many times I am doing something or watching tv and I hear that someone posted and I think I got to get up now. I guess it gets me exercise. LOL
  10. Sorry I have not been on much. Each night I think I will be on myspace for a minute changing it up and next thing I know it is time to go to bed. I can't wait for next weekend.f I was just talking to Trixie tonight and realized I need to starting figuring out what to pack. I am taking the car in Saturday to just have it looked over for the trip. Hey Stacie have you send Trixie your schedule for Friday? Either one of us is fine. Since Ihave next Friday off I don't know how we are working that day. Trixie are you coming with me to the airport or are we swinging by your house afterwards????
  11. I know it is frustrating because I had a great siggy for my weight loss goal, but I did what I knew was best for the site. As frustrated and upset as we can be we need to make sure that we protect GALS and Dr. Em. I loved the pictures but I have to admit I have seen some pretty good ones since then.
  12. I have actually thought about this since the question asked at Wondercon. I think the reality is this is a movie about war and as Gerry has said it was one of the first stands for democracy. This battle took place in 480 b.c. could you compare to battles since then, I think the answer is absolutely. These 300 men stood up and fought for something they believed in and I think if you were to ask any country no matter what nationality they would do the same. Were the Persians painted in a good light in the movie, probably not, but I can think of a few times in our history that we would not be painted in such a good light. It's not being un patriotic it is being realistic. We make decisions we feel are right at the time and as we all know even in our personal lives when you look back you might have dones things differently. Now a days the littlest thing can start a debate and of course the media loves to cover the negative and not the positive. What I love the most about this site is that we can share our opinions, not get in heated debates and recognize the positive. Here is my positive: We saw a movie this weekend that showed an historical battle< yes with studio flair, about a group of men that stood up for what they believed was right and very possibly changed how we know the world today. Gerry is going to get recognized as the talented actor we have always known him to be. And lastly people are more than likely having in depth debates about subjects they never would have. How better to broaden yourself as a person. I can only hope and pray this does not become about nationalities and current wars but an opportunity to learn from them and maybe just maybe make different decisions in the furture. I hope no one takes offense to this because nothing was meant that way. It was something I was thinking about since I saw the wondercon interview. I'm on dial up so I'll have to watch the CNN report tomorrow.
  13. What I don't understand is if she wanted to sell it why she didn't contact the site and have them set up an auction on the item amongst his fans. Why did she open it up to a world of complete and sometimes crazy strangers. My fear is that someone would get it that wouldn't care one bit about it. My other fear is that Gerry will now think twice before giving anything for auction again. She could possibly have ruined it for everyone in the future to get a little pices of something that is from him.
  14. Gerry, I wanted to send you a huge congratulations on the success of 300. I have been anticipating this movie for so long. I saw it twice this weekend, once on IMAX and once on a regular screen and I have to tell you that it blew me away. It was beyond what I could have imagined. You did such an amazing job as King Leonidas that very early in it I forgot it was you. The way this movie was shot was amazing , new and fresh. I think everyone involved did an amazing job. Lena was spectacular as Queen Gorga. Congratulations on your success and Thank You for a wonderful experience in 300. Love, Miklyn
  15. I just saw a thread with an article that 300 did $70m for the 3 days. Way to Go Gerry and everyone else involved with the movie.. You deserve it. Miklyn
  16. I am not far behind. I have to take a shower and then get to bed. This was fun, Wish Trixie could have joined us. Have some gooood Gerry dreams, "My Lady" Night
  17. I'd take that dare. After seeing this movie I am more inspired to get my butt in gear to lose weight for Vegas. So I am taking my measurements and I got all healthy food today. I am going to start working out after work because I have a very cute ovutfit picked out from one of my catalogs that would work for Vegas. If I can pull that outfit off ---- I'll take yoru dare.
  18. I love it when I get inspired. Can't wait to see the new siggy. I thought he was sexy when he was teaching his son to fight. There is something sexy about a man bonding with a child. Oh when he looked at his son before he left about killed me. Then the whole "my lady" my emotions were up and down during this movie. I know understood Lena when she said in that one journal "surrounded by flesh" yeah baby. I'll take that job
  19. I could not get my eyes of those thighs when he was sitting on the edge of the bed. I want to give Mark Twain and award for all that he did. Gerry looked amazing. I know he would have laughed at us if he sat near us last night. Cheering, clapping, sighing. Cassie was laughing at me because I kept sighing at that amazing body. It is not as sexy but I loved when he came back after talking to Xerses and he has this tone in his voice when talking to men like "boys I just made things worse" and then he says " We're in for one wild night" I'll take a wild night baby
  20. I know the way he looked at her when he said "My Lady" makes you just want to tackle that man down. He takes two words and turns them into the sexiest two words out there. When he sits on the side of the bed and says it would take more than a drunken girl to remove his desire for her (i know I messed the words up but you know the scene). I would not have kept talking to him I would have just grabbed him and kissed him.
  21. During that whole scene with Gorga leading up to the love scene he has the best OMG looks on his face. I know Trixie was losing it everytime he looked angry.... so as you can imagine she was in Gerry heaven during the whole movie :spontaneous:
  22. And it would be so easy to start a bonfire.... Picture the moonlit and then picture Gerry standing there. Yeah I am feeling it
  23. I know just pray I am that lucky this Saturday with the St. Patrick's Day Raffle. I'll be honest I went by FYE and Spencers today to see if they had the 300 poster but they didn't. How bad am I
  24. I loved being able to run errands without a coat on.
  25. So I took a picture of my prize from last night. I won the raffle at our little get together last night and I have placed in on my desk. Patkay it is such a lovely picture to look at. I love the one you chose. Here is what it looks like, please excuse the desk. I am in the process of cleaning. http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b304/Miklyn1/P3110070.jpg
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