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  1. Thanks, I am thinking about popping a little Terry in tonight
  2. Trixie I forgot ... I have your m&m's and your fun dips. I will get them to you this week. did you get to take a nap with the kids today? Before I forget everyone I just found out today that I am going to be a Great Aunt. Trixie and Stacie got to see me when I first got the news. I was bouncing off the ceiling. I'll be lurking around Oh Trixie.... Poof
  3. hey girlfriend.... I know what you mean. I don't want this weekend to end. I just finsihed something new and I am uploading it right now. Ohhhh before I forget.....AARRRGgghhh
  4. I am back home. This weekend was a blast and much needed. Sad to see it is over. Stacie it was great to finally meet you. I hope you had a safe trip home. Terra - It was soo good to see you. Trixie and I were saying we need to come out and visit you sometime. You were cracking me up this weekend. Oh yeah....Arrrghhhh Trixie - As always it is so much fun hanging out with you. You crack me up too. Pat - it was fun hanging out with you too. I am going to settle in for a little bit. Stayed up a little too late last ngiht. I'll be on later
  5. Trixie are there any movies you want me to bring of Gerry's?
  6. Car is loaded and I am off to Walmart. I am so so happy that this weekend is here. Stacie have a safe flight and we will see you in a little bit. Terra have a safe drive and we'll see you this afternoon. Trixie i'll see you in a little bit. Gonna give the apartment a once over and see if I forgot anything and then I am heading to the store.
  7. right the slumber party is Friday night and the POTO is Saturday night
  8. Ok ladies, I have to go take a shower and do my nails so I can get to bed. Trixie I will run by Walmart in the morning on the way over to you if you can print up another picture so we can do that real quick in the morning because I seem to be having bad luck today. LOL I will see you around 9:30 then. Terra I can't wait to see you tomorrow. Heather we will miss you this weekend
  9. He would probably be the only man I would let drive stickshift.
  10. You can't think of Gerry and not think of Stickshifts. I bet he knows how to drive
  11. I still need to take a shower and do my nails. I am so glad I don't have to get up as early as usual. This is much needed fun tonight No we weren't that bad if you don't count the stick shift portion of the evening
  12. hey ladies we said we wanted to hit the hot tub. We can grab a quick bite to eat, come back soak then get ready for the slumber party
  13. That is perfect... I'll be trusting you to navigate me there
  14. Right back at you Mssss. Terra That boy would have to have a lot of insurance by the time we are done with him
  15. I see the weekend has officially started :ohbaby2: To have fun with the Naughty Kittens
  16. Terra don't feel bad I don't remember if I signed up for the dinner or not. I am trying to find my confirmation email
  17. I see you have been figuring out myspace. I see you have now surpassed me You seemed to have figured some things out that I couldn't. How did you do the names with blinkyou? I'll be by in the morning around 9:30
  18. Hi ladies, I won't even go into today because I am just putting myself in weekend mode. I just want to have fun. I went by Walmart and picked up some items I was missing. I am getting ready to start doing laundry so I can pack tonight. I know I am wearing jeans tomorrow night I don't know about tops yet and I think I will wear my black pants Saturday night but again need to decide on the top. I picked up a 100 calorie box of ritz snack packets for the carride but I forgot about the room. I also got 1 bag of dove chocolate (Stacie and Terra you will love our dove game) but Trixie if you need me at your house earlier to make another stop just let me know. I also didn't make it over to get drinks for the room we might have to do that in Indy or on the way down to Indy. I'll be lurking around
  19. So I was told by the dealer that there is nothing wrong with my suspension. Trixie and I were talking and we were wondering if the guy was setting me up but when I said I had extended warranty he had to keep going with it and tell me to go to the dealer. I don't know. Anyway they have to keep my car one more day to fix the clock on the radio. So I have a rental car. I have so much running around to do tomorrow after work it is insane. I am glad I am getting off at 2:30. So last night at the "Girls Night Out" lifting my case in and out of the car I seemed to have sprained or strained the muscles in my back. I am going to lay on a heating pad for a little bit and see if that helps. Here I was trying so hard to not get sick for this weekend. I didn't even think about getting hurt. I'll be lurking around
  20. I am exhausted but I wanted to say a quick Hi. I had my "Girls Night Out" tonight. We had a booth at an exhibit aimed towards women. We had a pretty good turn out. I have 7 party leads and 1 for sure on the books. I am going to spend tomorrow night and thursday getting things ready for Indy. I want to think of something fun for my table for Friday night. I also need to get the auction basket done. I am taking my car in tomorrow to get worked on but I should be on tomorrow night. I am just really tired since I have been up since 4:30 am. I'll chat with ya'll tomorrow.
  21. Oh I actually agree. She bought them with the intention on protecting them and perserving them. She is in a completely different league in my opnion.
  22. Hi everyone, Went shopping with Trixie and the kids tonight. It was a lot of fun. Trixie that was too much fun. The two tops are tooo tight so I will have to take them back but the coral one fits really nice. I may run by lerners on Wed or Thursday and see what they have. I have to share this, while they were over the house my screen saver came on and little Lanie looked up and said Gerry and kept saying everytime his photo came up and she would just laugh. I swear ladies we have a GAL in training.
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