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  1. I thought I would go ahead and start a new thread. I am going to bed. I have to get up early tomorrow. It is going to be a long day. I didn't get home until around midnight. I thought there was only going to be 7 or 8 girls based on her email and it ended up being eleven. Ladies it was over $600. I knew I just had to go back to thinking the way I did in the beginning. I'll be on tomorrow after work. Trixie let me know if you want to get together. If you don't feel up to it I understand. Everyone have a good day tomorrow. Oh by the way the new Gerry pics :inlove: I'm gonna have good dreams tonight
  2. Well ladies I am off to my party tonight. Wish me a lot of orders. I'll be on after the party. It starts at 6:45pm which means I might be out by 10 if it is like any of my other parties. Don't have too much fun without me. I'll talk to ya'll later
  3. I'm off to work. Everyone have a great day and try to stay warm Trixie if you want to get together tonight just leave a message on my cell phone. I will probably be working until 5pm. If I don't hear from you I will see you on the boards when I get home.
  4. Trixie I can't Friday night because of the party. If it is too crazy we could always do wine and movies Saturday night if he goes to Miami. I know that doesn't get you out of the house but I could bring Dove Chocolates and a sharpie :hmm2: If you don't have plans for Sunday we could make a night of it and I could sleep on the couch :ohbaby2: If not we can do something another night
  5. Hi ladies, Kelly I was wondering that myself. I will have to run out and support him and get the magazine. Welkcome ladies, come join in anytime. Not much going on here. Patkay I have been wearing the suede coat and it has kep me warm the last few days. I'll be lurking around
  6. Hi ladies I wasn't hiding I just didn't get any notifications that ya'll were posting. So I just sat on the couch and watched American Idol. Got news my BIL will be coming home today. My Mom will probably be heading down there the end of this week. Off to work, Hey Trixie let me know if you want to grab a bite this week if not we coudl do something on Saturday. I don't know yet if they are offering overtime but I wouldn't stay late if we had plans. I'll be on after work
  7. Hey ladies, I had every intention of posting earlier. I started cleaning up stuff on my computer then I thought I will reboot it. So while it was doing that I went and laid in my bed (bad idea) because it was warmer in there and yeah well I'm just getting up again. I am going to print up a few business cards for my video business then run by dominicks and check on my other business cards and then put these up. Other than that not much else planned. I love the idea of the slumber party. I can't wait for Indy. I am even more excited now. I'll have to start a count down. Even though it will show up really fast. With all the parties this month and then getting ready for our premiere 300 weekend. Indy will be in here in no time. I'll be lurking while I work on the business cards
  8. Well the goodies just arrived so I think I might run out to walmart real quick and then pick up some taco bell on the way home. I haven't had that in a long time. Then I am all yours ladies if anyone is in the mood to chat tonight
  9. Hello ladies got out of work on time today. I am now wating for UPS to show up. I am going to be doing dishes and some cleaning I think while I wait. My BIL had his surgery today and it went really good. He is in ICU right now. The doctor said when they got in there they found a little bit more so it ended up being a quadruple bypass. (don't think I spelled that right), but all is good. I'll be lurking around until UPS shows up
  10. I don't have any news on my BIL, they had to move his surgery to tomorrow. Now I guess he is getting a little nervous because he has had time today to just think about it. I faxed out two resumes today. Now it is the wait and see. I hate that part of it. I was just talking with Trixie today and realized it has been awhile since I have watched a Gerry movie. I think this weekend I will have to pick one out. I'll actually be getting off work on time tomorrow because I have to be home for a UPS delivery, but I will be working all day on Saturday. I'm heading to bed but I will be on tomorrow while I am wating for my delivery.
  11. Sorry I haven't been on much today. I got a call from my Mom today that my BIL is going to be having a triple bypass tomorrow. I knew he was going in for tests today but we were not expecting this. I am not too worried he is in really good shape. They caught it before he ever had a problem. Please keep him in your thoughts. His surgery is at 9am tomorrow. When I get home tomorrow I will let ya'll know how things went. Not much else going on here.
  12. I think I am heading to bed. I have another long day ahead of me tomorrow. I'll pop in after work. Everyone have a good night
  13. I have to say in all honesty the people that are mean are the ones that tell some of these people they should go and try out. There were people on tonight that never should have even been there. The judges were actually not that bad tonight. I think to put it in perspective, like the day we went to deal or no deal downtown. We got there around 8am and the day starting raining around 4pm and the judges were still trying to see people and that was just for deal or no deal. Now imagine listening to really bad singing for that long. It would be hard for me to even still be nice after that long of a day and they are on their 3rd city.
  14. Is anyone else watching American Idol. These people are killing me right now
  15. Sleeping in would be nice. It would also give me the ability to get a good trainer and get in shape for the first time in a log time. Then have the money to be able to just go clothes shopping
  16. I know what you mean. If I were independently wealthy it would allow me to spend more time with charities that I love. Plus I could go to Scotland and Ireland
  17. Believe me it is not by choice but I need to make sure I am covered at least until the end of February. I will have to decide what I am doing past that.
  18. That would be so cool for both of you. I just emailed my SP manager and told her that I want to work closely with her this year to make this my main job before the year is out. I am really tired of having my life and sanity in the hands of people that don't care about it.
  19. Kelly I am right ther with you. I'll be supporting you in the job and weight loss and you can do the same. We can make this a better year. Imax Climax that is exactly what I needed today. I will be putting in crazy hours for the next week as it looks like next week may be the last week for overtime. I am going to see if I can squeeze 20 out this week and hopefully 15 next week. We will see. I'll be lurking around
  20. Well you are losing me now. I have got to hit the bed. I'll be back on tomorrow after work I know you will do great on your exam
  21. I get them hit and miss. It must be from all the changes that they have done
  22. I can think of one job I would do for him and not complain at all
  23. I can think of someone I wouldn't mind working for and I would gladly do whatever my boss told me to do. I know I'm a Naughty Kitten :angel2:
  24. I'm ok this time around. I am spending more time on Surprise parties and my video business. So I just need to find something that will pay enough to cover bills but it won't be my life. I am more excited aobut the parties. I have 4 so far for next month and one more to be scheduled. I am going to work hard on really growing this business.
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