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  1. Gosh it feels like forever since I have been on here. Gerry was so on Leno. I love hearing him tell his stories and I love that he sounded like the old Gerry again. I just love that Scottish accent. I went and got more memory for my computer yesterday. I am running a little faster, I shows in one screen that I have more memory but not in another. I don't get it. I also colored my hair yesterday. It turned out ok. Let's see I watch POTC dead man's chest and I have to say the first one was better. I was a little disappointed. Going to run out and do a few errands and then I will be back on.
  2. Hi Ladies, Not much going on here. I just got home from work. I have a sales meeting in the morning and then I will be working in the afternoon. Tomorrow night I think I am going to watch Pirates/Carribean 2 and veg out
  3. Hey ya'll. It has been a long day but all is good. Terra I found an extra catalog so I will get a packet in the mail to you this weekend. Waiting to see who gets kicked off American Idol tonight. Just playing on the computer so Im lurking around
  4. Hi ladies, everyone must be resting up for next weekend. Thank you for getting back to me Glenna, late yesterday afternoon I saw the thread about the 300 dvd so as you can imagine I was at best buy last night. I got the dvd and watched. It is really cool especially since I am dial up and didn't get to see all the journals. Not much going on here, no surprise parties this weekend but that is good because I am working on the goodie bag for next weekend. I'll be on later, have to head to work. Miklyn
  5. Hi ya'll I have not vanished. I had the party Saturday night and then cleaned on Sunday. Yesterday after working 11 hours I came home and organized all my party forms from my parties this month then vegged out on the couch. I made my final payments for Indy and Vegas. I can't wait. I am working on the goodie bags for next weekend so I'm lurking around
  6. Good Morning, By the time I got out of the party the side streets were not great and I almost got stuck in my parking spot but once I got on the main roads and expressways they were not that bad. I honestly didn't expect that many girls to show up because of the weather so I was pleasantly surprised. I think I am going to run by the library today and get copies of some tax paper, see what audio books they have and also what other celtic music they have. I have really gotten into listening to my lifescapes Scottish Moors Cd at work and want to get some variety. Other than that I think I am going to take a quick view at taxes today and get an idea of how good or bad they are going to be. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHANNON Oh Trixie it looks like we are no longer getting the peppermint **** and I know Paul thought they were funny so if he wants my sample set let me know. So did he take the gummies to work?
  7. I just got home from my party in Chicago. The roads are a mess. I hope everyone is home safe and sound. Probably in bed. They were a bunch of fun ladies, but not like mine from last Saturday. About 11 showed up. It was worth me going out there. Still no one has been able to sign my case. A little disappointed but that is ok. I am going to jump in the shower and then veg out for a little bit
  8. sorry i disappeared. I wanted to see the american idol voting and then of course Grey's anatomy. I see that no one has been on tonight. hope all is good
  9. First off you are very lucky ladies. That is soooo cool you were able to see the movie last night. I would love to have gone but I could not go without my partner in crime. I have a feeling we are going to be sliding out of our seats watching this movie. I should probably start apologizing now for who ever has to sit next to us (those in Indy during Phantom know what I mean) and he was fully fully clothed during that movie. As you can tell I am feeling much better today. I'll be lurking around while I work on the computer
  10. I hope everyone had a good day. I just finished watching American Idol. Trixie how was dance class? It seems like forever since we talked. Patkay - did you make it downtown and did you get in to see the movie? Stacie thanks for asking. I seem to be doing better just a couple little kinks I am still working out so to say. I am going to lay back down again. just thought I would pop in. Hope everyone has a good night. I'll pop in tomorrow after work.
  11. I almost made it all day. I did pretty good until after lunch. We had a town hall meeting and with everyone in the same room there was just no air circulation and I started feeling warm and then I started feeling sick so I had to leave after that. I only have 45 minutes I have to make up for today. Once my UPS shipment shows up I am going to lay back down, but I just had some cereal and I feel pretty good. I haven't wanted to eat that much for the last couple of days my hunger was just gone so I take that as a good sign. I can't wait to see if Patkay is able to get into the movie. I have a feeling it is going to be a madhouse down there tonight. I hope everyone had a good day and I will be lurking around
  12. Well I am going to attempt to go into work. I am already thinking I am not going to make it all day but I will at least attempt it. I don't have a fever anymore, at least at the moment. I'll let ya'll know how it goes. If I can make it all day I'll be home after 2:30 I'll check in later
  13. I just got back from running to the bank and post office and I have to tell ya'll I saw a billboard for 300 on Ogden Avenue. How exciting.
  14. Well, I am doing much better. I took a shower and I feel human again I am going to run out to the bank soon and then lay around some more. I am going to attempt going to work tomorrow. I swear I never get sick but when I do it is major. Kelly - I will have your candles for you in March. Missed you at the party Saturday night. I can't wait for 300. Those pictures from the conference are to die for. Those eyes
  15. Just checking in with everyone. Well I am down from 102 to 100, that is a good sign and I don't feel sick everything I go to stand up. Little things just get me reall tired easily. I am hoping to be able to run out to the bank and the post office later, but my main goal is to jump in the shower I feel like crap. I don't want to do that until the fever breaks but at some point I will jump in there. Not much else going on just laying around. If I can I will pop in later.
  16. I will probably just post this one time today. I am hope sick today with a fever. Everything takes so much energy when you have a fever. I hope everyone is having a good day and I will pop back in when I feel up to it.
  17. They are talking about Autism on home makeover. I don't know if it is worth it but I wanted to tell you
  18. Wow those eyes are amazing. I think it is because of the darker background they just pop. He looks soooo gooood
  19. Your too funny. I do miss tanning I have been so thirsty today. All I want is water. I wonder if its the weather? We will be busy tomorrow. We have 2 weeks to get our client caught up...I don't think it will happen because the other girls really aren't pushing it too much but I found out if we don't the company could inforce mandatory overtime, doesn't effect me, but will ruin their worlds. I guess if you don't do the overtime during that time it counts against you. This should be interesting. I batched a lot of work on Sat so all it needs to do is be entered. If we can't blow through one day tomorrow there is a serious problem
  20. Believe it or not those pictures really pushed me to get my cleaning done today. Now that I have a clean apartment, almost all clean laundry once this load get done. I have no excuses to not work out when I get home at night. I think I am going to have to pop in some Tony this week and get to working out. Why does it always take pictures to make you really see what you look like? It is nice to see a clean place and I have candles going so it is starting to smell really good too. Tomorrow is going to be at least at 10 hour day for me too.
  21. One more load of laundry and I am done., I can not wait to just sit down on the couch and watch desperate housewives and brother/sister, even though I have a feeling I will dose off during one of them. (ha ha)
  22. I know what you mean. I went to bed sometime after 3 and was up by 8:30. I saw you logged on not too long after that. I felt bad for you. I didn't message you because I knew you were probably tired and needing coffee.
  23. You have got to be so wiped out. I am starting to get tired but I think that is from cleaning all day. I had fun and believe it or not I was a little awake when I got home. I ssear tose power naps work
  24. Hello Ladies, I have been cleaning most of today. I have been scrubbing like crazy. My place really needs it. Last night was so much fun, THANK YOU TRIXIE, for throwing a great party. I hope you weren't too tired this morning. I saw you were on pretty early. I am sure you took a nap with the kids today. Not much going on. Doing laundry, dishes and getting ready to vaccum I'll be lurking around
  25. I just got home. I had to run my SIL over to the grocery store because there is something wrong with the breaks on their car. The way she described it I am thinking either a seal broke becasue she seem to have lost pressure. At least she wasn't driving when it happened. Trixie sorry I had to cut the call short, she would not have been able to handle me driving and talking on the phone at the same time. I am going to hit the hay so I can be ready for tomorrow. I got the cranberry bread mix so after work I will make that and then give you a call before I load the car and head over. I am really in the mood for tomorrow night. I'll pop in tomorrow after work. I am just really tired right now.
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