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  1. spoilers continued... After being rejected by Megan, Gus shows up to their workplace again. This time he's there for Lucy, with a big bucket of red roses. She tells him to get lost as well but Gus knows how to work Lucy and breaks down her defenses. They kiss and go to a bar. While at the bar, Gus remarks at how many couples were there and that they would all enjoy the roses. While watching Gus go up to each couple, Lucy comes to a realization - that Gus always smells and tastes like booze (like her father) and that Gus was selling her roses for money for his own pocket. She's disguste
  2. spoilers continued... Megan and Gus are in her kitchen making out. While she's making breakfast, Gus suggests that she not talk about them being together while at the office. Megan asks why since he told her that Lucy was the one that dumped him. Gus said it was just best not to mention it. Gus surprises Megan with breakfast on her patio. She surprises him by giving him a cell phone... now she can reach him anytime. Megan definitely utilizes the phone a lot, calling Gus to find out where he is and when they're going to get together. Gus pays for his bar tab with the phone (he's o
  3. spoilers continued... The next episode starts by showing the flatmates & their boyfriends enjoying themselves at the flat - playing video games, a super-sized version of Jenga, and just hanging out. Gus calls Lucy at her work and Megan answers. He flirts with her on the phone. At the flat, Charlotte (Lucy's other flat-mate) has her heart broken by her boyfriend and Karen & Lucy comfort her. Daniel and Gus bring wine and cookie dough. That night in bed, Lucy and Gus are talking about Charlotte's break-up (I think). And I think she says something about how she doesn't need
  4. spoilers continued... Weeks later, Gus shows up to the flat. Lucy's flat-mates don't want to let him in as they're tired of how Gus treats her. Lucy is weakened though, she misses Gus and let's him in. After another long-winded explanation of his behavior (I can't remember his excuse this time), she forgives him. They are then showed eating ice cream in bed. Lucy comes home one night after work and finds the flat burglarized. She's particularly upset because the crystal rose bowl she bought as an anniversary gift for her parents has been taken. Then she sees Gus on the floor seem
  5. spoilers continued... Lucy and Gus have breakfast with her flat-mates and their respective partners the next morning and he invites them all to come down to the club where he sings some time. Lucy's office-mate Megan also joins them. Gus sings "the first time I ever saw your face" and Lucy is entranced. While settling up the bill for the drinks, Gus ducks out of having to pay his share by going to the bathroom. This does not endear Gus at all to Lucy's friends. On his way to the loo, he encounters Megan and flirts with her. While Gus is gone, Lucy's best friend Daniel talks to her as he
  6. spoilers continued... Gus and Lucy wake up the next morning and he meets her flat-mates. Later after work, they meet up again at a bar for a drink and then go down by the river again. Gus decides to make a grand romantic gesture by writing "Lucy and Gus" on a piece of paper with her lipstick and putting it in a bottle to be thrown in the river so that their love is eternal or something LOL. After Gus throws it in the river, he falls on the bank and gets all muddy. Now he needs a bath Gus is in Lucy's bathroom, muddy pants off, sitting on the side of the tub. Lucy comes in with m
  7. Now that I've finished capping the movie (thanks Holly for the dvd!), I'd be happy to discuss it because it was truly a rather enjoyable series. So if you don't want things to be spoiled for you, don't read any further... and know that while I'm giving a synopsis, my opinions will be scattered throughout. This will be done with several posts b/c I'll be using images from the gallery and there's a limit on how many can be used in a single post. . . . . . . . . It starts out rather fluffy - girl (Lucy, age 24) finally moves away from home and her seemingly oppressive/over-emotional mo
  8. http://www.empireonline.com/features/comic...Post.asp?id=220 Gerry appears around the 2:00 mark.
  9. http://www.filmschoolrejects.com/news/gera...0-sequel-no.php Posted by Brian C. Gibson (brian@filmschoolrejects.com) on July 25, 2008 While sitting in the press conference for Guy Ritchie’s hopefully triumphant return into manhood, RocknRolla, Gerard Butler was asked about his possible involvement in the sequel/prequel for 300. While Butler very quickly said that he was contacted by the studio, he was also very quick to give an answer. Butler said that the studio contacted him for involvement, but when asked if he was actually going to reprise his role of Leonidas in some way…he gave a res
  10. Inquiring minds want to know!!!Found a pic that shows Gerry's arm while signing autographs, does that help? LOLhttp://redpeonies.blogspot.com/2008/07/comic-con-08.html large pic: http://bp2.blogger.com/_v9hFrYQnyQ0/SIn7rn...-h/DSC_0078.JPG
  11. http://www.empireonline.com/features/comic...Post.asp?id=207 by Chris Hewitt Hello, web! Due to hideous technical problems far beyond our control, understanding and, indeed, all human reasoning, today's videblogisode has been delayed by about a day. But, in case you're jonesing for your fix of hot Comic-Con action from Videblogisode Man and his sidekick, Cameraman-Man, I thought I'd sketch this quick précis of what you can expect when it finally goes up. The Return Of Videblogisode Man! Thought it was just a one-off gag? Well, it probably should have been, but since when have I ever paused
  12. Hi Cloey! You are more than welcome to post your pics & vid. Also, if you want to have them posted in the Gallery and Multimedia, feel free to send them my way - stef@gerardbutlergals.com Thanks! Stef
  13. It's sad that I know, but I know the gallery like the back of my hand. the original shoot was for PSILY in December http://gbgalsgallery.com/v/magazines/ps/latimes122007/ So this is a new old pic, same location but new pose that we haven't seen before
  14. Thanks Patsy! The official website is up too! without any content, but at least we know the URL http://www.rock-n-rolla.com/
  15. Thanks Chrissy for letting me know. I removed the option as it's got a glitch. So it should be removed now from your profile. Thanks again
  16. Yepper Anyone can have one, if they put something in that field. I can't restrict it to just the bloggers... but it automatically produces that graphic so it is just for the bloggers to have a quick link to their blog with their profile for easy access by anyone. i added mine the other day b/c i forgot it was there and i've been blogging again.
  17. Hmm... not quite sure either why you have it, unless you put something in the "Blog Option Link" under Control Panel < Edit Profile Information. That area is for those that blog on GALS and want to put a direct link to their blog in their profile space. Check your profile info and see if there's anything there under that area. stef ps. if there's nothing there, i'm going to have to remove this option as there's obviously a glitch.
  18. http://scotlandonsunday.scotsman.com/comme...ers-.4260532.jp -- excerpt -- Scots actor Gerard Butler, star of the historical epic 300, has recently come out as a dog lover. The former Glasgow law student is often seen in Hollywood's trendiest haunts with Lolita the Pug.
  19. http://network.nationalpost.com/np/blogs/t...ore-movies.aspx Prepare yourself: there is less than two months before the start of the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival, and as the countdown begins so does the hype. To whet your appetite, the festival announced a bunch of new movies on Thursday. They include: • A Gala Presentation of Secret Life of Bees (based on the smash hit novel) which follows a troubled teenage girl (played by Dakota Fanning) as she "finds solace in (the) mesmerizing world of beekeeping." Also stars Paul Bettany, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Hudson and Queen Latifah. •
  20. http://network.nationalpost.com/np/blogs/t...t-game-too.aspx Fans of Gerard Butler -- and I know you’re out there -- appreciate the fact that the affable Glaswegian can go either way. Butler can do sweet and charming as illustrated by P. S. I Love You and Nim’s Island. And he can also kick butt with the best of them as his Spartan king underscored in his break-out movie 300. Looks like the 38-year-old returns to the action front for his next few films. In Guy Ritchie’s gangster picture RocknRolla -- set to premiere at the upcoming Toronto International Film Festival -- he plays One-Two, a g
  21. It's part of the layout from our forum provider. I didn't realize it was an issue. I can turn the feature off.
  22. I have fixed this. You can upload your personal photos now. Please be cognizant of their sizes though. We are hosting them on our site and would prefer that they be 150 x 150 pixels when you upload them please! Thanks!
  23. No worries Phoenixgirl! there are tons of details about gerry, not everyone knows about everything. these posts help educate those who don't know and bring back memories for those that do all around good thing Here's the link to the gallery with the very few caps of G from that "trailer" http://gbgalsgallery.com/v/roles/caligula/
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