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  1. Hi Elissa! I miss my GALS. I feel like such a newb, it took me about 10 minutes to figure out how to change my avatar.
  2. I just put my son to bed and thought of GALS and how much I missed you all. I'm visiting around and have chat open if you wanna catch up :)

  3. Barb :) Miss you - hope all is well!

  4. since this gif is being bothersome... *************runs through and streaks like it's 2005!******************
  5. Happy Birthday GALS! Just had to pop in and join in with the celebrating. "Take me out" came up on my Pandora station the other day at work and all I could think about was tweaking that Flash intro LOL. Those zooming in and out pics of GB to the beat of the music kept playing in my head. That was a fun project :-D
  6. http://www.empireonline.com/100sexiest2009...ult.asp?star=10 #10: Gerard Butler The man who inspired a million workouts, Gerard Butler's turn in 300 not only catapulted him up the Hollywood ranks but caused half the known world to develop a slight fascination with him. As if the Scottish brogue, broad shoulders and fondness for dirty jokes weren't enough, we now know that he has abs like a cliff face. Most alluring as... Either Leonidas in 300, in the days before clothes were discovered, or in a more thoughtful but still manly turn in Dear Frankie. Interests include... Looking after his pet pug, Lolita, playing football, horseback riding, skiing and water-skiing.
  7. my apologies if this is already posted http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/showb...icle2120032.ece In a sad day for film fans, it looks like there won’t be a sequel to GUY RITCHIE’s excellent RocknRolla. Despite winning glowing reviews for the Lock Stock director, lead actor TOBY KEBBELL says it didn’t make enough money to warrant a follow-up. I gave the film and actor Bizarre Awards this year. But Toby told me: “I had a great time working with Guy, well as much as you can eating one meal a day to play a skinny junkie. "I'd love to work with him again but I don't think there will be a follow on to RocknRolla - as it didn't take enough money. "I've certainly not been approached to do another movie."
  8. There's a bunch in the gallery capped from the show - http://gbgalsgallery.com/v/interviews/tonight100608
  9. thanks sweetie! hehe yeah i was adding pics while watching Leno. Thanks for reminding me the premiere was tonight LOL I'm still catching up from being out of the loop for so long. I was just listening and half-watching him on Leno, I'll catch all the visuals when capping it later
  10. I LOL'd a lot - lotsa talk about being nekkid and orgasms LMAO wish Jay didn't talk over him so much, just let Gerry talk, he's quite entertaining.
  11. wow, more pennsylvanian's than i thought! i live in State College, PA aka the town that Penn State University built (smack dab in the center of the state, well... almost!)
  12. All you have to do is go to paypal.com and login. Then click "Send Money" and put registration@gerardbutlergals.com in the "To" field. Then fill in the amount based on how many tickets you wish to purchase. The rest of the info is up to your preferences. When you're ready, click the "Send Money" button.
  13. http://www.gbgalsgallery.com/v/partiesetc/police8708/ Gerry & Sting!
  14. I'm working on it Here's the rest of the them, with the napkin on his head/giving the finger. http://www.picapp.com/PublicSite/Search.as...ls&region=9
  15. just read this new caption on another site with the pics: Gerard Butler eats lunch at Downtown Cipriani with a friend in New York City's SoHo neighborhood. Shortly after eating lunch Gerard met up with fellow celebrities Jeff Gordon and his lovely wife Ingrid Vandebosch. The friends laughed a lot and seemed to really enjoy their time together. Earlier when Gerard spotted the paparazzi he put a napkin over his head and flipped them off.
  16. http://www.darkhorizons.com/news08/080805d.php RockNRolla The Guy Ritchie crime caper was scheduled for wide release on October 3rd, then October 31st. As recently as last week, it was planning an expansion schedule, opening in limited markets on the 3rd and wide on the 31st. Now it has moved up five days to October 8th for an apparent wide release.
  17. Caption with the pics: Gerard Butler has lunch in New York City. After lunch, Gerard dives into the passenger side of a waiting Rolls Royce. http://www.gbgalsgallery.com/v/partiesetc/nyc8608/ *hold up, just found more from before this scene* keep an eye on the gallery it's a darn good thing i'm on vacation from work this week LOL Just added pics with this caption: Gerard Butler hangs out at Cipriani restaurant in Soho with Nascar driver Jeff Gordon and his wife, Belgian model Ingrid Vandebosch.
  18. If this is determined to be a personal photo, then we will remove it. But since it's all speculation at this point, then i see no harm in chatting about it. right now, it's just be a cute pic of a puppy held by a guy with big hands. but thanks for keeping an eye out for the guidelines!
  19. Well he was with Bianca when he got Lolita, maybe she got the puppy sweater for her. Gerry was over the moon about Lolita when he talked about her in Vegas - in my opinion, it's not farfetched to think he might want to spoil her like that. Great find Chelle!
  20. I cut out gerry's part and put it in multimedia http://www.gerardbutlergals.com/forums/ind...mp;showfile=468
  21. http://video.ivillage.com/player/?id=28338...villagevideo%7C Gerry shows up around the halfway mark for about 25 seconds
  22. spoilers continued... Megan and Lucy are united in their hatred of Gus. They decide to go down to the karaoke bar he frequents to confront him. He's there, kissing a curly blonde haired girl and sings "the first time I ever saw your face" to her. Lucy and Megan are enraged and start cat-calling him during his performance. Gus turns the crowd around on them though through jokes. Bouncers take Megan outside and Lucy rushes forwarded to yell at Gus on the stage. Daniel then punches Gus. The police are called and Daniel & Lucy are taken to jail. Gus is shown talking to a policewoman about the situation, of course flirting with her at the same time. He plays the "i'm so innocent, I don't know what happened" act. The story progresses... Lucy is with Daniel now and they're in love. They're very sweet together and he's her definite match. Megan goes back to old lady in the flat and won't leave until she gets more information. She finds out that the lady is her grandmother and gets information about where her mother is and why she gave her up. She's overjoyed at now having family in her life. Gus shows up one more time... he comes to Lucy's flat and begs her for some money, saying how he's in deep trouble and needs her help. Lucy's defenses are dropped a bit b/c of the sob story. Daniel comes in and is enraged. He tells Lucy that it's either Gus or him and Lucy is angry that Daniel won't let her settle this situation herself. Daniel leaves and Lucy tells Gus that she'll give him some money and that's it. She's done with him. They go to the ATM and Gus comments that her pin number is her birthdate (I think) while he watchers her key it in. After she takes the money out, a hooded thief runs through and steals everything in Lucy's hands (money and atm card). Gus tries to grab the guy but falls down. He races after him. Lucy sits on a parkbench and realizes the whole thing was a set-up. Daniel comes by and comforts her. He says she needs someone to look after her, and proposes marriage. Lucy happily accepts. Lucy celebrates her bachelorette party out with her friends and co-workers. The next day, all of them are hungover at the office, but Megan is sicker than them all and passes out. Lucy is with her at the hospital and Megan tells her that she's pregnant, with Gus' baby. Megan is overwrought and decides to get an abortion. After meeting with her mother for the first time, they discuss the situation. We don't get a real resolution here, but I think she decides to have the baby. Lucy and Daniel plan to go a tropical island for their wedding, unfortunately Daniel gets chicken pox and they can't go. The series ends with her taking care of Daniel and saying that they'll get married soon. There's a lot more that happens in this series... I just covered all that was related to Gus. In my opinion, the struggles with Lucy's parents are the most compelling. At one point, Lucy's father tries to get her mom to come back to him and threatens to drink acid if she doesn't. Daniel grabs the jug from him but it backsplashes on him, getting on his face and in his eyes. There's a moment that we're all scared he'll be scarred or blinded. Daniel then exclaims that it's ok, it's just water. It's such a relief and so very sad that Lucy's father would do that. I did not enjoy the character of Gus at all. Of course he was essential to the story but I could not stand him (and that was the point). Maybe I'm just not into bad boys, but Gus, to me, was so pathetic from the get-go. His corny romantic notions and behavior just turned me off. When Lucy finally told him to "p**s off", i was ecstatic! lol Gerry played him perfectly. The second half of the series is more grown up as Lucy is growing up herself. It's really good, I definitely recommend it and I am thankful Holly sent it to me.
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