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  1. Quiet night. It took me most of the evening just to pick out new pictures and redownload some of the videos to my computer but I have the rough draft done. I just need to ad in the video clips and then go back through it but it looks pretty cool so far. I'll be on tomorrow night. Have a good day tomorrow and for those that are not working.....you are tooooo lucky. LOL Sweet Gerry Dreams
  2. Hi Ladies, Just got home from running errands and now I am settling in to watch Grey's and work on my video entry for the contest. It just came to me today and I can already see it in my mind I just have to put all the pieces together. I'll be lurking around
  3. I Love it. I will absolutely send something for the "fur-cedes".
  4. Thanks to dial up I finally got to watch Leno from last night and he was cracking me up. He did seem relaxed and I love how he tells his stories. That man has got a lot more stories in him. Tomorrow night I have to concentrate on the video for the vegas contest. I only have until the 7th to get it done. I worked on cleanin tonight for my mom on Saturday. I am going to see if she feels like seeing 300 or not.
  5. Those were too funny Trixie. Terra I didn't see Leno lsat night either so I am waiting for them to put it in the media section. Just waiting for UPS to show up
  6. I don't know if any of ya'll watch American Idol but I just have to vent. I liked Melinda's singing at first and her being surprised at the applause was cool the first time and a little understandable the 2nd time but now it feels like an act. Accept the applause and to some extent expect it your a good singer. I now really dont' care how far she goes because it feels fake. I can't wait to hear how Gerry was on Leno. I'll have to wait for someone to post it so I can see it.
  7. ok ladies, I am filling out another application. It is asking for the reason I am leaving. I am thinking of putting something about looking for a position that better matches my skills that can help grow their company. Sorry half asleep, I fell asleep on the couch watching dancing with the starts. Trixie I can see your avatar. LOL a little late. Also when you get a chance if you could send that song I would appreciate it.
  8. Hi ladies, I left work a little early to do something else but now I don't feel like it. so I am ging to call Deb who is also a Surprise lady and tell her I will drop her stuff off Thursday night. I'll just put them in my car and head out from work. Not much else going on. I'll have to wait for the clips online to see Gerry on Leno. i am sure it will be a great show. I'll be lurking around
  9. It's been quiet today. I ran a few errands but other than that I feel like I have gotten absolutely nothing done today. I am trying to find a song to do the video to for the video contest. I found one but it is really fast and I don't know how confident I feel about using it but it think it would be pretty good. I put in a resume to United Airlines so I am keeping my fingers crossed. I'll be lurking while I work on the video
  10. Miklyn

    best picture

    what best picture poll????
  11. I am going to work on my video this weekend. I may even just touch up one that I had previously done but I was wondering are their particular thems and what is the usually time on the vids? My last question how do you want them sent? Rapidshare or yousendit or a different one? I am excited to be a part of this, this year.
  12. The party was not too bad not as good as I hoped for 16 girls but I'm not complaining. They were a fun bunch though. We were laughing quite a bit. I am off to bed now. I have to get up early to get my rear brakes done than head into work for a little overtime before they cut it out. I'll be on later tomorrow. Trixie I'll give you a call later at work or you can call me on break.
  13. Dawn I will have to come play with the Gutter Gals again soon. I have a party tonight for my side business so I won't be on until probably late. I'll be on again this weekend. Wish me luck ladies that everyone is in the mood to buy tonight. Kelly sorry about the job but that is great that you found another one so quickly. I have to leave in the next 15 minutes so I will check in when I get home.
  14. It isn't called the Magical Kingdom for nothing and I think there is something very magical about that kingdom. I'd stay in the garden of topiaries
  15. Swannie he is a powerful man we are finding out. It is dangerous to see 300 strange things happen afterwards. I am nervous about seeing it again
  16. Hello ladies.... I am so bad I was waiting for the UPS guy today and then I was going to clean and instead I have been playing on the thread about Naomi and Gerry as a couple, but it is no longer about that we corrupted that thread. Then I ran into the gutter gals thread and had a gerry-rita. Quite good. I keep this up and i'll have a new guy soon. I don't know when I lose Erik's Angel Gal but it fits with my avatar right now. I hope everyone is doing good and I'll be lurking. Grey's comes on soon. Paulette that is cool that Ethan can come now. I understand the money thing. I have been stashing some here and there so Vegas isn't such a shock.
  17. As you can imagine I love the "M's" going first. Misty have your all day pass and Moonglow can have Magic Mountain because I am sure I can find something to amuse me when it is my turn.
  18. This is good to know because I was thinking about seeing it again this weekend. Could you see the papers......Big Baby Boom 9 months following the premiere of 300.... There is a story
  19. I have seen 300 more than once.....should I be concerned??? Because I sure wasn't being careful :blushing:
  20. He is an amazing man......I didn't know how amazing until now. It does make one scrach thier chin
  21. :rotflmao: Rissa you crack me up When he was in Chicago filming we worked hard at making sure no one photographed us getting out of opposite sides of the vehicle. (that is hard to do)
  22. DawnS that is so nice of you to sacrifice yourself for Rissa. It is a tough job but someone has to do it.
  23. This thread needed to be hijacked LOL
  24. How I love having my name start with an "M" He can take me to Disneyworld since it is the Happiest Place on Earth, right??? :ohbaby2:
  25. Miklyn

    Flights for Vegas

    I dont' know if anyone has booked their flights yet but I was wondering if anyone has found any good deals. Trixie and I have started looking so we can get our tickets booked. We are so excited about Vegas. Any suggestions on where to look??? for good deals. We are coming from Chicago if that helps.
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