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  1. There a few new pics in the gallery from the TIFF. Also, I found some hi-res versions of some pics already in there, so I replaced them.
  2. Zany! I can't wait to read about your encounter with his royal hotness! Did the GALS buttons come in time? I'm looking forward to your post.
  3. Your wish is my command Beanie! :: http://www.gerardbutlergals.com/coppermine...tup&cat=0&pos=0
  4. Another WOW! You are such a gifted artist, I really admire your skills. I would love to see more sometime - I'm sure Gerry would be blown away by your talent. I know I am.
  5. WOW You are incredibly talented! I'm so impressed, I couldn't pick one I liked the most, they are all so well done. I draw as well, well I used to as a hobby. But I could never master drawing the human form, stuck to landscapes and outdoor scenes. You captured Gerry so well, your talent is so great! Thank you for sharing them with us.
  6. Sarah, you are so talented at finding the goodies!
  7. Nah, I would never do that. No worries. I'm just playing.
  8. I just had a devious idea, I could go and turn off the chat and that would force them to come and post! :laugh4: just keeding gals
  9. Glad you like it Barb! I thought it would be a good help. woohoo! :dance:
  10. I tried to cut down on the desperation in my voice when I was on the phone with the admin. hehehe I don't have the java yet though, I'm starting to get antsy. I WANNA CHAT! I want Dawn's scoop. I WANT GERRY! Alright, i think I need to calm down now. Geesh, some new hottie pics and I'm completely a mess.
  11. i'm so desperate to get into the darned chat that I called our system admin and told her that "the students need the java applet on these computers to access certain websites, could you make it accessible ASAP?" LOL I'm so bad, my gerry obsession is getting even more maddening!
  12. I can't get in either! so very ironic, LOL Darn work computer!
  13. Sorry to constantly be reposting this everywhere, but just wanted to make sure everyone knows... All the new news has been posted here: http://www.gerardbutlergals.com/updates.php All the new delicious piccies are posted here: http://www.gerardbutlergals.com/coppermine/ Gotta get back to my other job, LOL
  14. Woohoo! Just added those too: http://www.gerardbutlergals.com/coppermine/
  15. Thanks Swannie! I just added this to the Gerry News Database/Updates on gbgals.com (http://gerardbutlergals.com/updates.php) :dance:
  16. darnit! I missed it too. I went to bed early because my new puppy hasn't been letting me sleep much lately. arghhh! He looks so good, I love the scruff!
  17. He's so hot! Just added it to the GALS gallery! Thanks nade and Sarah!
  18. Perrin, you are the greatest! I just added these to the GALS gallery. Woohoo! ::
  19. Since these are fan pics, I would like to ask permission first before adding them to the GALS gallery. Thanks!
  20. Perhaps you should make Day 2 - Night password protected! LOL just keeding
  21. oops, I keep getting distracted by Jackie's delectable assets that I am not answering the thread's question - what would I do with a yellow towel? Well, I'm in agreement with Abrock and Perrin - Gerry definitely needs a towel GAL.
  22. Sorry! Can't resist - the back view of the Yellow Towel! :worship: :worship: :worship: Welcome to the party Tankaray!
  23. sweet! A yellow towel thread?? I've never been able to decide if I'm more of a kinks or vanilla GAL - got a thing for both I suppose. But I've always had a thing for our Mr. Jackie Jr. - perhaps because my first GB dream featured him as that character. what would I do with a yellow towel??? uh.... like all the other GALS - REMOVE IT! LOL and of course ask his royal hotness how in the heck he was able to keep it so cemented on his body doing moves like this:
  24. Suzanne! Thanks for checking in with us! I so wish I could be there, sounds like so much fun. Tell everyone hi for us, including Gerry! LOL I'm so sorry I didn't get those business cards done in time, I would have loved it if you could have sneaked one to his royal hotness. I look forward to your next post!
  25. :fans: Woohoo! Welcome to the mod squad Carrie! And thank you for taking on the job!
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