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  1. Hello ladies I have been debating posting just because I have not been in that great of a mood today. Then I thought if anyone can get me laughing it would be ya'll. I just had a crap day at work again. I am in such a need of something fun. I am going to have to check out the videos. It looks like their are 15 of us. This should be fun but nerve wracking waiting. I'll be lurking for a little bit
  2. Hey ladies sorry I haven't been on much. My mom was with me until today. I am really getting bored at my job and frustrated because there is a girl at work that always looks for all the easy work which leaves us with the crap work so she meets her goals with no problem. When you say something to the manager she just says she knows who keys what but than does nothing about it. I swear if I get called in because I don't meet my goals I am going to complain about that girl. It is not right. Ok done venting. I have have to say some have nicotine fits or caffeine withdrawls..... I am having massive TRIXIE withdrawls.... when are YOU coming home..... I hope everyone else is doing ok
  3. ooohhhh cookies sound good Cassie.....move on over i'm in...
  4. Happy Easter Everyone I hope the easter bunny brought you lots of chocolate.
  5. By the time we are done with Lolita she will be one spoiled pup. He'll have a princess on his hands....not that he already doesn't
  6. It would be so cute if he would send a picture back of her in it so we can see her enjoying her new wheels. LOL
  7. First I will say he does look really good. The only thing I found strange in the write up is that they went back to Gerard's hotel room. Why would he have a hotel room in LA???? He lives there.
  8. Oh yeah. I hate to do this but I can not keep my eyes open any longer. Getting up so early everyday always hits me by Friday. I 'll be on tomorrow afternoon while I wait for my Mom to show up. If I don't get a chance to talk to you tomorrow Everyone have a great Easter. Trixie I hope you get to go see your Mom and I hope Lanie is feeling better. I'll talk to ya'll tomorrow. Keep the naughty kittens alive tonight ladies. Keep Gerry on his toes or back. LOL
  9. King Leo has kicked Attila out of the front running with me. I love those thighs in that scene and than a later scene the way he is standing is abs just take my breath away. The last time Trixie and I went to Imax to see it we we about to slide out of our seats. This movie is just killin' us ..... in such a great way
  10. Especially after a long hard day of fighting those other guys. Just picture him slow mo through the battle field fighting those guys with those big big thighs :thudstars:
  11. Ohhhh yes the naughty kittens are in the house. Gerry beware it is going to heat up tonight.
  12. Hey Trixie .... how's the little one doing? Yes we are discussing that wonderful lap and chest and arms and legs
  13. Thanks Swannie. I love it. Gerry is his own special effect
  14. I am here I just had to run to the little girls room for a minute. LOL
  15. I don't think I would know what rest was if it hit me in the face. I don't even get to sleep in tomorrow because I have to go into work for a little while.
  16. OMG he was great on Leno. I could listen to him tell stories all night. Ya'll are not going to believe this .... I just touched the side of my foot tthat I kind of twisted in Indy. It is still sore to the touch on the side of the foot. I thought it would have felt better by now. How strange.
  17. I would love to try out that lap. I am soooo hooked on Leo now it is not funny. That movie just makes a girl want to slide out of her seat.
  18. I know he was always a favorite of mine but I think he has been taken over by this man :leochest:
  19. this is one of more favorite laps. Attila's lap
  20. That is a very nice lap and I wounldn't mind sitting there.
  21. If that is the case I need a nice set of abs connected to some nice big arms to keep me warm :ohbaby2:
  22. I think it turned out pretty good. It just hit me yesterday when I was listening to this song. I was orginally going to do it to "Ain't no other man" from Christina A. which I was a little nervous about because I just can't get my head around the faster songs. I need to practice that if I want to do a video business at some point. It is tooooo frigginnn' cold tonight
  23. Hey Trixie I hope Lanie is feeling better. Terra I think the four of us in a room will be out of control. Washington won't know what hit them. LOL Well I just finished my video for the contest. I just need to download it to you send it, which I will probably do when I get ready to go to bed since it will take some time. I hate dial up. Not much else going on tongiht. Mom is coming into town tomorrow. Maybe I can get her to go see 300. Kelly I am so happy you like your new job. I love baking so much.
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