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  1. Sorry I wasn't on tonight. I have been trying to get everything done for tomorrow night. I am almost done but I started getting hungary. I realized I never ate dinner. So I am being really bad by eating late but ohhh well. I guess it is Zumba for me on Monday. LOL I am probably going to get off work on time again tomorrow so I can do the last minute things before the party. It just means I will have to put in 6 hours on Saturday but that isn't that bad. Hey Trixie are you in the mood for a little P*RN this weekend..... a little thigh a few chisled abs.... let me know....I feel like I need a fix.... :spontaneous: :angel2:
  2. I didn't mean to cause any disagreements on the thread. I thought it was cool to share our ancestory. I was just posting what I was told by my grandparents. As I said I will see what my grandmother has written in our family history book to get more detailed information. If I referenced the wrong William Wallce I will admit it. I'll be honest I am regretting a little bit that I even posted anything. Everyone just go back to having fun sharing your ancestory and stop the disagreements. The thing I love most about GALS is the fact that we have fun here.
  3. What did you think of the gift set idea? Is it too much $ or ok?
  4. I think I am going to get off work on time tomorrow. LOL and come home and start working on the rest of my stuff for the party. I can let you know tomorrow if I am going to be able to go since I have to wait for UPS anyway I'll work on the other stuff.
  5. What time is the class? It would depend on how much I can get done for the party on Friday night.
  6. That is so true just look at April this year. LOL Tell me what you think. I am thinking of doing a Mother's day special for $45. It would be the heart massager, choice of candle, and bubble bath in the pink/white hat box and it includes the shipping to the purchaser's home. I am thinking of doing a preorder from for Friday's party and than doing an email to all my other customers with a deadline for ordering.
  7. I keep forgetting to ask. How is the raffle coming? Have you talked to her recently?
  8. Terra - I'll be thinking about you. I hope ya'll make budget. I know that has got to be a horrible feeling. We will send you some good Gerry and Naughty Kitten vibes to get you through this. I've been working on stuff for Friday. I'll be doing more while I wait for UPS tomorrow. I don't know how much longer I will be up. A little tired.
  9. I just got off the phone with my hostess for Friday and she was cracking me up. She told me that the house we are having the party at her roommate will be running in real quick (guy) to shower and then leave right after that. She said he is quite the charmer and will probably make a few comments for the crowd. Here is the kicker ladies.... she said so there will be a Gerry siting Friday night. What a strange world we live in because you know right were my mind went while she was talking. I'm probably heading to bed soon since I was up later last night but I will be on tomorrow after work. I need to finish printing up the items for Friday night. She is thinking 20-24 ladies now. Hey Trixie where would you recommend I find cheaper dance shoes since I know the really good ones are a little more money(that I don't have right now LOL). That might help with me doing these classes because I don't even see gym shoes feeling comfortable with some of those moves from last night.
  10. I will have to find the book my grandmother wrote in to see what details she has. She unfortunatley passed away in the late 70's so I know she did a lot of her searching through family members and writing to city offices here and abroud. No computers back then . And I can't ask my grandfather because he is no longer with us. When I can get out to their home, my mom still lives there, I will find out more detailed information. My grandmother was a very detailed person. We still find notes on the bottom of chairs and on the back of framed out where it came from, who it belonged to and so on. There is a great deal of history in that house and I wouldn't even know where to start. I spent many hours talking to my grandfather about our family and I think it is a cool thing to learn about your family history and ancestory. My mom even painted a Scotman above the fireplace when she was younger and it is still there today over 55 years later and looks amazing.
  11. Trixie I wasn't going to kill you. LOL It was a lot of fun I wish I had better shoes for these dance classes. I wouldn't mind doing it again. As for the picture I am sorry I have not posted yet. Let me see what would I do if he looked at me so so so.....HAWT :ripoffclothes:
  12. My grandmother on my mom's side actually did trace us back on my grandfather's side. I am of the Clan MacDonald. She traced us all the way back to William Wallace. I thought that was pretty cool. My grandmother is more on the English side. On her side of the family we found we were related to William Bradford. We are having a hard time jumping the ocean to Ireland to trace back my dad's side of the family. This has become my sister's new project
  13. Trixie and I watched The Holiday Friday night and loved it. That is a really cute movie. I"ll have to get it sometime for my dvd collection. I went by blockbuster because they have a deal that some movies are 4 for $20 so I got Blade Trinity, Harry Potter Goblet of fire, Take the lead and X-men final stand. I just found out that Heart is playing at the Rib Fest on July 3rd. I loved them and I am thinking about going because I don't have to work on the 4th. Don't know if any of you like them and would want to go. I can find out more information if anyone is interested.
  14. Well ladies I finished my taxes, wrote the check and got them in the mail. Nice to have that headache overwith. Now on to the license plate sticker.LOL Trixie how is Lanie feeling? Is she doing better today? I'll be lurking around while I clean today
  15. I'm sorry there is not a copy to purchase. We have put out petitions to get them to release it on dvd. You can see clips from different scenes here on the site. There will be quite a few ladies jumping up and down the day they finally put it out on dvd. Maybe with him getting bigger they might just do it.
  16. I'm here tonight. I'm in a little better mood. Not much going on here tonight. Everything seems to be repeats on tv. Trixie don't know what your doing this weekend but if you ever want a break and a girls night. I got chocolate while I was at Walmart tonight. Just let me know. I have to do my taxes this weekend. I have them done I just need to copy the info to the forms because I have to file manually this year since I didn't get a w-2 from the closed company. I'll be hitting the post office on Sunday.
  17. Good Night Stacie and thanks for helping to cheer me up. Have some sweet dreams. Talk to you tomorrow
  18. aahhh yes the yellow towel. That is a very nice look for him but imagine the new look in a yellow towel
  19. I am sure she would like that one. She likes it when he looks a little rough
  20. I like a lot of the new pics of him. He looks really good right now... not that he looked bad before. LOL
  21. That is very niiiccceee. He has great thighs and abs and everything else. LOL Thanks for the pic
  22. that is too funny. I wonder how that happens. I love that satin mask. I am going to leave work ontime tomorrow and come home and work on my parties and see if I can get a few more booked from the girls night out that I did.
  23. Thanks Stacie. Just frustrated with the office politics. There is the one girl that gets away with anything and then we all get called on any little thing we do. I want out so bad ... you have no idea. It is not enough money to deal with all of that. I do have good news just booked a party for April 29th. So now I have one on the 20th and the 29th
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