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  1. I am thinking Kelly too. Hi Linda - Glad to see you over here. We are slowly getting the gang over here. I love his look. Curious if they are keeping it through the whole movie or if this is his younger look and it will change as they get to NY as he gets older
  2. Absolutely Irene you can join. It doesn't matter where you live. It is all about the fun and of course the man himself.
  3. Hi Marissa - The more the merrier. Absolutely come join in with us.
  4. Suz you are more than welcome to jump in. We me be a part of the midwest but we have girls from all over that join in and some even fly in for our get togethers.
  5. First I would like to say Thank you to Stef and Dr. Em tor welcoming us to GALS and giving us this forum. We are a goup of ladies from the midwest that get together every couple of months to have Gerry themed nights. We will post on here when we have them planned and we would love to see new faces. We welcome everyone to jump in and join us in our chats here. To introduce myself, I am Miklyn. I am from the Chicago area and enjoy reading, making necklaces and crafts. My best friend who I met thanks to Gerry is Trixie, aka Melissa. She is my partner in crime. :: I am currently looking for work and I am a part of the Getting healthy with GALS thread. My favorite Gerry characters are Johnny Dunne, Beowulf and The Stranger. We are ready to jump in and have a blast here.
  6. Wow that was a great story. You must have had so much fun being there. Thank you for sharing the story. So it was his voice on the backtrack he was singing too? That is too bad he doesn't have Lolita with him. I bet he misses her a lot.
  7. You can count me in too. I have seen them before but I have a feeling with you ladies it will be a much better experience. They won't know what hit them.
  8. Miklyn

    Ask GALS

    I might have missed this and if I did please direct me in the right direction, but did any write up anything from the Q&A with Tonya. I was curious what was asked and what the answers were.
  9. I am like Sirena, I have followed different celebs since I was little and I have to say that Gerry's fans are very unique (in a good way), but than again so is he. He goes out of his way to talk to his fans and other celebs don't. As for the fans themselves, Gerry's fans are so friendly and welcoming and I think that speaks volumes about him. A person tends to be surrounded by people that are a lot like themselves. There is such a level of respect from his fans and this is probably the longest I have ever stayed tuned in on one celeb and honestly I don't see it fading anytime soon. I love how my life has changed since he has come in to it.
  10. Lori I love it. I have to agree I love men in kilts also. I just recently went to the highland games here and I was joking with my friend that I was going to wear a plaid skirt. I told her I am single and if I just so happen to find a guy in a kilt and we click I am thinkin' it is all around easy access But I was a good girl (for the record) :meninkilts:
  11. As you can tell I am new to the site and I just found this thread. It made my morning. I have learned so much. Why nothing under the kilts. I love Craig F's response when asked what Scotsmen where on their kilts and he said "On a good day lipstick" I learned the difference between nude and naked. I do have to agree that nude to me makes me think of art pieces and naked is a little more naughty. I don't think I would ever use either one with someone. I would come up with a sexier way of saying Let's take it off :: I am finally getting to go to Scotland next year, Hopefully, I have been laid off from work and trying to find a new job. Since Scotland is a year away I am hoping that nothing will ruin it with a new job. I have wanted to go there for sooo long. I am half Scottish and half Irish so I have wanted to go to Ireland and Scotland. Even before finding Gerry I have to admit I am a sucker to Scottish men. There is something about them that just, ya I'm done". I think I am going to be in a lot of trouble when I get to go over there next year ::
  12. Susan I wanted you to know that I sent a short but sweat email to NBC. I can't stand Conan I think he is condescending to his guests and doesn't really let them speak. He was funny at first but now it isn't. If I am up that late I watch Craig. I love Jay Leno especially how he is with his guests. I think because he is a celebrity in his own right he just talks to them like everyday people. His conversations come across very casual and I like that. I would hate to see Gerry out there promoting and not getting to see him and Jay goof around. I agree with the chant : We Want Jay & Gerry;' We Want Jay and Gerry, We Want Jay and Gerry
  13. Those girls are so lucky to have gotten to see him and Tonya at the convention. I wanted to go so bad but my job was in questions so I couldn't afford to go. I did get laid off. I was sitting here last night reading the posts thinking I should have just paid the money and been in Vegas. I can't wait to see the pictures and hear the stores.
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