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  1. Yay for PA! LOL but isn't the weather just sucky Bethy? Willy's got the same as you - today his allergies acted up like crazy and now he's just miserable. And he was cranky about all the crowds in town for the football game. hehe Doesn't care much for PSU I'm afraid.

    Love Billy's formal wear! I saw a pap pic today where they were taking pics of Gerry getting his pic taken on that boat... lemme find it...

    Found it! Posted Image

  2. Thank you my dear! Oh how I missed my GALS, i felt like I was away for much longer than 3 days.

    The pen piccy? I believe I found it at www.gerardbutler.de - the german gb site. Some time ago, I went to as many gb sites as I could to grab as many different gb pics as I could find to make my graphics. Ended up finding some that I never saw before. Isn't he adorable in that pic? :tasty:

    Gerry in white? :gg1: I LOVE the pics of him from the interview he did with Joel where he wore head to toe white - the man radiated pure hotness! phew! :drool1:

  3. Well, I was hoping to get a job doing just web/graphic design at Penn State where I currently work. Right now I am a supervisor in a tutoring dept and I am just not cut out for that. I applied for a web job a few weeks ago but haven't heard anything, sucks!

    Right now I'm working on getting better - was sick the past few days. Gotta go to a family reunion tomorrow - such fun! LOL So my weekend hasn't been all that exciting so far. I think we all need a prescription of some more Black Jack Gerry - loving this topic b/c there's so much to choose from. The man loves his black, doesn't he? LOL

    Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

  4. Here's another goodie for ya'll...

    You can now add a small version of your beautiful Cleobethra original trading card to your profile and it will show up next to every post. Just post the URL of your trading card in the appropriate section under My Controls< Edit My Profile and it will show up. Please shrink it down though. I used the thumbnail version of my trading card from Photobucket so it's 120x160. Please do not make it larger than this or it will throw off the alignment of the board. If you have any troubles, please don't hestitate to contact a mod.



    NOTE: Before requesting a trading card please read the guidelines and the master list here.

    GALS Trading Cards Guidelines and Master List of Celebrities


  5. Sarah, I've been working on that too. So far I can only get it to show up in the profile section (when you click on someone's name). For some reason, it won't cooperate and show up under our info on the left of our posts. I'm a'working on it. :good:

    Plus i'm trying to figure out how to get the black box off of the "Quote" button and around each emoticon when you click "Show All". Darn glitches! :angry016:

  6. Some of the problems are have to do with cached websites in your browsers, if you know how to clean out your cache, that will fix it. Otherwise, here are the direct links to where you want to go:

    Banner Page Index:


    Non-Animated Banners:


    Animated Banners:


    Voting Ballot:


    If you're still having trouble actually seeing the banners on their specific pages, here are some more hopefully helpful hints:

    Try lowering your Security and Privacy settings to Medium. If you have Internet Explorer:


    Internet Options

    Security (lower to medium)

    Privacy (lower to medium)

    Click apply then Ok

    Then try pressing refresh and disable any firewall/Anti virus programs and refresh again

    If you absolutely cannot get it to work, try downloading the browser Mozilla Firefox as this seems to be having no problems.

  7. Ok, I need to vent. Why did they even hold this darned contest if they don't have time to follow through with their rules? Some of the entries are not even done according to the the size, picture, and other requirements - yet now they're still eligible because the admin over there said,

    "Yes, it's going to be a mess, but rather YOU than US!!! The people behind the production are way too busy these days to narrow down the selection, and no one wanted the burden of having to tell more than 100 hard core fans that they had eliminated their banners (note: 113 submitted in one category). So, it's up to you. You are going to have to vote between all the submitted banners. You have until September 2nd to do so."

    I worked my freaking arse off making my entries, I know it was silly of me, but I wanted to see what I could accomplish and have a fair shot of winning. Ok, enough ranting about something so stupid, my apologies... I'm running on a major lack of sleep. Forgive me GALS

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