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  1. Hi there! Both of these vids are also available for download in Multimedia http://www.gerardbutlergals.com/forums/ind...mp;showfile=366 http://www.gerardbutlergals.com/forums/ind...mp;showfile=348 And screencaps are in the Gallery http://www.gbgalsgallery.com/v/roles/psily/clips/ Hugs, Stef
  2. http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseacti...0967EF155712313 Hey! I'm happy to report I'm finding little bits of time on set in between takes to write you. Today we woke up in Torreon, a pretty big city in Mexico, at about 4:30am. We drove an hour to set, just outside Dunas de Bilbao. Our location is, what I can only describe as, a sand dune desert. I've been riding the motorcycle in 4-foot sand drifts since sunrise to get the shot just right. The wonderful, kind and talented Chow Yun Fat is hanging on for dear life in back. We've been doing about 40mph, and over bumpy sand dunes that is eno
  3. Thanks Tracy - Yes they're a great site for info. If you scroll down on that page to the bottom, you can see that we're affiliated with them already and here on our site. They're a fantastic sister site!
  4. thank you for your explanation Mel! I didn't read the book, so i had no idea. I guess the reason I felt that way about Daniel was b/c it seemed so one-sided, and i didn't get the feeling she was all that emotionally connected with him or anything. to me, he was just someone that was there in her life. i am glad too that they didn't end up together as in a formulaic way (i pretty muched guessed she would go back to ireland and eventually see william), but again, i was just perplexed by the whole thing b/c i never saw any chemistry between them (her & daniel). ouch, my head hurts from an
  5. i don't think this counts but there was one pic of Gerry during the title credits where it looks like he's screaming and i said to willy "this is spartaaaaaa!" when i saw it b/c that's what it made me think of
  6. Thanks for creating this Mel! Overall, i really enjoyed the movie. i cried twice, which i NEVER do in movies, ever! My guy came with me, and he said he really liked it too (which was surprising b/c i was worried about it being to chick-flicky for him). i really don't understand all of the negative reviews - i thought G & H had fantastic chemistry. My only main issue with the movie was harry connick jr.'s character. he's a fantastic actor but i just thought it was a wasted character and didn't really do anything to enhance the plot, just to lengthen the movie more than necessary. Will
  7. fyi: the auction went live yesterday http://members.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?V...=wb-ps-i-love-u
  8. http://nimsisland.com/ http://www.gbgalsgallery.com/v/roles/nimsi...poster.jpg.html
  9. fyi: i'm getting HQs into the gallery very soon. below is the caption that accompanied them: Gerard Butler of '300' fame seen at the Waverly Inn. Gerard came in a cab by his lonesome and picked up a mystery blond on his way out. He had to ask the girl where they were going while quickly hailing a cab as the paparazzi closed in.
  10. thanks swannie luv! you're right - he's in GQ for January. I did a google search and found this ebay listing of the magazine: http://cgi.ebay.com/JOSH-BROLIN-Jan-2008-G...0QQcmdZViewItem I'll see if we can get a scan of the whole spread. Thanks again!
  11. swannie, do you know where this pic originated? it would be a great addition to the gallery but if it is from another fansite, we'll have to obtain permission and know where the pic is from (what magazine, news article, etc.) thanks!
  12. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/editors-...86908-20260504/ Compiled By John Dingwall, Beverley Lyons, Rick Fulton, Laura Sutherland And Laura Coventry IT'S the only list that matters - the Record's hot 100 of Scots who are on their way to the top in the world of showbiz, sport and business. 7 GERARD BUTLER NEW ENTRY Now a Hollywood heart-throb after showing off his six pack in 300 and Beowolf. But Gerard, 38, says his looks mean people don't take him seriously. HE'S SIZZLING BECAUSE He brings new meaning to being "dead sexy" in new afterlife film P.S. I Love You.
  13. here you go: http://www.gerardbutlergals.com/forums/ind...mp;showfile=380
  14. it is quite a good interview, very insightful, good questions... the end is just the cherry on the sundae :dance: give me some time, i'll get it for you. It's a MUST watch
  15. make sure you watch all the way till the very end http://www.tribute.ca/player/?id=26690&amp...=3&cat=star
  16. I was just talking about this with my fiancee this morning. i noticed last night that one of our local theatres is showing PSILY at midnight on Thursday/Friday morning and i wanted to go to it b/c i'm a night person and b/c i'm starting my vacation on Friday. They're also showing charlie wilson's war, walk hard: the dewey cox story, sweeney todd, and the national treasure sequel at midnight there. we went to the 300 midnight showing back in march and it was PACKED and they opened other theatre rooms to accommodate everyone - but this is mostly b/c i live and work in a college town. But sinc
  17. http://movies.about.com/od/psiloveyou/a/psilovegb121207.htm From Rebecca Murray At the Los Angeles press junket for the romantic comedy P.S. I Love You Gerard Butler was asked by a male reporter if, after winning over the hearts of women worldwide in 300 and now starring – and stripping – in P.S. I Love You, he’d just give real guys a break. Butler’s response came accompanied by a hearty chuckle. “I should give myself a break as well because I’m only playing characters. I’m not, unfortunately, like either of them in real life. Not quite as powerful as Leonidas and not quite as charming and s
  18. here you go http://www.gerardbutlergals.com/forums/ind...mp;showfile=361
  19. So typically Gerry http://www.tmz.com/2007/12/11/fan-to-gerar...you-sexy-bitch/ Fan to Gerard Butler: P.S. You Sexy Bitch! Spartan god Gerard Butler battled what seemed like 300 adoring fans as he made his way to the after-party of his new romcom "P.S. I Love You" in Hollywood on Sunday. Take off your shirt! As the 38-year-old man candy signed autographs and crossed the street, a fan in heat is heard screaming, "Gerry, you're a sexy bitch." Without skipping a beat, Butler responds, "I know." How could he not?!
  20. http://www.slashfilm.com/2007/12/11/first-...reening-review/ Warner Bros has released the first two production photos from Guy Ritchie’s RockNRolla, a crime thriller starring Gerard Butler. Click on the images to enlarge. Everyone is hoping that this film might be a return to form for Ritchie, who has had a string of critical bombs and box office failures. We have a reader submitted test screening review below. The film follows a Russian mobster who orchestrates a crooked land deal, putting millions of dollars up for grabs and attracting all of the criminal underworld. Everyone from a danger
  21. Really interesting blog to read http://christinelondon.blogspot.com/2007/1...t-premiere.html
  22. http://www.gbgalsgallery.com/v/premieres/psily12907
  23. This is fantastic! Thanks to Susan and all of the GALS. :dance: And thanks Dayna for posting
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