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  1. http://picasaweb.google.co.jp/hyoutan2005/...989700170837522
  2. http://www.ew.com/ew/article/0,,20043289_2...3278_23,00.html It's our ultimate Must List! Check out the movie, TV, and music stars we love right now Gerard Butler Barbarian at the Gates WHY HIM With his leather loincloth and crazy abs, Butler led his 300 troops to box office victory, and in the process, the Scot became one of Hollywood's Most Wanted. ''With the movie having been so successful, I've had every single person in town [available] to me,'' he says. WHO WATCHES THE WATCHMEN? Will Butler take part in 300 director Zack Snyder's upcoming adaptation of the DC comic? ''Zack and I talked about Watchmen, but it was never more than that. I haven't seen a script.'' NEXT The tragic dramedy P.S. I Love You, costarring Hilary Swank and Kathy Bates, and the children's fantasy Nim's Island opposite Jodie Foster. SECRET TALENT ''My ability to make mountains of trouble.''
  3. http://www.asahi.com/english/Herald-asahi/...0706220057.html Would he or wouldn't he? Would King Leonidas aka Gerard Butler, star of the hyperstylized Spartans-vs.-Persians battle pic "300," bare his phenomenal six-pack or not? Asked repeatedly about his body during the "300" press conference held in Tokyo earlier this month, Butler seemed poised to unbutton his shirt. But, coyly, he didn't. He's apparently gotten self-conscious about the he-man physique he hammered out with trainers, bodybuilders and stuntmen during hours of grueling workouts for the film based on Frank Miller's graphic novel. "I now have a lot more anxiety about taking my clothes off because people expect me to still have a great body," Butler joked, adding that his movie musculature was the buffest he'd ever been. "It's kind of cool to think that a lot of people are looking at your body and going 'wow' because I spent a lot of my life with people looking at my body and going 'eww.'" Miller also attended the press conference with director Zack Snyder, Snyder's wife and "300" producer, Deborah, and two other producers. Miller said he initially went to the battlegrounds of Thermopylae in Greece and walked around for hours for inspiration. But he decided to forgo realism and crank up something more hellish, he said. "I didn't want my book to look anything like reality," he said. He wanted to create "how it felt" instead because that would carry more "epic punch." For punch lines, though, Butler was the man of the hour in Tokyo. "Could I be a Spartan? I would love to say 'yes,'" he mused. "No, actually, I'd probably go and live in Lesbos." Still, he said he found much to admire about the simple and meritorious life of the Spartans: "There's a lot to be said for fighting and earning your happiness or your way in life." --By Ronda Cornelius, Staff Writer
  4. http://www.variety.com/article/VR111796736...d=1061&cs=1 By JOHN HOPEWELL, EMILIO MAYORGA BARCELONA -- The Sitges Intl. Film Festival of Catalonia, Europe's oldest and biggest fantasy fest, will open its 40th edition with Juan Antonio Bayona's admired chiller "The Orphanage," godfathered by Guillermo del Toro.Sitges will also stage an American Gothic retro, showcasing U.S. pics from the '70s and '80s; George A. Romero will receive a Sitges Time Machine award. Running Oct. 4-14, Sitges features a large spread of Spanish fantasy pics -- a testament to the genre's allure for both auds and young filmmakers in Spain. Barcelona mini-major Filmax Ent. contributes three titles: "Rec," a directorial mano a mano between Jaume Balaguero and Paco Plaza; Manuel Carballo's religious thriller "The Just"; and the daintily-animated toon pic "Nocturna," which is eliciting large blogger buzz in Spain. Sitges will also screen Oscar-nommed Nacho Vigalondo's time-travel romancer "Time Crimes," and Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego's rural manhunt thriller "El rey de la montana," which saw promising sales biz at Cannes. Produced by Rodar y Rodar, "Orphanage" played in Cannes Critics' Week. Fest's main Fantastic competish features Park Chan-wook's "I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK," Tarsem Singh's U.S.-India fantasy drama "The Fall," and Mitchell Lichtestein's buzz-laden adolescent drama, "Teeth," a TWC-Lionsgate Sundance pickup. Fest showcases three other talked-about titles: Tom Shankland's gangland serial-killer thriller, "Waz," Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo's bloody French gore pic "A l'interieur," and Mikael Hafstrom's well-received hotel horror room chiller and Stephen King adaptation, "1408." Premiere, the sprocket opera's main out-of-competition sidebar, includes Mike Barker's "Butterfly on a Wheel," toplining Pierce Brosnan, Gerald Butler and Maria Bello. Of further parallel sections, Noves Visions bows with Robinson Devor's sensitive zoophilia study, "Zoo"; Anima't opens with a Japanese anime title, the delicately-animated urban kid buddy tale "Tekkonkinkreet". Crime action-thriller "Eye in the Sky," from Johnnie To screenwriter Yau Nai-hoi, kicks off Asian panorama Orient Express. Catalan Film & TV will host a Catalan Focus and three industry events: a Cine Regio European regional filmmakers forum, a Catalan Film Day, and an International Talent Campus.
  5. http://www.canmag.com/nw/8062-300-dvd-contest With 300 due out on DVD, HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc on July 31st, we have been hooked up with five copies of the DVD version to give away! Win a Copy of 300 on DVD! Below are some of the special features you can expect from the two-disc special edition of 300: DVD Features Audio Commentary: Director Zack Snyder, Writer Kurt Johnstad and Director of Photography Larry Fong Deleted Scenes: with Introduction by Zack Snyder Featurette: The 300- Fact or Fiction? (RT: 24:31 Historians, authors and filmmakers reveal how much of the film was based on fact.); Who Were The Spartans: The Warriors of 300 (RT: 4:24 Touches on the customs and ways of life of the Spartan that weren't explicitly shown in 300 but were used by the actors and filmmakers  to help build their characters.); Frank Miller Tapes (RT: 13:00  We'll show how the outspoken Miller continued to push his limits to realize his epic graphic novel in the world of film Other: Webisodes: Behind the scenes peeks on the set of 300 (RT 20:00) Photo gallery: RT 3:39 Rapid fire stills from the first day of production to the last. We have five (DVD) copies of 300 to give away this July. For a chance to win, check out this thread. 300 comes to DVD on July 31st. For the video journals, stills, trailers, more stills, posters and movie info, head over to the 300 Movie Page. Stay tuned for updates.
  6. Second Life is something I'm just starting to get into as my real job has had me attending some seminars on it. I remember the Second Life interview Gerry, Zach, Lena, Rodrigo and Frank gave in March. Avatars (images/characters) were made of them for the online world and reporters were present in the virtual world as well to interview them. Here's a link to some info about it: http://entertainment.timesonline.co.uk/tol...icle1529865.ece see the virtual avatars of those present: http://pwbeat.publishersweekly.com/blog/20...ess-conference/ The entire podcast of the press conference is available here, as well as a cute youtube video and some memorable excerpts: http://www.theppc.com/silverscreen/2007/04...q-podcasts.html GALS does not have a presence on SecondLife, but perhaps we will in the future as I explore it more.
  7. I must apologize for not adding names to all the photos. I've been a photo-adding maniac and i tend to upload things in huge batches - meaning that i don't have time to go back in and name the photos. Plus, I feel bad if i forget someone's name or simply don't know... so this is a good idea swannie! My fave pic from vegas - the only one where i don't look as frigging white as snow argghhh i need a tan! LOL Me and my sweetie Dayna
  8. For 2007, the registration fee was approximately $225 per person. The convention lasts for 2 days and the money goes towards the official convention events on those days at a hotel on the Strip. The money collected from registration fees goes toward paying for a ballroom with food for two nights, decorations for the Saturday night gala, DJ for two nights, goodie bags, t-shirts, raffle/auction items, etc. We pay fees to the hosting hotel to reserve rooms for our attendees at special rates and for the hospitality suite. Anyone who has attended the 2006 and/or 2007 con can attest to the fact that we work hard to make the con an EVENT to remember, with the decorations, music, food, etc. Every year we have hiccups (dj troubles, food quality, hotel mistakes); that is to be expected with an event of this scale, but it never affects the overall quality of the con. There are plenty of other opportunites to convene with Gerry fans if the Las Vegas Convention does not suit you.
  9. Gerry's presence at the convention in 2006 was based on the fact that he was already in town for a premiere. He was invited to attend by GALS ahead of time and dropped by at the urging of Tonya (his former personal assistant) and Jereme (his personal assistant on BOAW and videographer) who both attended. Gerry will be invited to attend every year that the convention is held. But due to his increasing fame and busy schedule, we would never expect or anticipate his presence. The convention is about getting together, celebrating our friendships, and raising money for the Susan G. Koman Foundation
  10. No, due to the amount of mods/admins/planners that live closer to Las Vegas, it's easier for convention items to be transported via car there. Also, there is so much to do in Vegas that it's a perfect location for sightseeing and shows. The GB Fan Convention hosted by GALS will ALWAYS be in Las Vegas.
  11. Las Vegas, NV The exact hotel location for 2008 will be announced when a contract is established. We will announce it on the forum as soon as it is.
  12. No, we schedule the convention around the CineVegas film festival
  13. The convention is held during the first week of the CineVegas film festival, which usually starts the first Wednesday of June. The convention would be held on the Friday and Saturday of the first week of CineVegas. Tentatively, the dates for GB Con 2008 will be June 6 and 7. This is not confirmed. We will post an official notice when our dates are set with our hotel.
  14. Did she??? I'm so sorry Mousie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had no idea, i'm so sorry!!! now i really feel like poop trying to suggest walking to the Rio LOL it's right over there! hehehe
  15. all 6 vids now available to download in GALS multimedia http://www.gerardbutlergals.com/forums/ind...&showcat=17
  16. now downloadable from GALS Multimedia: http://www.gerardbutlergals.com/forums/ind...mp;showfile=283
  17. now downloadable from GALS Multimedia: http://www.gerardbutlergals.com/forums/ind...mp;showfile=281
  18. now downloadable from GALS Multimedia: http://www.gerardbutlergals.com/forums/ind...mp;showfile=280
  19. http://www.gbgalsgallery.com/v/partiesetc/lax607/ from http://justjared.buzznet.com/2007/06/14/ge...wear/#more-6451
  20. http://www.excite.co.jp/cinema/feature/300/ Scroll down to view Gerry's wee message
  21. to anyone with Vegas pics, you can PM them to mods or email them directly to me at stef@gerardbutlergals.com. Can't wait to see them all!
  22. FYI: Gerry's presence at convention was NEVER anticipated or expected. http://www.gerardbutlergals.com/vegas/inde...9&Itemid=32
  23. http://www.eonline.com/thevine/player.jsp Search for "gerard butler" and choose the newest vid.
  24. http://www.people.com/people/video/0,,20041262,00.html about half way through, there's a tiny 2 second (if that) snippet of G talking to reporters. LOL not really worth anything, but i just wanted to share what was sent to me.
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