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  1. sweet! A yellow towel thread?? I've never been able to decide if I'm more of a kinks or vanilla GAL - got a thing for both I suppose. But I've always had a thing for our Mr. Jackie Jr. - perhaps because my first GB dream featured him as that character. :cunning:

    what would I do with a yellow towel??? uh.... like all the other GALS - REMOVE IT! LOL and of course ask his royal hotness how in the heck he was able to keep it so cemented on his body doing moves like this:

    Posted Image Posted Image

  2. Suzanne! Thanks for checking in with us! I so wish I could be there, sounds like so much fun. Tell everyone hi for us, including Gerry! LOL

    I'm so sorry I didn't get those business cards done in time, I would have loved it if you could have sneaked one to his royal hotness. I look forward to your next post! :pointy:

  3. Hiya GALS, this adorable lil GAL is Evie. My guy Willy and I adopted her this morning from the local shelter. I've been wanting to adopt a dog for so long, as I volunteer there, but the timing didn't work out until today. She's so freaking cute! We took her to PetCo today and spoiled her rotten. ::D:

    Posted Image Posted Image

  4. Hi GALS,

    In response to the Amazon questions - definitely today I will get a link up on there where all you have to do is click on the Amazon icon (on the marketplace) and you should be able to buy anything and we'll get a %. I apologize for the delay, I became the proud mommy of a bitty puppy today, she so darned cute! I'll post pics in another forum as this is for Mr. Butler's treasure chest! LOL :pointy:

  5. No problemo my dear GAL,

    I am in the process right now of adding stuff there and am trying to get ideas of what else to add, so I thought I'd jump on the idea, LOL. Forgive me for being pushy and loopy, I'm on funky meds right now, hehe. I'm really looking forward to the weekend lemme tell ya! :D

    So, if anyone has any idea for vids or dvds or books, or music or anything, let me know and we'll get it on there.

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