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  1. Hi Elissa! I miss my GALS. I feel like such a newb, it took me about 10 minutes to figure out how to change my avatar.
  2. I just put my son to bed and thought of GALS and how much I missed you all. I'm visiting around and have chat open if you wanna catch up :)

  3. Stef!!

    I try to keep up with your Facebook, but...I'm so bad, LOL! Miss you 'here' much! Hope all is well with you and the family. ((HUGS)) Barb

  4. Barb :) Miss you - hope all is well!

  5. since this gif is being bothersome... *************runs through and streaks like it's 2005!******************
  6. Hi Stef!

    Thanks so much for updating the files I´ve requested to you! You GALS rock!!

    Love from Brazil,


  7. I´ve been through the dowmload section and I´ve found some difficulty to download "old" files, specially 2002 and 2003 stuff ("Timeline" & "TR2"). I guess people don´t look for those very often, and the links are not working. So, I´ve reported them to you. I hope I´m not bothering you with those requests, and please take your time to fix them...

  8. Thank s so much Stef for fixing the downloads for the Berlinale 2007!

    Love from Brazil,


  9. Happy Birthday GALS! Just had to pop in and join in with the celebrating. "Take me out" came up on my Pandora station the other day at work and all I could think about was tweaking that Flash intro LOL. Those zooming in and out pics of GB to the beat of the music kept playing in my head. That was a fun project :-D
  10. Hi Stef! I wanted to know if you had, or if you can create an audio file of Gerard singing Galway Girl? I am wanting it for my phone and can't find it anywhere. Thanks for any help you can give me!

  11. Oh, Stef, can you add--if you've not already done so--Phantom Murder to my list of novels on the Boutique page? Thanks much, Sadie

  12. Just wanted to let you know that the sixth one is out in The Phoenix of the Opera series. If you have a chance, join my group page at Facebook. It's Sadie Montgomery The Phoenix of the Opera series.

    Cheers, Sadie

  13. http://www.empireonline.com/100sexiest2009...ult.asp?star=10 #10: Gerard Butler The man who inspired a million workouts, Gerard Butler's turn in 300 not only catapulted him up the Hollywood ranks but caused half the known world to develop a slight fascination with him. As if the Scottish brogue, broad shoulders and fondness for dirty jokes weren't enough, we now know that he has abs like a cliff face. Most alluring as... Either Leonidas in 300, in the days before clothes were discovered, or in a more thoughtful but still manly turn in Dear Frankie. Interests include... Looking after his pet pug, Lolita, playing football, horseback riding, skiing and water-skiing.
  14. Stef, Thanks for adding Phantom Madness to the Boutique! Cheers, Sadie

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