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  1. I adore that squooge! I would love to squeeze it! :spinny:
  2. Oh good gracious... if Gerry came to PA He'd never wanna leave after meeting us huh Bethy? :: Everytime I look at this piccy, I imagine Gerry posing in one of those rolling PA fields, a girl can dream...
  3. Beachie, I aim to please - here's some more shades and green for ya - and of course, gerrygasms aplenty!
  4. *drive by posting* darn full time job gets in the way of my GALS time! lol Had to take a sec to worship at the altar of his royal hotness's mighty treasure chest :worship: :worship:
  5. Stef with an F

    Pudge VS Stud

    squooge or six-pack? doesn't matter to me!
  6. Hiya GALS, this adorable lil GAL is Evie. My guy Willy and I adopted her this morning from the local shelter. I've been wanting to adopt a dog for so long, as I volunteer there, but the timing didn't work out until today. She's so freaking cute! We took her to PetCo today and spoiled her rotten. ::
  7. Hi GALS, In response to the Amazon questions - definitely today I will get a link up on there where all you have to do is click on the Amazon icon (on the marketplace) and you should be able to buy anything and we'll get a %. I apologize for the delay, I became the proud mommy of a bitty puppy today, she so darned cute! I'll post pics in another forum as this is for Mr. Butler's treasure chest! LOL
  8. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! Thank you so much Susan! I am copying your message and sending it to myself at home so I can take care of that tonight. You deserve a nice present for that, here ya go, he's ready for ya!
  9. No problemo my dear GAL, I am in the process right now of adding stuff there and am trying to get ideas of what else to add, so I thought I'd jump on the idea, LOL. Forgive me for being pushy and loopy, I'm on funky meds right now, hehe. I'm really looking forward to the weekend lemme tell ya! So, if anyone has any idea for vids or dvds or books, or music or anything, let me know and we'll get it on there.
  10. Wait Wait! If I get the books up in the GALS marketplace through Amazon, will you buy it through there?? hehehe If anyone has any suggestions about what materials they would like to have there, please let me know. I will add them as soon as I can and then GALS can make a little $ for every purchase.
  11. Thank you Donna! It was great to see so many scenes from the movie, I can't until it premieres globally. That voice, my goodness! So freaking sexy and strong - many thanks again!
  12. You're very welcome my lovely GAL! I came across that very pic the other day, so I had it readily available. I feel I've been neglecting posting, so here's some more mouth watering Black Jack Gerry :tasty: :drooling1: :pant2: :spin:
  13. My darling Swan - what a great request. Your wish is my command
  14. Alrighty GALS, I'm stressing about returning to work tomorrow - got a lotta work piled up there from my sick days last week, ugh! So, I went searching through my pics for some more Black Jack Gerry to take my mind off of it. :tasty: And our fearless leader Dr. Em just called, she's almost home, yay! ...I couldn't resist another pen pic!
  15. Susan, Those piccies look awesome! I could just hear Dr. Em and you discussing how to creatively cover up her beautiful face. Glad you all had a great time and shared your pics with us so quickly!
  16. Sarah, let me know if you can't see these pages, I think there's something going on with your browser that's affecting this and your Admin CP (emoticon) views. Animated Results Non-Animated Results
  17. Thank you my dear Beachie, that picture is pure heaven! I could get lost in those glorious eyes for hours. :gg1: Bethy definitely has first dibs on the bracelet, but we PA GALS can share the man, LOL
  18. Welcome welcome! :yaya: We always love it when someone new comes into join the fun. Enjoy your stay, it will be memorable! LOL :snogs: Stef
  19. Yay for PA! LOL but isn't the weather just sucky Bethy? Willy's got the same as you - today his allergies acted up like crazy and now he's just miserable. And he was cranky about all the crowds in town for the football game. hehe Doesn't care much for PSU I'm afraid. Love Billy's formal wear! I saw a pap pic today where they were taking pics of Gerry getting his pic taken on that boat... lemme find it... Found it!
  20. You're absolutely right Sarah! I would only go to one of those if I was looking extremely fabulous hehe.
  21. Thank you my dear! Oh how I missed my GALS, i felt like I was away for much longer than 3 days. The pen piccy? I believe I found it at www.gerardbutler.de - the german gb site. Some time ago, I went to as many gb sites as I could to grab as many different gb pics as I could find to make my graphics. Ended up finding some that I never saw before. Isn't he adorable in that pic? :tasty: Gerry in white? :gg1: I LOVE the pics of him from the interview he did with Joel where he wore head to toe white - the man radiated pure hotness! phew!
  22. Well, I was hoping to get a job doing just web/graphic design at Penn State where I currently work. Right now I am a supervisor in a tutoring dept and I am just not cut out for that. I applied for a web job a few weeks ago but haven't heard anything, sucks! Right now I'm working on getting better - was sick the past few days. Gotta go to a family reunion tomorrow - such fun! LOL So my weekend hasn't been all that exciting so far. I think we all need a prescription of some more Black Jack Gerry - loving this topic b/c there's so much to choose from. The man loves his black, doesn't he? LOL
  23. Sounds like a "fook the bus" day Barbara. That's no fun! Nothing like a little Black Jack Gerry to lift one's spirits though
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