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  1. Cassie and I were talking yesterday about what a cute David was in the movie. Don't worry Cassie I know Dilios is yours. I just watching Gerry and Zach together because they are out of control.
  2. Bonnie are you going to the GALS convention in Vegas? This is my first time going but I have heard the stories from last year and it is going to be a blast. Oh when I first joined on a different site I was blown away by how inviting everyone was on the midwest thread. What I love about GALS is it doesn't matter where you are from everyone here is very friendly and welcoming
  3. I think a lot of us feel that way. I am watching Attila right now. It has been so long between movies you get out of it but with one great movie, I kind of feel like I did back in 2005. I am a giddy girl ove this man all over again. I wonder if he knows how much power he has I can't wait for Indy - 2 days of Gerry. I can't wait to get my Butler shirt
  4. Sorry Bonnie I am in Naperville, IL. You are more than welcome in here and if you are ever interested when we have get togethers, which is usually every couple of months, you are more than welcome to join us. How far of a drive is it from Cedar Rapids to Chicago?
  5. I know when I got home last night I laid on the couch and watch the making of 300 again
  6. No your not it is like everything gathering. You want to talk to everyone and some how you always miss someone. I am sure everyone feels that way. I know I do
  7. It was while we were standing outside the theatre last night and everyone was making final decisions. I think you were talking to Lois??
  8. ROS - it was so cool to meet you this weekend. I hope to see you at more gatherings. I know the first time it is very overwelming. I still remember my first gathering. I am glad you made it home ok. Terra and Stacie - I will bring the your goodie bags from this weekend to Indy. I am beyond excited that his movie has done so great. They are saying that it looks like $70m for the whole weekend. That would be amazing Patkay - Thank you for getting the tickets and restaurant arranged for us. Cassie - We will miss you in Indy but I can't wait to party with you in Vegas.
  9. I am getting ready to run out to the grocery store but I wanted to share this is ya'll had not seen it yet. The estimated total through Saturday for 300 is $52.2m. Our boy is wiping out the box office this weekend. I can't wait to see what the ending total after today is.
  10. I am with everyone here. The movie had so many great one liners. We had a great audience last night that laughed and even cheered when Gorgo took her revenge. It amazed me too how many people clapped at the end of the movie. Let's see, I loved the one about the cramp in the leg and I laughed when he said "no reason we can't be civil". I loved how Gorgo said his words back to him as she killed him. The end with "My Queen, My Wife, My love" is probably my favorite. The way he said My Love just broke my heart. He did such an amazing job in this movie. I voted for "You don't know our women" because well, The world doesn't know his women. I would love that on a shirt with GALS on it because the world doesn't know Gerry's women
  11. Just got home from tonights gathering. We had a great dinner at the greek restaurant. Paul is going to get to enjoy my left overs. We saw the movie again, it looks so different going from IMAX to a regular screen,but it was still amazing. I absolutely love this movie and I think Gerry does an amazing job in it. I am going to hit the hay but I will be on tomorrow as I clean my apartment. Terra I am hoping for some good Gerry dreams tonight.
  12. I swear I am off to bed after this. I hate feeling like I have not down town so I procrastonate on going to bed. How stupid. Anyway, Terra wanted to let you know I will have my goodies with me in Indy. So you can see it first hand also. Have fun at your St Pat's party. I played a lottery that was just here in Chicago and it is being drawn on St Pat's day. Keep your fingers crossed there are going to be 524 different payouts that night. I'll be on tomorrow. I am really gone now Sweet Gerry Dreams
  13. I can honestly say I have a lot to be grateful for. I am grateful my BIL made it through quadruple bypass surgery and is still here for my sister. I am probably the most grateful for finding Gerry, because it lead me to find a sweet lady who is now my best friend and partner in crime, Trixie.
  14. Miklyn

    Is Gerry married?

    I have to agree I love how this topic has changed. This is fun of this site. I am half Irish and half Scottish so I have some of the same coloring as Gerry, except he seems to tan better than I do, I am a brunette with very blue eyes. I never thought the day would come it would be good to be a brunette. I am like many I always wanted to be blond. I may put that thought out the window now
  15. I am off to bed since I have to get up early for work. It is a countdown until tomorrow night. I can't wait. I'll pop in tomorrow after work.
  16. I can't believe after all this waiting just 2 more days until we get to see him larger than we ever have on IMAX. I can't wait. I am probably going to work a little bit on Saturday since I think this is the last week for overtime, but we will see. They keep saying that. I can't wait to see everyone. Kelly - do you want me to bring the candles Friday or Saturday night?
  17. I am watching some of the Wondercon videos, thanks to dial up it is taking awhile, but it makes me wish I was there. They were hilarious. I loved his crack about Indiana and then Zach saying "I love Indiana" and Gerry dropping his head then covering it with hsi ooohhh so BIG hand. This is why we love this man
  18. Have a good night ladies. I probably won't be up much longer
  19. I wish I could be there to see them/him in person. Someday I want to do that -- I think it would be fun
  20. Everything takes me so long on dial up. I haven't been watching the web cam
  21. I love it, Trixie is adding something and you. I think we are walking away with some great goodies on Saturday. Gerry overload this weekend
  22. Kelly - Did you want to put your buttons in the basket I am doing. They will be more than enough room I really have cabin fever - I want fresh air and Gerry wouldn't hurt either
  23. I am in so much need of this weekend. The more I hear about the movie the more excited I am to see it. I am also interested in finding out more about the Watchmen. That looks interesteing too. I think Gerry and Zach have created quite the friendship.
  24. Hi ladies, Just working on some goodies for this weekend. My mom is taping Craig F. for me since I can't get in channel 2
  25. Terra I just got your catalog packet ready and I am mailing it out today. If you have any questions just ask.
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