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  1. Well I just talked to mom and she was selling me on what a great locaiton I have and for a two bedroom that is not bad rent. I don't think she wants me. LOL Anyway I am going to look and see if there are any cheaper rents but if I got to a one bedroom I will have to store some furniture and I wiould be close to the new rent. So one of tthe ideas was from each party set aside $100-$200 if I can and then just save that for rent and then in theory I am still paying the same rent if that makes any sense. So it looks like I might be staying in this area but I am going to look around and see what else is out there just in case.
  2. Well I just got a pleasant surprise when I got home. They have my new lease here for next year and they actually increased my rent $100 a month. There is no way I am going to be able to afford that so I might have to move in with mom for a little bit and travel back and forth which I don't care I did that once before. Trixie don't freak out because I will keep my job in Naperville and I can still do things straight after work. If we do a girls night on fridays i might just have to crash on the couch. Now I get to talk to Mom about it.
  3. I wanted to let ya'll know that my website is up now. I added it to my profile. Now I can start to offer virtual parties too. I am pretty excited about it.
  4. Terra I am so sorry to hear about your friend's mom. The hardest times are to come. I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers. I am cleaning tonight since I don't have to run anywhere tonight. I'll be lurking around
  5. I am home and beyond exhausted. It was a gun group of girls tonight. It was over $700 so I am pretty happy. It means I have the airplane and hotel money for Vegas Baby. I am going over what I need to order so I'll be lurking around for a little bit. I am also going to have to grab something to eat. I'm a little hungary
  6. I just read that and thought what the heck I can't spell
  7. Sorry I haven't been on much. I slept in a little bit today and then had to run a couple of errands. I am getting ready to leave for my Sunday party. It will take me a little bit to tell ya'll about last night's party so when I get home tonight I will fill ya'll in. It wasn't a bad party and I am looking at it as my website just got paid for so it's all good. Tonight I will hopefully be able to set aside the hotel money for Vegas and than any party in May will be spending/gambling money in Vegas. I'll pop in laster this party is supposed to start at 6pm so hopefully I will be home around 9-9:30 if all goes good. Everyone is probably outside enjoying the weather, it is beautiful outside
  8. Miklyn

    King Leonidas

    Wow that is absolutely breathtaking. You really captured that moment in the movie. I always tear up at that point.
  9. All I have left to do is get changed. I have spent most the afternoon getting ready and trying to find a map for this place. Must remember to invest in roads and trips after this becaues mapquest and yahoo are giving me a headache. She gave me directions but I would like to have a map to make sure I am headed the right direction.
  10. I hate to leave ya'll but I have to get ready for a last minute party I got for tomorrow night and I want to get to bed early. I have been getting to bed so late this week I am exhausted. The party is at 4:30 tomorrow and they have a stripper coming at 6:30 so I will be out of there fairly early so you will see me on tomorrow night. Trixie I'll give you a call tomorrow when I leave work before I have to leave out for the party. ladies have a lot of fun without me. Get the fires burning.
  11. Gemmie you are so funny. I know the first time I saw him I thought he was in his early twenties. Then I find out he is only 4 years younger than me. Good genetics
  12. after seeing that movie some many times this week I honestly can not stop thinking about those thighs and abs. And the way he looks at her when he is sitting on the edge of the bed.....Please please please why can't I be in that place. That was just hawt
  13. that's ok I don't need to look at the face at that moment. LOL
  14. Please don't let that be the "O" face. LOL I would use the chocolate pens to mark a trail for Gerry to follow. Plus who does not like licking chocolate
  15. I would put gold dust all over if I thought there was an option of getting licked by the man. LOL
  16. I think it is the gold dust. I love that stuff too.
  17. Cassie I am still looking but I am actually trying to work on an alternative that would make me my own boss (wouldn't that be nice) I am still doing my parties and I am working on making a couple of things and starting a website to show them. I am resolved to the fact if I don't get laid off I will work this job as long as I can while I try to increase my parties and get the website up and running. Hopefully by the end of the year I can just do my own thing and not have to worry any more. I am sending in a check to surpise parties tomorrow so they will get my site up and running so I can get orders online also. I have put off doing the site but I have talked to to many reps that are saying they can't believe how much business they are getting from it. When I get the other site up and running I will let everyone know so they can see it. I am also waiting to hear back from my sister about my little idea. If I do get laid off I am honestly not as freaked out because with what I am getting paid I could get another temp job easily for the same amount of money so I will take whatever happens. Terra how did your fund raiser go??
  18. I will absolutely put Marissa in my prayers. Let us know how she is doing. Terra - I am so sorry for your friends. I will send good vibes her way and put her and her mom in my prayers. Trixie - The site is looking amazing. I can't believe how much it has changed in just a few hours. I'm lurking around while I try to clean things up a bit. My apartment looks like a tornado hit it since I have been pretty busy this week.
  19. I'm still here ladies. I love geneology. My grandfather has a small plaque at home that has his family crest on it and a sample of their tartan plaid. Once I see if I am renewing my lease at my apartment (they went condo this year so I don't know if they will be handing out new leases) I am going to paint my bedroom a nice green and then put the tartan colors in there. I am also making up some wooden pictures with scenes from Scotland to hang on the walls. I can't wait to find out more about my Irish side because that would be my second bedroom I think.
  20. Ok ladies I promised you an answer to the question.... King Leo has knocked even Attila out of the top spot with me. I mean really those thighs, abs, ohhh heck the total body is all good. The party was pretty good. 13 ladies showed up. Some drank too much but it was a good show. Not complaining. Now I just have to get ready for my show next Sunday.
  21. Ok ladies, I am off to load my car for the party tonight. Send prayers my way that it is a great party. I think this is the most stuff I have ever had to load in my car. LOL. I'll post when I get home and let you know how it was. Have a blast without me..... I'll start the discussion ladies..... Dracula or King Leo????? Can't wait to see where this goes......I'll tell you my answer when I get back.
  22. Yes I wanted to see 300 before it was gone....I bet you are tired. I am about to hit the bed too. I'll talk to you tomorrow before the party.
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