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  1. I have an outfit picked out that if I order it could take 4-6 weeks to come in. The problem is I am working on losing weight so what size do I order. I hate this why didn't I work on losing the weight while I was looking for a job than this wouldn't be an issue. LOL I can't wait to see everyone's outfits.
  2. I am off to bed, I'll be on tomorrow after work Have a good night and have some good gerry dreams
  3. :funnyabove: Give me those thighs. I have to say that him sitting on the edge of the bed was actually more hawt to me than the standing in the moonlight but I'll take that scene too. LOL
  4. Yeah I am the only one touching them but I can't guarantee there won't be any drool
  5. those pictures were killling me. He is sooo finnne. I am working on touching them up but I got the moonlight pics. Once I see what I can do with them I will share them unless you want them untouched. (no pun)
  6. I just saw the pics from celebrities.com all I have to say is OMG
  7. Not too bad, about 2 hours they are just past great america. Have you talked to Jenny about watching him?
  8. Yeah, I just sent out a reminder letter to my hostess for April 7th. Ohh I forgot to tell you that we are doing Easter at Renuka and Erik's in Wisc now. It is such a long story. A little maddening but I wanted to let you know. I know you were planning on your mom's but I wanted to let you know.
  9. It is in carpentersville. I talked to her last night and she is thinking 8-10 ladies.
  10. I found it on blinkyou.com and fell in love with it. Trixie what are your plans this weekend. Ihave the party friday night but nothing else. I can bring your money by for the hotel and your candy that I still have. Just let me know. The only other thing I have going on is my back brakes Saturday morning but I figure you are working for Marcie on Saturday.
  11. Night Terra - have yourself some good Gerry dreams
  12. First you spend the weekend together and now this. You two are out of control. Thanks I found that and loved it. A larger version is on my myspace page
  13. That is funny. It is probably all these 300 pics that are corrupting my brain. LOL
  14. don't feel bad she had to walk me through dong the payapl for Vegas
  15. It does that is too funny. I still can't believe how hard I was laughing this weekend. Saturday night was out of control.
  16. You are toooo cool Trixie. It is so cool the Naughty Kittens are on at the same time. AArrrggghhh
  17. It looks like it is going to be $10 for me and I know Trixie posted that she has donated. GALS was so great to give us our own section here. I think it would be nice if we could help out, but I also understand if things are tight and it can't be done.
  18. you crack me up. .net is probably what the heck just happened.
  19. I picked mine and I just got it up on .net too. I want to help get the word out.
  20. I just picked a siggy for Vegas. I need to go over to .net and add it. I don't know what todays donations were and I dont' know if the ones that sent checks let admin know how much they sent. It is like they said we have over 3000 members. If everyone just sent $1 we would be fine but they said it averages to 3 to 5% of the site actually donates. I posted my profile/resume on AA and I could only pick ticket counter or admin assitant. they did not have an option for management. I keep checking back to see if they post those positons. I sent out about 4 resumes last night. I am back into full force again. Mom heard that it looks better if you are employeed when applying for a job so i'll see what happens.
  21. I'm lurking around tonight. Watching to see who is voted off of Dancing with the Stars first. I am still recovering I think. I am working on a workout plan for Vegas. Did ya'll see the Support the Site thread. They are $600 short as of yesterday for their yearly dues to keep the site up and running. I am looking at my bills and expenses to see what I could afford. It may only be $10 or $20 but I don't know about you I don't want to go back over there. I like the mood much better here. Some of you might have already donated I just thought I would say something in case you missed the thread. I'm here -- just need to make dinner
  22. Sorry I wasn't on today. I was working on getting this organized for a party I have scheduled for this Friday. I agree with everyone. I should have taken today off I was exhausted. I am off to bed, hoping for a good good Gerry dream.
  23. Thank you I love it too. I know I am starting to wind down. I think I am going to bed early tonight. I don't think I am going to work to long tomorrow. Maybe til 3:30 I have to run by my bank and then do a car payment then come home and find my living room again. LOL
  24. OH you do have a little GHR still left from this weekend. Hey who doesn't love a man that looks so good from a ceiling..... oh wait your guy is pretty good on the ceiling too
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