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  1. My flavor of the day is milk chocolate - YUM! And I'm also thinking of Abrock's "sweater for two" because it's really cold in my office right now and i would love to cuddle up inside that sweater with Geet :gg1:
  2. Ok I'm moving on my Gerry movie marathon party from Attila to Dear Frankie - time for some Stranger love baby! With a wee bit o'chnuzzle. YUM! Those smoldering eyes...... ooooohhhh.... And I couldn't resist this one - I spy a little flash of thigh! :tasty:
  3. Am slurping over the Attila pic :tasty: Made me pop the dvd in for to help celebrate Gerry's Day! ooooh the sweaty chest scene :eye:
  4. Holy crap! :o :o It's getting hot in here! Wet and wild floor is turning into the scorching hotness floor!
  5. Coming to PA huh baby? He must be visiting his TWO best GALS, LOL You know I couldn't resist! He lights my fire everynight :gg2:
  6. I'm sorry I didn't offer my welcome earlier! I've been a busy GAL... I'm so happy to have Beanie and Sporran on the mod team, welcome my lovely ladies to the madness!
  7. sorry if this was already discussed - but I just noticed that Gerry's shirt is on backwards and it's that same shirt we saw a week or so ago from a fan pic - remember how Sporran translated it for us Compare: Backwards Forwards Perhaps someone didn't want the saying on camera, or it was also debated on GB.net that the typical Gerry v-neck was too low for the microphone, LOL
  8. awwww, i wuv him so! He is a big puppy dog! I'm so hyped up right now, it's incredibly laughable. That clip really put me over the edge of wackiness, LOL I totally agree about the Italian lady voice-over. I kept talking to my monitor - "shut up lady! let the hot scot talk!" :rofl1:
  9. OH MY GOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for posting that link. IT SHOWS HIM SINGING "LIGHT MY FIRE!" They may talk over him the entire time in Italian, but man, was it worth it to see that! Holy fook! Ok, sorry, sorry - I get very Gerrygasmic when seeing the man sing. :gg1:
  10. Welcome Welcome Welcome!!! I love that we can all worship the Scottish Snogbeast together in perfect harmony :tasty:
  11. Awwwwww! What a big sweetie! I love love love doggies, can't wait to get one of my own. Unfortunately my realtor charges $200 before we can get one, sucks to be poor! lol
  12. Thank you Thank you Thank you Cootie! I love it when we find never before seen pics. And you all know I love to see Gerry sing, so I'm a very happy GAL right now. :lick3: And the rest of them, love seeing Geet up close and personal! I think I downloaded practically the whole album!
  13. Well, the day those recent pap piccies were taken, he had to have that extra shirt in there - as the captions said he changed after meeting with friends. Maybe he has a sewing kit to fix all those popping buttons and straining threads on his jeans! Doubtful though as they seem to be getting larger.
  14. I'd love to be Geet's friend, with benefits :roll: :winkkiss:
  15. I've had quite the gerrygasmic afternoon. And I'm still at work! I'm ok now, I'm ok.....
  16. :gg1: :gg1: :gg1: Good Bulging Biceps! :tasty: I needed this, a nice Geet fix. Love the man purse, love the "PEWL-IT!" jeans, the tennies, the tight tops, the fact that he's wearing the same shirt again from the conscious clothing event... well a version of it anyway, the celly w/ the earpiece, the bmw, those biceps....oh boy here it comes.... :gg2: The man is a god - he's so freaking hot! :eye:
  17. Definitely - the G-man provides many an opportunity to GRABIT! It's like he knows we're here waiting for the moment when the buttons just can't take any more strain from the moobies. He's such a tease, that cheeky monkey. :brows: We GALS want to GRABIT and PULLIT (Get your minds out of the gutter! ) PULLIT it refers to pulling at those pesky dangling threads on his holey jeans in order to make the holes bigger or perhaps even rip them off entirely! LOL
  18. I'm with you Abrock, weird it is! It was meant to be artsy, for that festival. Supposed to confuse people too - guess it worked! But to have been a fly on the wall at that shoot... or even better - to be one of the tongue tangling girls with him! :gg1: :gg1: :gg1:
  19. I would give anything to see the tongue orgy video - the Caligula "remake" trailer. I'm sure he's only in it for like a second, but that would be enough baby!
  20. I've never been there before Bethy, but you paint such an enticing picture! :eye: I hope that some Japanese tarts capture this sing along on video - I must see this! I've said it before, when Gerry sings as Gerry (as compared to being a character such as Erik) = multiple Gerrygasms for Stef!
  21. OMG! :o Gerry's gonna sing???????? :hit: :eye: :hit: Why can't the US be cool like Japan??? why? :hissy:
  22. Look at those lips too, and the scrufff, phew, I'm gonna have to head over to the body parts thread with these thoughts, :gg1:
  23. Vegas Phantom's gonna feature an exploding chandelier???? woah! I'd love to see the musical again, thanks for the linky Carrie!
  24. Stef with an F


    Happy Place indeed!!! :tio:
  25. Ok ok, I love a button popping shirt as much as the next GAL, but I LOOOOOVE the man in a polo!! And it's red too! *le sigh* :drool3:
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