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  1. Hi Stacie, I'm just waiting for the first coat of paint to dry so I can put another one on. I am trying to get everything organized so when I come home from work, I can work out then spend time on my parties. By the end of this week I should have everything in order. I can't wait for Indy. It is much needed
  2. Hi girls, I decided to not put in a long day today. I am going to be working on decorating my "toy chest" for my shows. I am having to wait until probably Feb to find out if I get the day off or it I have to work part of the day that Friday. At least it is only about 4 hours to get there. I'll be lurking around
  3. Night Stacie. I am with you I will not be up as late as last night. It is starting to get to me. Have Sweet dreams
  4. I've got the stamina if he does. It could go all night. And what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,,, Baby Hey Trixie when you get a chance I seem to have misplaced that photo of AJ watching the phantom and I need it for that project I am working on. Could you email it to me.
  5. I know exactly what that man coudl get me for my birthday and ya'll saw it in the new 300 picture. Oh yes, that is all he needs to get me
  6. Absolutely little black cocktail dress. I'll celebrate my birthday in Vegas....and if it involves something tall dark and well you know. I'm ok with that too.
  7. Thanks I wish I knew what I did so I could keep it up.
  8. Those are cute photos. So AJ did good in school today. That is good. Is he going for the tests tomorrow? Maybe that will help figure things out. Mom was saying he may just be jealous of Lanie which is a possiblity. I don't think I will do a pamper night but I am good right now. You go girl on the treadmill. I don't know what I did but I lost 4lbs. I weighed myself before my shower and was shocked.
  9. I will take it anyway that man wants to give it....yeah I said that. I left work a little earlier tonight just because it was my b-day. I am thinking about going to the mall this weekend and getting a shirt from Steve and Barry's. It has a turtle on the front and it says " yes it's all about me." it is really cute.
  10. Thank you ladies. The birthday wishes really made my day. Not much going on here. The girls at the office put Happy Birthday confetti on my desk and got me a card and cake. I'm still waiting for my b-day snog..... Gerry where are you I'll be lurking around
  11. I'll be on tomorrow. I have no plans for tomorrow night. I'll be seeing Trixie on Friday Have a good night and I am right behind you
  12. yes there is. I haven't had a good Gerry dream in awhile. Probably not sleeping in is doing it. I used to love my Gerry dreams.
  13. I love it. I think there is probably some truth to that. I mean look at him. He could have anyone he wants and until there is an official ring on his finger... he is still a man
  14. I miss having the ability to just ask for the time off. At my last job I had 3 weeks vacation and I never had a problem getting it. It is not hard to become a fan of Gerry's. I have always said that he has something that just sucks you in.
  15. I know when I come up with a cute idea to give out I want to send it right away. That is so sweet of you. I hope you have as much fun as we did last year. We might get a little crazy but it is all good. I am trying to get the day off but I probably won't know until sometime in Feb.
  16. Yes I did go last year. It was a lot of fun. They say to plan on 5 years to really get a business going so I am trying to change my mindset for the long haul
  17. I did get some new ideas on how to increase business. Like one girl puts the business card magnets on the back of her cards and then when she goes shopping she leaves them on her trunk and when she comes out she just picks up any that are left. Another one puts hers up on the info boards at the grocery stores. I am working on some postcards that I could leave places too. Most the girls I talked to said it was in their second year that things seemed to click and I just started my second year so I hope it starts clicking soon I have two parties in Feb so far and I am working on trying to get some more. I am thinking of holding an open house in April or May depending on the weather.
  18. Yeah it has a lot of big columns. It was cool. It was nice to take a walk Saturday. It was about 4 blocks from the hotel. Trixie knows had it been Chris Cagle ... I would not have left that boy alone. I would have been all over that, but Willie Nelson it was a little easier to let him be. I know I am so shocked by the weight loss but happy.
  19. I'm back and feel much better now. I used so much hairspray Saturday night and I just wanted it out. I feel asleep yesterday before I could jump in the shower. One cool thing Willie Nelson was on my flight out of Chicago. I didn't say anything to him because so many were talking to him and it was so dang \early I thought that was not nice, but it was cool to see him. It was a lot of fun Saturday. We had a funny speaker at our meeting in the afternoon. He talked about the differences between men and women. Then I took a walk down to Centenial Park and saw a replica of the Parthanon(?). Came back to the hotel and took a short nap then got ready for that evening. They gave away a ton of awards and the girl that one the car lives here in Chicago. So if anyone around here you just might see a Surprise Party car. Got a few new ideas for trying to get parties. My new motto for this year is Work Smarter not Harder. I just weighted myself and I am 3 lbs lighter than my weight back in October. I haven't weighted myself in awhile but I know I have probalby lost more becasue I gained a little bit. I think I will keep taking the stairs at work.
  20. Hello ladies, Just popping in real quick to say Hi. I am going to jump in the shower and then come back and tell you about my weekend. See ya'll in a little bit
  21. Good night ladies May you have Hawt Naughty Gerry Dreams oh Trixie you would be so proud of me I took the stairs twice today. My legs were killing me and I couldn't breathe but I did it
  22. I'd take every inch (wink wink) of that bad boy. Hey Trixie do you know off hand can I take prescrip. medicine on the plane or should I put it in the suitcase. I'm taking my stuff for my tooth just in case
  23. Well ladies, you are losing me, but thank you for the nice thoughts before bed. I will be back on here Sunday afternoon. Trixie I'll try to give you a call sometime tomorrow so you know I made it ok. Have a great weekend ladies
  24. Based on that photo.... he could take the lead away from Andre.
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